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feeling down

first time. i know that there are a lot of people out there that are worse than me but, im just a little down with being ill for so long. ive had COPD now for about 7/8 yrs and i cant get my head round the fact that i cant do what i want to lol.but it is good to read about other peoples probs it just means your not on your own. thx for listening ,talk to you later.

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Welcome badger. Its very understandable how you feel, this site is great for chatting to people and knowing that we are here to listen and support others as best as we can. Take care. Tomorrow is another day, but if you feel down for too long, I suggest you speak with your GP .


Give yourself the tools that help you manage your condition. You may need a pulmonary rehabilitation refresher course, or check out BLF's pages living well with a lung condition.


or just search the web for 'living well with copd'.

My personal experience is if we take on board the advice given that helps our lung condition, as individuals we have the control on how well we do, or not. It is a personal choice but it is a decision. Information learned on what is known to work, if followed, will help you and with your efforts you will reap the rewards.

Good luck, in getting your head around ways to help you manage your condition successfully.


You certainly aren't on your own in this group plus professional advice available. Have heart. It is hard when you become less active but you aren't alone. Always someone to talk to. Bye from Annie



We all know how you feel and it does you good to have a moan. Hope you feel better soon.



Hi Badger48 I know what you mean and this illness gets you down to your lowest depths sometimes. It's kinda too well its the weekend and everybody else can do what they want.

-the reality of it is I suppose everybody can do what they want but in 9 cases out of 10 have to take the consequences. In a way we are lucky to have been diagnosed and can control our lives with medication and exercise whilst others god help them or good luck to them as the case may be could be heading for a train crash healthwise. Thanks for posting this - it helped me to have a wee rant as well. x


Yes it does get you down sometimes badger doesn't it? We all understand here and thank goodness for this site! Just try to stay as positive as possible though that can be hard.

Bev x


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