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Feeling tired and fed up!

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Not coping well at present 😕 My copd quite well controlled but my god, some days it takes monumental effort!Suppose I'm just tired today and it's snowing 🌨 😒

Long story short, had assessment for cataracts Saturday, need both eyes doing, l)eye 1st February, if all well right eye 6 weeks later.

Sheila, know you had it done recently or anyone else who can reassure me.

Any advice welcome 😊 Thanks.


37 Replies
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Sorry you’re feeling below par Dawn but l don’t think the time of year helps. Miserable weather, shorter days, all bring our mood down. Hoping you’ll feel better soon.

Pete had his cataracts done not too long ago and it went very well indeed. His sight is much improved and he will just need glasses for reading. Pete was very scared but soon realised there was nothing to be afraid of. He didn’t feel a thing so I’m sure you will be fine too. Wishing you well. Xxx❤️👍

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GD53 in reply to sassy59

Thanks sassy for your reply. Just what I need reassurance from someone who has had it done. Pleased all went fine for Pete, hopefully report back to you after to say the same.

Definitely needed to hear some positive thoughts. Thankyou. 😊 Dawn.xx

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Patk1 in reply to GD53

Hiya.i had one done a year ago.i cleared chest b4 i went and went to loo to clear it again before theatre which avoided coughing.explain to thm,they'll reassure u.its a short op and u really don't feel o or see anything except the bright light...afterwards omg! I didn't realise how much dust I had! X

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Greenthorn in reply to sassy59

Straight in with a reassuring answer. Boom boom. You are a pillar of support on this forum. I waa told recently at the opticians that I have cataracts but I won't need surgery for a few years. At least now I've got something to look forward to! Thanks Carole.

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sassy59 in reply to Greenthorn

You're very kind David and I’m always pleased to help where I can. I also have cataracts forming which will require surgery in the future. I’m not afraid and am, at this moment, talking to my sister about her cataract removal in four weeks time. It’s such a simple procedure and usually causes no problem at all. Look forward to better sight. Xxx👍❤️

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Hi Dawn, I haven't had cataract surgery but can relate to feeling tired and fed up. Some days my COPD really gets me down and it's hard to shake that feeling off. I wish you well with your cataract op, I'm sure you will be ok. Carole xx

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GD53 in reply to CDPO16

Thanks Carole for your reply. It's so good that someone understands daily struggles living with our lung problems. Family members really can't give the support you need or know how it feels.

Just want to keep myself well so no coughing 😕 fits during surgery!!

Best wishes. Dawn.xx

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sassy59 in reply to GD53

That’s what Pete was afraid of (he has COPD) but was reassured by the surgeon and he didn’t cough once. Stay well and can’t wait to hear how it goes. Xx

Alberta56 profile image

Best wishes for a successful operation. I think a lot of us find winter hard to cope with. At least daylight should start to lengthen quite rapidly soon. xxx

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GD53 in reply to Alberta56

Thanks 😊 for your reply. Would you believe the sun 🌞 now shining!You are quite right we all feel down some days, so upwards and onwards 😀 You just think, oh not something else to cope with. Will get there. Best wishes. Dawn.xx

primrose71 profile image

hi GD53 I had both cataract done didn’t feel a thing so don’t worry it is over quite quickly I am sure when done you will be saying what was all the worry for so good luck .xx

Jaybird19 profile image

sorry you ae not feeling well.

re cataracts -- do not hesitate . i had one good eye with cataract done and one eye waiting for ages only regret -that i lost my eye with yellow filter that gave me skies with clouds . You have no idea how boring it was to have plain blue skies !

reflecting on past months weather we did have blue skies once ! today in NW we have blue skies and not a cloud in sight .Definitely not boring now and hope it lasts .

teddyd profile image

Sorry your feeling a bit low. I think it feels as if winter is going on for ever.Poor physical health certainly has a big impact on our mental/emotional well being.

I have not had any cataract work done, but close friends have and made a very speedy recovery and the impact on their lifes was amazing. Onwards snd upwards. Xx

Katinka46 profile image

I have had both done, April 2021, June 2021. Very successful. Immediate result. It is the weirdest procedure but entirely painless. And the staff all know that we are squeamish about eyes and do all they can to reassure patients.

gejay profile image

Can relate to feeling down and fed up, l have COPD also. Rightly or wrongly I have just put myself on a course of prednisolone in the hopes of getting a bit more motivated. As for Cataracts, I had mine done pre covid and l was petrified of anyone touching my eyeballs. To my relief I never felt a thing and the staff were amazing. You will be fine and on a bit of a high afterwards for having them done. Relax and look forward to seeing again.😊

djbctla profile image

GD54, It’s most important to realise u have been unwell, and tired, this is making u feel fed up, thats understandable. When u are on the mend again, the cloud will lift.

Cataract removal will make such a difference to your life, I had both eyes done,(separately) and I’ve never looked back, no joke intended.

I was given the option to b able read WITHOUT glasses, which I choose, I need glasses to drive and watch TV which is fine.

I can assure u my operations went without a hitch.

The best of health and good luck for your cataract removal.

Bernardine 🥰🤗🤗🤗

Spacecat1 profile image

Had mine done before exams I was nervous but the staff were brilliant didn't take long to do I go back next week for check up and that will be ut. My eyesight is brilliant I do wear reading glasses.

garshe profile image

I had my first cataract op 7weeks ago. . All great and the procedure is painless. The worse part was not putting make up on and not washing hair for 3weeks. The drops are a nuisance as that takes a month in all. Result is fantastic and have perfect vision in left eye. My daughters are envious as I can read small print without glasses. Have to go for eye test and send paperwork to hospital but it's too cold at the moment. I don't go out this weather as really doesnt agree with me Wishing you well and dont worry as really is quick and painless. Lots of love. xxSheila 💕⚘

Patk1 profile image
Patk1 in reply to garshe

Hi Sheila.hope hubby was ok after his op& wondered how yr feeling xxx

helenlw7 profile image

I had one eye done last year and I was absolutely petrified befor the day. I hate anything to do with eyes, I could never wear contacts. I went along for my pre op and all the staff were lovely, as was the surgeon. I had the operation the next week and I was really nervous before hand, but yet again everyone was lovely. The worse bit was waiting for the anaesthetic to work. The actual op was pain free and the nurse told me what was happening and reassuring me every step of the way. My eyesight is much improved and can now drive without my glasses.

Aingeful profile image

I had both cataracts removed last year. Best thing ever! I was incredibly nervous beforehand but neednt have been.I wouldnt hesitate to have it done again.

ghousrider profile image

Good day to all i make list most night jobs i need to do next day never works breathing poor mornings dothe fluit 150 most morning have to do ebuliser with salbutmol in it to get body working legs acke after food now execises in home to get me mobile mondat night left leg swllow out had to raise legs in bed to calm it down all sorted now but very chestsy sorry about story this my daily menu for me also low mood swings fed up with buying cups now all the best ghoust rider

Izb1 profile image

One of my sisters had this done around 18 months ago and was so nervous I thought they would have to sedate her, she got herself into a right old state but honestly on the day the people were so nice to her and calmed her down , she sailed throuth the op and couldnt wait to get her other eye done. Her sight now is amazing and she only wears glasses for reading. I am sure you will be fine and be so glad you had it done x

tomhatha profile image

I wonder if you had the you had the info from a well known eye/glasses company. I went for an eye check up and was told I needed it done and it would be done by a private hospital free of charge because they claim from the NHS. I know my body and from a different company that said I had slow growing cataracts, so I had a check with an independent examiner and it came back I didn't need them done at all. I suggest you have that done as well because lots of people are being told the same from this company. good luck

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GD53 in reply to tomhatha

Thanks for your reply. Problems with left eye last March. December went back as much worse. Was told not to drive as vision not good enough. I agreed with that.Yes it's a private clinic but referral made by optician. Will be going through NHS. I will be pleased to get it done so quickly as my car is my legs!!

Look after 96 Yr old father and my hubby recovering from cancer surgery, although 3 years clear now.

Just hoping I stay well. Best wishes. Dawn.xx

pasquino profile image

done years ago now I can see like an eagle.

The surgery is totally pain free , lasts 20/30 minutes only hassle is the after care: antibiotic drops , cleaning and so on , but do not worry , you will be amazed by the results.

PS I will prefer a cataract surgery every 2 months in exchange for COPD problems....😊

best wishes

tomhatha profile image

THAT IS JUST LIKE MY OPTICIAN PRIVATE CLINIC AND GOING THROUGH NHS. I WONDER IF THERE ID A (S) IN THE NAME OF OPTOPTIONS ? Good luck I also have a different pair of glasses for driving , I hope all goes well, best regards Tom

GD53 profile image
GD53 in reply to tomhatha

Name of clinic is Newmedica. Very good calm atmosphere. Reason I went there is 9 month to 1 year waiting list at local hospital. My surgeon is Senior Consultant at large teaching hospital near clinic.

Have already looked him up and all seems fine. Will keep you posted. Best wishes. Dawn.xx

JJ_7 profile image

Good luck with the procedure! Let us know how it went xxx

Timberman profile image

I had both done (privately) a few years back. I found the whole idea scary but I was wrong. So the first was a bit nerve-wracking but pretty much painless and a revelation! The sceond was a breeze but less revelatory!

horseygirl_0103 profile image

Sorry to hear youre feeling bad My lungs suffer when the temperature drops to minus temperatures which would happen on the day of my voluntary teaching online. good job i made it thorugh

hope youre feeling a little better real soon

Anne3066 profile image

feel for you, I've got macular degeneration, not the same, but still fiddling with your eyes.

Nicholatracy profile image

hubby had his eyes done. Went great. Hope you’re feeling better 🐞

gardenalan profile image

everyone I know that hat their Cataracts done was really successful biggest shock will be the dust when you get home bad weather and short days are no good but spring will soon be here🙏 best of luck xx

GD53 profile image
GD53 in reply to gardenalan

Thanks for your kind words. How I love springtime. 😊🐇🐣🌞

tomhatha profile image

OK., it's not the one I thought of great you have someone who checkson people. I'm glad it wasn't the one I thought of. you'er in safe hands so just relax you know they're looking after you ,it will be over in a short time and you should be happy and enjoying life again keep happy Tom

katieoxo60 profile image

Hello Dawn, Cant give any advice but most people I know have found the operation is good. I have just had a similar diagnosis as yourself but because of another eye defect they can't guarantee a good outcome for myself so I am staying under review till I decide and my other health has improved.But will have to decide soon I guess. TAke care and hope you feel better as these long winter days get brighter.

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