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Not feeling brilliant the last week. Breathing up and down

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Good Evening Everyone Hope your all keeping well as possible in this terrible weather. Would like some advice. I know Central heating doesn't help and dries your mouth and throat up. Everytime I have a drink of cold water in the night. My mouth is better for 20 minutes or so. But then it gets very dry again. I also have a cough which is making me breathless as expected. Hope your all doing well. Any advice Appreciated. Covid test has come back clear as well. Oxygen levels are normal for me at 92 Brian

52 Replies
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I don’t know what others do Bingo, but in very cold spells like this I leave the heating on overnight - somewhere between 15 and 20 degrees which just keeps the edge of the cold when temperatures are sub zero.

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Bingo88 in reply to Troilus

Thanks for your reply. I find I get too hot of a night. So don't like being too hot. I turn the heating off an hour before bed. And put my electric blanket on for 30 minutes if Needed. Hope your keeping as well as possible. Brian

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I think maybe you would benefit from a warm drink rather than a cold one. I find some honey and lemon in hot water really helps me just before bed. I can then usually sleep ok. Hope this helps you

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Bingo88 in reply to gingermusic

Thanks for your advice. I will certainly try this. Thank you. Hope your doing ok. Brian

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gingermusic in reply to Bingo88

Hi Brian yes I doing ok thank you and hope you will soon get a good nights sleep. Don't know if it helps but Asda do a bottle of honey with lemon in it. Best wishes Ruth

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Cloudancer in reply to gingermusic

Great reply I find this helps!

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Sorry to hear you’re not feeling too good Brian. I get a very dry mouth especially overnight and just have sips of water. If you need your heating on then so be it. Hope your cough clears up soon and glad you don’t have covid.

Can’t wait for Spring.

Take care xxxxx

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Bingo88 in reply to sassy59

Yes too right love I have been doing really well for 3 years. But definitely I know this has affected my breathing. Just hope it gets better. I have an appointment to see a Respiratory nurse at my new Surgery. But it's not till the 9th of February. Hope you and Pete are doing ok love. Brian

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sassy59 in reply to Bingo88

Wishing you better days ahead and feel better soon. Pete’s been up and down but not too bad and I’m ok thank you. Love, Carole xxx

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Dear Brian, I'm sorry you're feeling low. I'm just coming out of a virus thats now on day 22 and I felt similar to your description at the beginning on 29th Dec. I too did covid tests and they were negative, im wondering if it was the flu but I think it went on too long. Spent the best part of the last 3 weeks in bed, I was so poorly, horrendous cough and short of breath. It was quite difficult to keep my fluids up and feed myself. At last today I've felt so much better. I might venture out for a short walk tomorrow with the poor dog. Mine turned into a chest infection, luckily I have plenty of azithromycin because I couldn't get through to surgery

Do you have gas heating in your new home? Or is it electric? I think both dry out the air. Years ago I used to put a jug or bowl of water by my asthmatic son's heater to help humidify the air to help his night coughing. You could try that and see if it helps the mouth dryness.

you might put some warm water, squash or honey & lemon in a flask to have a tipple through the night - I wish now I'd done that because I couldn't let cold liquid down without then coughing boots up..

I read the other day that older people should set their thermostat at minimuminimum 18 degrees, I have mine on maximum 18 In the winter.

also take some vitamins if you have any. Good luck, I do hope you don't go downhill 🤞

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Bingo88 in reply to peege

Thanks so much for your detailed reply. Yes the drinking of cold water can start me coughing and heaving for a couple of days earlier in the week. And my symptoms seem to match yours. I have had about 3 headcolds since last December but felt not too bad with them. This last week I have felt really rough and Lethargic and sleeping a lot and not eating much. I shall certainly get a flask and do a hot drink to have in the night. Hope your starting to feel better now. Thank you. Brian

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peege in reply to Bingo88

I'm glad you'll do the warm drink in a flask thing, I shall try to remember it myself for future reference! I didn't mention the heaving (I thought it too much information🤒😷). Yes I had that too, taking my inhalers would set it off too, coughing so much & so deep that retching took over. I only removed the bowl from my bedside a few days ago. I have asthma so the more I coughed the more my airways closed up making me cough more. I'm pretty tough but I was beginning to think I'd never get better.

I know what I needed was a course of prednisolone however, it was impossible & exhausting trying to get through to gp so I just used more ventolin which did help.

Anyway, I've just enjoyed a fresh coffee for the first time since Xmas, it feels so exciting that I'm definitely getting better (apart from sinusitis) ......Once again good luck, if you have a rescue pack you may need to use it if you start coughing up the green stuff - I do hope your gp is more amenable than mine. Peege

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Bingo88 in reply to peege

Thanks so much for your reply and concern. I am not coughing up anything nasty at all. I know I am worse than I have been before I shall ring my doctor. Never had a rescue pack at all. Hope your meds are working for you. Brian

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Tykelady in reply to peege

I have always set my thermostat to 18 in winter even before the price rise and it goes off from 10.30 to 6.30 overnight. I do have oxygen converters in my living room and bedroom though and they throw out some heat. You seem to have had a very long spell of illnesses. I do hope you get rid of them soon, x

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Just another thought Bingo. Do you sleep on your back? My husband has been “complaining” of a dry mouth. I know that recently he has been sleeping on his back - a habit he got out of with my encouragement because he snores when he is on his back. Anyway, I had to get up the other night and he was sleeping with his mouth open. Could you be doing this?

Also something that has helped me is that I have changed my morning Spivira Respimat fro morning to night. This has definitely improved my breathing first thing.

Have you tried taking a blue inhaler when you cough? That quite often stops it for me.

Just trying to think of ways to help. Sorry if I am way off the mark.

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Bingo88 in reply to Troilus

No you are not way off the mark. I appreciate people's ideas. Sadly I have never found the blue Ventoline inhaler helps me at all. I am on Trelergy inhaler every morning. I never sleep on my back I never feel it comfortable. Hope your both keeping as well as possible and thanks for your suggestions. Brian

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It might be worth doing another Covid test as both my Husband and myself tested negative at the onset of symptoms but tested positive 24 hours later, having said that, knowing your cough etc are being caused by Covid wouldn’t of course help you feel any better physically. My mouth was dry during Covid and is still dry now 3/4 weeks later, I found that half a teaspoon of honey helped the dry mouth more than water, also one of my Covid symptoms was severe acid reflux which is also still causing me trouble and makes me cough but the honey helps soothe the burning pain and also the coughing the reflux causes.

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Bingo88 in reply to Tia4209

Thanks so much I will try and do one this morning before ringing my doctors. I find trying to get 3 drips of the end of the cotton bud difficult. Brian

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Do hope that you feel better soon.Can't add anything to the great replies/advice in above posts.

Let us know how you get on.

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Bingo88 in reply to Cloudancer

Thank you will keep you all informed. Brian

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Straddie in reply to Bingo88

take a codeine off the cough is really bad. I love the idea of warm water and honey and shall try that in future. I keep a mouth-moistening lozenge called Saliva to use during the night.

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Bingo88 in reply to Straddie

Yes I am going to get some. Now.

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I can't add to the good replies you've had Brian but I hope you soon begin to feel better. I'm currently on a course of prednisolone and doxycycline and struggling with breathlessness. It's been a bad winter for infections. Wishing you well, Carole x

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peege in reply to CDPO16

oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that Carole and sincerely hope that you improve very soon. ×××× P

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CDPO16 in reply to peege

Thank you Penelope but heavens, I haven't been as unwell as you. I hope that you are soon fully recovered. Love Carole xx

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Rattle in reply to CDPO16

sorry to hear you’re not feeling well Carole, hope the medicine will kick in soon & help xx

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CDPO16 in reply to Rattle

Thank you so much but others have been far worse. Your reply means a lot non the less xx

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Bingo88 in reply to CDPO16

Thanks Carole. Hope your meds are helping you. Brian

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CDPO16 in reply to Bingo88

Thank you Brian. Others have suffered more but I will be glad to see some improvement as I'm sure you will xx

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Hi Brian, sorry you're feeling bad and hope some of the suggestions help. I found sleeping on too many pillows (3 actually) made my mouth very dry, so I've cut down to 2 which seems to improve things. My mouth must have been falling open in the night.😮😲😧

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Bingo88 in reply to Alberta56

Yes I think I might have the same problem. Because after asking for advice last night. My mouth wasn't so dry. I turned the heating off an hour before bed. And left the electric blanket off. But when I got up in the night for the loo. The cold started me coughing and I have never struggled getting my breath so much before it was a bit frightening. Thank you. Brian

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Alberta56 in reply to Bingo88

It sounds as if you need to keep the whole house a bit warmer ( or keep a utensil in the bedroom. Blush: My mother would not have approved me talking of such things with a gentleman.)

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Good day to you matey have you tryeda hymidfer in your room / try cleaning teeth bfore bed /use a mouth wash freom lidil/ aldi i have my from all the best ghoust rider

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Bingo88 in reply to ghousrider

Yes ok Thanks. I will try anything if it helps. Brian

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Hi every on I don't post very often but noticed this morning that quite a few of you are suffering with the dry mouth through the night that's something I olso suffer with so I now use I've discovered the nose strips the same the people use for snoring has worked brilliantly for me they open the airways so you breath more through your nose well worth a try. Hope this helps I order mine from Amazon as they are cheaper called breath right.

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Bingo88 in reply to sandraseptember17

Thanks so much for the Suggestion. Hope your keeping ok. Brian

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Some people might say that I have our heating on quite high, as I feel the cold, although the 22 deg C is much nicer in the summer than the artificial heat of central heating set at 22 deg.. I think this is because in summer the warmth is all around. That is, the walls the ceiling and the floor and the air around our bodies are at 22 deg. C. whereas CH tends to be spot heating. The radiators may be at 90 deg. C, but the walls may be at 50 deg. and the floor even less. Unless of course you can afford to have underfloor and wall heating in your home. When I was young in the 50's and 60's, there was the fire in the living room, and that was it. We would sit in front of a glowing red fire, probably 90 deg. F in front with a cold draught from behind, and then go off to bed where the bedroom was just above freezing. I think it may have sometimes been below freezing when you awoke in the morning.

I suspect us with dodgy lungs are on a myriad of medications which may have the side effect of causing a dry mouth.

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Bingo88 in reply to Lutontown

Yes you are so right. And something you never think about looking at it like that. We are just trying to heat inside. As you say. But we still have damp all around us. Hope your keeping as well as possible. Brian

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Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell Brian. I dont have the heating on at night as I get too hot, just an hour before bed. I do have a humidifer for the air though and when I have a cough I sip honey and lemon juice I make, or suck on a fishermans friend. Another trick is to rinse your nose with Sterimar , it helps to clear out the mucus and do a bit of chest clearance before bed. Hope you feel better soon x

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Bingo88 in reply to Izb1

Thanks so much for your advice. I use the Sterimar as well and find it helps. I will get some honey and lemon juice today. Hope your feeling better soon. Brian

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You've had some brilliant advice Brian , I hope whatever you try does some good 🙏 I’d go for the warm honey and lemon and try the nasal strips , I’ve never used them but it makes sense that if coughs and colds force us to breathe through the mouth we’re going to end up with a dry mouth and throat . There are so many infections, virus’ , coughs and colds circulating right now , hopefully spring will be here soon and they’ll all be sent packing ! Xx

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Bingo88 in reply to Thepainterswife

Yes let's certainly hope so. Hope your keeping as well as possible. Brian

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Hello Brian . You've had some brilliant suggestions, hope something works for you. I suffer with dry mouth too, occasionally suck a strepsil, seems to settle cough down.My mainstay is artificial saliva. I use Oralieve moisturising dry mouth spray available at major supermarket and chemists. Best wishes and hope you feel better soon. Dawn.xx

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Bingo88 in reply to GD53

Thanks so much for your suggestion Dawn. I certainly have plenty to choose from now. Just hope the Steroids kick in by Monday. Hope you keep warm this weekend. Brian

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We don't have central heating, just a wood burner and my mouth always dries up in the night. I go through about a litre of water every night! I thought it was my teeth so my dentist took all suspect loose/bad teeth out but it still happens and I'm now nearly toothless 😂

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Bingo88 in reply to Zand60

Hope some of the suggestions for me help you. Take care. Brian

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Ive just recovered frm a v bad infection,that started before Xmas. I get a dry mouth too,my ventilater makes it worse.i keep a drink for my wake ups.i often gargle with it or mouthwash,as far back as poss- helps relax airway+ follow with tspn clear coats the throat better than linctus.yr room Must be too cold Bria if air is that cold-It can be v harmful.get well soon x

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Bingo88 in reply to Patk1

Yes I think your right. I have just never had a reaction with coughing so much to the cold. I will certainly know for next time. Just taken my 2nd day of Steroids. I am also sleeping a lot as well. Brian

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I check the temperature for the night if it’s going to be 2 or below I leave the heating on otherwise I turn it off about an hour before bed I put a light blanket on the bed if heating is off I find I sleep better if it’s off anything’s worth a try x

Bingo88 profile image
Bingo88 in reply to gardenalan

Yes thanks so much. I need to be more aware in the winter now. Brian

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I get a dry mouth when I sleep on my back and start breathing through my mouth instead of my nose. I have tried nasal strips to keep my nostrils more open, but found they took the skin off my nose. I try to sleep on my side, but find I roll over onto my back again while asleep. When it's really bad, I use Xylimelts to help keep the mouth moist.

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Bingo88 in reply to Ergendl

Thanks for your suggestions. I think I sometimes sleep with my mouth open that causes the problem. I have been ok the last couple of nights which is strange. On Steroids now for what the doctor thinks is a viral infection. Hope your keeping as well as possible. Brian

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