feeling a bit calmer today, inspection went well last night and is now over for the year...phew!

Been to see doc and got more anti-biotics that should get rid of this infection..I hope!

Just got in from a lovely lunch out with Mum, would have been Dads birthday today and we like to celebrate :-)

Packing will be sorted tonight apparently, so I'm off to put my feet up before an evening with my lovely dancing girls (I won't be doing much shimmying tonight tho!)

Off on hols tomorrrow, so "speak" to you in a week,

breathe easy

Mrs S xxxx

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Enjoy your holiday, keep taking the pills wish you better sooner.


Have a lovely holiday.

polly xx

Hi Mrs. S. Enjoy your hols. Will hear how you get on when you get back x

Have a lovely holiday Mrs. S

Lynne x

Have a great time.

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