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This was Littlepoms post around 18 days ago. So I took a page out of the Littlepom manual and wrote to my surgery requesting a "to whom it may concern letter" for a 4th booster at the local hub. They palmed me off by replying that I was eligible for a 4th jab but the GP surgery would have a booster clinic "SOON".

I am not sure what was meant by "soon" but I took the email from the surgery to my hub and they were not at all busy. I received a warm welcome from clinical staff and had a painless 4th jab.

So this little Community Forum does help and thank you Littlepom and everyone who shares their experience. Mind you I am not exactly feeling full of joy today as the jab takes effect ;)

Have a lovely weekend all .

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Well done you. So pleased you’ve had your jab and took that leaf out of Littlepom’s book. Hope you feel ok. Xxxx

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JJ_7 in reply to sassy59

Thank you for your kind wishes 😊

It was on the local evening news where I live, NW England, that only half of those eligible for the 4th vaccine have turned up to have it. Hope you soon feel better.

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JJ_7 in reply to CDPO16

Thank you for your kind wishes 😊

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Cloudancer in reply to CDPO16

I can believe that -am eligible as was termed"extremely clinically vulnerable" had letter to say that but unable to book via NHS website ,GP surgury not helpful ,local chemist not helpful.Last time wandered into mass vaccination centre with letter but no appointment and was warmly welcomed and jabbed.Will do the same this time-not made easy at all I wonder if it's cos COVID support is winding down?

I understand we need to move forward with this illness but please can we be vaccinated without all the trauma of trying to get vaccinated first!

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CDPO16 in reply to Cloudancer

The conclusion on the news item was that people have become complacent since restrictions were lifted. I'm sure that no one on the forum feels like that.

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JJ_7 in reply to Cloudancer

I wrote to my GP surgery and had a clear answer that I was eligible but needed to wait some more. Perhaps you could write to your surgery and get a reply. If they fail to responded appropriately you can take the matter to you local PALS. Good luck :)

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Cloudancer in reply to JJ_7

Thank you -will do x

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I hope you feel ok, and well done Littlepom givesvery good advice and support Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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JJ_7 in reply to Damon1864

Thank you for your kind wishes 😊

Well done JJ. My surgery shrugged at me too when I asked even though I'm immunosuppressed so I asked rheumatology for a letter and they obliged. Went to local hub and no problems. Got my 4th jab. I'm in the NWest too.

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Littlepom in reply to Biofreak

Good for you. Never take no for an answer and there is always a way round things. 👍👍👍👍

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JJ_7 in reply to Biofreak

Thank you for your kind wishes 😊

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Cloudancer in reply to Biofreak

Fabulous!Well done you -will do the same x

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JJ_7 in reply to Cloudancer

Thank you for your kind wishes 😊 Good luck with your surgery!

Well done JJ

Well done 🙂

Very good for you JJ!! 👏👏👏👏

👏👏👏👏👏👏 Yey! Well done you. Sorry about the reaction. I had a rough one too but I was able to go to the theatre with my daughter and bestie tonight feeling more secure now I am better protectef.

👍Great news! Xx Moy

That's great JJ. Hope other 'not eligibles' are managing to get the Spring Booster too. Hope the side effects wear off soon. I was fine after a couple of days.

Well done xx

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JJ_7 in reply to watergazer

Thank you :)

Well blow me down, I had a text from the local clinic this morning asking me to book in for the spring booster. I am shocked as I am not classified as being immunosurpressed and they say my bronch is mild, go figure , when there are so many people in a shocking state that need it more than i do x

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JJ_7 in reply to Izb1

How odd. Don't complain if NHS offers you a service.....embrace it with both hands before its taken away ;)

Well done. Littlepom must be our guide when we can't get what we need. xxx

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JJ_7 in reply to Alberta56

Yes.....always refer to Littlepom's manual hahaha ;)

Well done jj-7 I have had 3 jabs I am extremely vulnerable because of my COPD BRONCHIHETASIS ECT but the last jab I had not long after I came out in red spots on my arms and legs saw the doc and nothing Really helps so I am getting worried over a 4th one plus my lovely x son in law died of the jab Blood clots ect only 52 years of age I wonder has anybody else had these horrible spots My son was very poorly too blood clots ???? Don’t know what to do

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JJ_7 in reply to Suesal46

You need to see your GP and insist on a broad spectrum blood test. Spots growing could be indicative of a blood disorder or even nastier. Get checked asap. Good luck.

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Suesal46 in reply to JJ_7

I saw my doctor jj-7 actually I saw two doctors and they gave me anti histomeans which dident do a lot I had to stop taking them Thank you for your reply best wishes Suesaml

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anniec11 in reply to Suesal46

Hi I came out in some weird spots on my face only after the first jab. But nothing at all since. I have now had all 4. I have heard of some people coming out in a rash but don't know how it was dealt with. Mine just disappeared after about 5 days.

Hi I was notified a few weeks ago about my fourth one. I went to my local chemist and they did it for me. A lady from Bath hospital came down specially to vaccinate people. I should have booked with a 119 telephone call but I took a shortcut and phoned the chemist. I was afraid they would book me miles away.

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