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Classic 1989 Jaguar XJS Gone with the Wind

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This is the car we bought off friend when he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease, for when we couldn’t ride our motorbikes. His wife called her Gone with the Wind, in recognition of number plate, that started with G, and then had WTW after numbers. Been out in her today, lovely, haven’t been out in weeks, and may be having i.v. Antibiotics at home next week for 14 days, so won’t be able to go out then, but hope I feel better after without all the nasties partying in my lungs.

28 Replies
sassy59 profile image

What a beautiful car Jean. Glad you got out in it and will do so again. Wishing you better days ahead. Xxxx💕

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to sassy59

Many thanks, fingers crossed ! xxxx

SORRELHIPPO profile image

I had a Hillman Imp long ago, the three letters were YDF, when my mother saw it, she said, "you dammed fool, very appropriate".

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to SORRELHIPPO

That was rather unkind. I had Hillman Imp can’t remember number plate, but recall that I was happy with it. Best regards, Jean x

Jaybird19 profile image

that is lovely . wish my car shone like that . i bet you had a few admiring glances when out in it wondering what famous personit was !

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to Jaybird19

Thanks. Yes when approach traffic islands etc sometimes get waved through so that can see it. It’s very low especially compared with most modern cars, don’t think they are curios whose in it, but may be, probably disappointed when see me, or daughter who likes driving it.

Greenthorn profile image

What a beauty. Sheer poetry!

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to Greenthorn


Caspiana profile image

I have always had a soft spot for Jags but not the new models. Yours is gorgeous Jean. xx ♥️♥️♥️

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to Caspiana

Thanks. She’s been in garage all winter, when outside usually has proper cover designed to fit over wing mirrors etc. Late getting her out this summer, and I need help getting cover on, daughter usually does it but had to go as soon as she was parked, have to let cool before covering. Typical rained overnight! She’s not worth much, but joy to drive and as passenger. Jean.xxxx

Solily profile image

That Is a beautiful car!! Jags are fun cars but agree with Caspiana... the older ones are the best...they have class!! Hope you will be back in the Jag real soon!!xx

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to Solily

Thanks, yes do enjoy it very much, little problem now, drivers seat belt catch broke whilst out yesterday! Hope can get replacement. Had to have new windscreen few years ago, was lucky had last available in UK. x

Ergendl profile image

My previous Passion style Smart car was nicknamed Kivvy Wizzy because of the number plate. Not big enough to be a true passion wagon.

Jane2005 profile image

Love the car. Hope you feel better soon 🙂

Izb1 profile image

Thats a beautiful car Morrison and must be heaven to be out in, you have looked after it well for it to be in such good condition. Hope you feel better soon x

Walkwalkwalk profile image

Oh I love your car. I do hope that you have many more adventures in her. I had an old Volvo 108. The old Saint’s car and loved it. I think old classics are my love.

Happy travels and I hope that the AB’s are the party pooper you are looking for.


watergazer profile image

Looks a super car Jean. Glad you managed to get out and about x

Thinkhealthy profile image

I have serious car envy - gwtw- wonderful .

Maximonkey profile image

Sounds great Morrison, I envy you. Maximonkey

HollyBoyd profile image

That's a beauty Morrison, well looked after. We have a neighbour who loves Jaguars and has an old one himself, not sure of the age, but he polishes it just about everyday!! It's a similar colour to yours, it gleams. Hope you get chance to enjoy more outings after your IV's xxx

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to HollyBoyd

Thanks. Suppose keeps your neighbour happy with daily polish, shame he’s not near me, he might be happy to do mine! Hope after had iv I will have strength to do it, hate that I was born with rare condition, has affected whole life, but mustn’t complain have Mother’s strong genes, she lived to age 111, was killed off by Liverpool Care plan,

HollyBoyd profile image
HollyBoyd in reply to Morrison10

I hope your IV therapy goes well. I am also colonised with pseudo but have to go into hospital for IV, they won't entertain home Iv's at my local hospital. You are a very positive person Jean, which has obviously got you through life, wishing you all the best xxx Carol 😊

Morrison10 profile image
Morrison10 in reply to HollyBoyd

Hi carol, thanks for your kind words. Previously done my own 6 courses I.v with cannula on hand or wrist, this time it’s a tube think in neck/shoulder, and special district nurses come to my home to administer two drugs. Hope it works, previous 6 courses, about 15 years ago didn’t, and so took two oral antibiotics simultaneously, cleared lungs, didn’t need any antibiotics for nearly year! My husband was great help then, really miss him. Sorry your colonised with pseudomonas, hope you get it treated soon, and your hospital finds way of having i.v at home. Best wishes, Jean xxx

HollyBoyd profile image
HollyBoyd in reply to Morrison10

That sounds great having the district nurses coming in and giving the drug via the port or whatever the name is. Makes such a difference to be able to stay at home for the IV therapy. I haven't needed into hospital for a year now and I'm hoping i can maintain the balance for longer but time will tell. Let us know how you get on with the new method. Sending good wishes xxx Carol

Alberta56 profile image

What a car. I'd be afraid to drive her, but I wouldn't mind a nose under the bonnet. xxx

Dessert profile image

Gorgeous car! Wish you better ! ❤️

Stratos20 profile image

Really beautiful car. Obviously cherished 🥰 I hope you’ll be feeling better soon x

Patk1 profile image

Wow! Thats a real beauty x

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