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my son is 38, when he was 16 he started a xmas temp job at jjb, he worked his way up through and became a manager about 16 years ago. A few months ago the store he worked at was closed down and he was offered a place as manager but in another store involving a lot of travel, or to take a reasonable redundancy payout. He wasn't sure what to do but a top member of the firm told him quietly, take the money and run. He did, and so far has not been able to get another job. However, at 11 this morning, head office and every shop except 20, was entered and told they no longer had jobs and to put the shutters down. Customers were turned out and staff told to go home. What a shock. When I think of all the late nights, sometimes all night, the 2 am alarm calls to go out to the store, the working til 11pm on xmas eve, so that the stores were ready for the boxing day sales, short hols, phone calls even on his days off, the times he physically stopped shop lifters despite threats of violence, once he chased one almost quarter of a mile before breathlessly catching him, once he sat on a violent shop lifter till the police came and sustained injuries himself. He is actually looking forward to xmas this year because he can spend time with his family, so every cloud.

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  • I also think he did the right thing to go. IMHO they were never a 'real' sports shop, just fashion stuff, so any recession would sort them out, and it has.

    lynne x

  • It is funny how such an event can change your life for the better, my husband lost a job a few years ago and became my Carer, which was just as well at the time as I was quite poorly. My husband went back to college and now is doing a degree, plus has been back in employment 12 months ago. When the time is right the right job will come along and in the meantime enjoy what is. Best of luck to your son and his family xxx

  • Sounds like your son got out just in time. Nice that he got the tip-off. Hope all goes well for him. x

  • they had a new baby 5 weeks ago, and he's loving spending the time with him and the other 3 kids, he used to get home late every night and work every weekend, he never had the time before. He's also taken up cooking and is getting very adventurous. With the stress gone from his working life hes a different person. so yes, x

  • Good luck to your son and his family amagran and hope good things come their way. As you say, every cloud..........xxxx

  • They only have one thing in mind them places, PROFIT, Everyone who works for them is just a number at the end of the day. Hope he finds another job soon, good luke and keep trying.

  • Papers said 2,200 jobs gone with Sport Direct buying up a few shops and keeping some staff, will be a lot of families in high unemployment areas loosing out.

  • WOW!!! lucky he got out when he did!! my fiance used to work for comet until earlier this year when Kaza sold the chain for £2 to the same company who bought MFI stripped it's assets and sold it down the river. they were making cut backs and they asked him to stay on and do 3 job roles for less money (after working there for 16 years from the time he left school), OR take a really bad redundancy payout. It came just at the right time cos I'd moved to leicestershire from London and he couldnt get a transfer so he opted for the redundancy and movd up with me. It took him 4 weeks to get another job with Curry's and although it's only part time at least he's earning. he's so much more relaxed than he was too. he cuts the grass and helps with the housework and has some time to himself now rather than like you say, working all the hours there are for a pitence and no thanks. I know he was lucky to find another job so quickly but it really was the best decision he could have made. his dad worked for them too, for 38 years and was was made redundant (not by choice) a month after my fiance but because of government redundancy rules he only got paid out for the first 20 years he'd worked there!!! I wouldnt be suprised if the company goes the same way as JJB and MFI and Woolworths and all the other comapnies who didnt make it through the recession and when it comes to the crunch they really have little thought for the people whose lives depend on the money to get through :(

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