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The joy of an unexpected bunch of flowers

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Good morning, everyone. Yesterday I was feeling a little sad. My son had arrived. From his home Kendall the night before. To paint my wooden sheds. That was good. I was delighted to see him. And he did a wonderful job. But yesterday. was the 5th anniversary of my husbands death. After my son Neil went home back to Kendall. I was feeling a bit tearful. House always feels empty after a member of my family I've gone. Which I'm sure many of you know. About. And half an hour later. My next door neighbour. Knocked. With a bunch of roses. Beautiful yellow roses. His wife always remembers Reg's anniversary. They were so beautiful. And they were so kind. I managed to shed a few tears. Which always relieves the tension a little. But today is another day. And this sun is out take care everyone hope you all have a good peaceful day everybody. Mags1947

25 Replies
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What a wonderful kind gesture from your neighbour. Just at the right time too. Sorry for your loss but enjoy the roses and the sunshine today.Hugs to you xx🤗🌻💕

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1947Mags in reply to sassy59

Thanks Mags

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Hello Mags.

I understand that feeling very well. When we lose someone we sort of get used to the silence after awhile but then something jolts a memory or reminds us that they are no longer with us. It can be gut wrenching. I try to remember during these times a particularly good memory and that brings the person back to me even for a few seconds. I am very glad your neighbour brought you the roses, I think that was your husband returning, to remind you that he is not too far away.

Sending you love and a gentle hug.

Cas xx 🌹

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1947Mags in reply to Caspiana

Thank you I hope so sometimes he feels very close. Mags

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Caspiana in reply to 1947Mags

I promise you, he is.

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1947Mags in reply to Caspiana

Yes I like to believe that also just hope he understands when he hears me cursing him for going😉

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That’s so nice, great to have good neighbours. Best regards xx

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1947Mags in reply to Morrison10

Thank you Mags

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A lovely, caring gesture by your neighbour. Good neighbours are few nowadays.

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1947Mags in reply to CDPO16

Yes they certainly are and I am glad for mine. Mags

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What a wonderful gesture and good to have such lovely neighbours.X

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1947Mags in reply to Katinka46

It certainly is.

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Aw that's lovely Mags, just what you needed. I know that feeling so well of the emptiness when a loved one has left. My family all live far away too. Luckily my son & family are coming over next Friday from France, they've had to cancel their last 3 planned visits so this time its special.

I'm now glad that I left some yellow roses on my friend & neighbour's doorstep along with her shopping yesterday . She's 83 and has covid bless her.

Thinking of you. P

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That was really nice of your neighbor

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1947Mags in reply to Petrina_gmfc

Thank you (this is the second time I have started to reply to you I lost the first one) don't know if I fired it off to soon or deleted it somehow. Have a lovely time with your family it must have been dreadfully the last couple of years if family live abroad. How kind of you to leave roses for your neighbour I hope she gets as much pleasure as I have from mine. Have a lovely time with your son. Mags

in reply to 1947Mags

Yes, peege , have a wonderful time with them all. I bet you’re excited! X

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That's really lovely of your neighbour so kind and thoughtful. They would help to cheer up along with the sunshine. Have a lovely day and take care😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻💖

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1947Mags in reply to Damon1864

It did I hope the sun is shining for you both. Mags

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What a kind neighbour you have that remembers, my late husband passed over in 1999 and 1 still shed a tear sometimes, some things are triggers then i am off , I laugh at myself sometimes, then of course then sun comes out. my late husband always said, "goodnight sun thankyou for shining" so called tough guy haha bless em all. Joan


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1947Mags in reply to T_Lady

Yes I can have several good days or weeks then something will trigger a memory usually a good one but not always. Thank you and take care, Mags

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How lovely. What a kind and thoughtful neighbour x. Hope you are more upbeat today x

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1947Mags in reply to watergazer

Yes and thank you for that Mags

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That's a beautiful story, both for the kindness of your neighbours and the love that you shared with your husband. xxxx

Yellow roses are my favourites, that was kind of your neighbour. Five years is no time but your husband is still with you, and always will be ❤️

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