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have had an op about 2 months ago and my brain is still not working again after anaesthetic . didnt know about that happening and it is really bothering me. having to communicate with my much younger niece on messaging using predictive text on phone is driving me mad . Spending all my time doing this at present as my sister is in hospital many miles away and she is intent on helping organise everything and everyone from even further away. Has even spoken to the consultant . I bet he was pleased. ! Dont see anyone even my friendly neighbour who lives across the road and down a bit messages me . I tis not like having a conversation as this is .

charity shopper man has just come for my list before he goes off to help at the local food charity hub wherehe is doing all the christmas hampers fot the people going in for food help. I think he spends a lot of his time helping other people . He says he plays golf in his spare time but dont think he gets much of that at present. !

He does spend time on computer programme flying a boering passenger jet round the world . He is the pilot, not a passenger. Addicted to flying. I saw this programme once when my step grandson was trying it . My stepson spent a fortune on learning to fly when he was younger and we flew in a little 4 seaterplane from liverpool airportt to another smaller airport near Anglesey for coffee and then back again straight away ! . his sisters son was inspired by this learning to fly and has actually qualified as a pilot too. it is expensive . I do hope he can get a job flying but a lot of people ,men and women, learn to fly in RAF and job hut when they leave the RAF . I must ask shopping man , when he returns with my shop, where he is today in his trip round the world Last week it was Karachi !

does anybody else do this imaginative traveling.?

It does keep his brain active as he does have to fly the plane and land it .

11 Replies
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Hello. Anaesthetics and drugs can do weird things to us can't they? My memory is rubbish following respiratory failure and a coma. I like flying as a passenger, especially to sunny Ibiza! 🌞

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How frustrating for you Jaybird, I don’t like predictive text at all. The charity shopper man sounds like a very kind and caring person who leads a very varied life. Xxx❤️

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So sorry you're feeling low Jaybird, its horrible as many of us know.

I have the kindle app on my Samsung tablet, I get either free or 99p books and I always pick books set in Venice , the Mediterranean, Italy, France, Spain, corsica, or anywhere that takes me away preferably somewhere warm. I also like novels written around the history of art or simply historical fiction. It's quite difficult to come to terms with becoming older, I feel completely out of touch with my family and quite alone at times too.

It's lovely to have someone like your neighbour, he sounds so kind. Thinking of you - and well done you for reaching out! Hang on in there, I'm sure things will improve in time xxxx

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I hope the anaesthetic effect will wear off eventually. No wonder they don't tell us about it, or none of us would want any treatment. xxx

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Can u hav a word with yr dr/nurse for advice re yr recovery? So gd u have someone to shop for u.he sounds like a very kind man.that sounds like a gd app.

You must be very proud of yr stepson & nephew.

Do u play computer games? X

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Hope your brain recovers from the anesthetic soon, if not you need to speak with the doctor. What operation did you have? Your charity man sounds like a bundle of fun and you saying he flew to Karatchi brought back memories. My first flight was to Hong Kong in 1971 and we stopped over at Karachi to refuel x

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Jaybird19 in reply to Izb1

he works for a small local charity . he flies a computer programme around the world in his spare time . actually he flew this week on the programme piloting this "passenger plane programme " to Rangoon and told me this week that he did what a tourist would do and googled Rangoon for what to see, and so visited the Golden Temple courtesy of Google/ womnder what he did in his working life ? .

He is almost 70 and retired so volunteers to help at our local charity called Snow Angels which was only started 10 years ago. to help wherever needed , doing shopping for people and also works at local food bank most of the time . th is food bank is very busy which is not good news . more people needing it now.

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Izb1 in reply to Jaybird19

You still havent said what operation you had? Maybe what you are suffering is part if this x

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I use my post card collection to travel round the world. This week, I have been to Curacao, Costa Rica, China, Egypt, Fiji and France (not in that order).

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Jaybird19 in reply to Ergendl

have you been thereto those places and tracing memories or just wishing to go there ? i have a lovely postcard from a friend who sent it me from St Kilda when she finally managed to get there herself.

I have a friend whose toilet walls are covered, all covered ,with post cards received over the years !

I do have one somewhere of the most northen Post office in the world at the scientists village in Ssvalbard. there was a queue to use that too ---- just like here at Christmas . ( I was off a cruise ship then )

Is our PO going to function this Christmas ?

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Ergendl in reply to Jaybird19

No, I haven't physically been to those places. Before I married my husband in 2010, my post card collection of about 2000 consisted mainly of postcards I had bought or had been sent to me. My husband is a stamp collector and taught me how to buy auction lots of cards, mainly from stamp auctions where they go very cheaply as I am often the only bidder. My collection is now somewhere in the region of 80,000 to 100,000 cards - too many to count easily.

The cards are great to look at, both as photos of places, and for the often funny messages on the back. I love those which feature the same place over the years, so that you can see the changes - Piccadilly in London, the Zig Zag path in Eastbourne, Puerto Soller in Majorca. I have about 500 cards of Cheshire in 3 albums and occasionally give talks to local groups about them, consisting mainly of letting everyone look at the albums and answering their questions.

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