Vet update

Tosh back from vets, he did not have his teeth done, the blood tests show he has kidney failure. The they are saying his heart medicine has affected his kidneys and that any medication for his kidneys may affect his heart, although they reckon his heart is better than it was, are you confused, I am.

Am going to speak to the vet at 9am tomorrow to see if we have to take him to Coventry to go on a drip for a couple of days to flush his kidneys out, and have an ultrasound on his heart.

I am rather concerned because of his age but the vet is optomistic so will go with her advice for now but if there is no sign of recovery we will have to re-think. What a nightmare.

Keeping my fingers crossed.


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  • Thinking of you polly xxx

  • Thank you

  • Thinking of you Polly. x

  • our dog is 13 yrs old now, but before her we had a jack russell called sam, he was 16 when he cut his leg and the vet sewed it up but his skin was so thin it tore through the stitches, they tested him and said exactly the same, he had heart and kidney problems and the medicine for each would affect the other, so it would be best just to leave him there. I can still see him sat there even though its nearly 20 years ago, and though he had cataracts on both eyes he seemed to be looking at me and saying where the hell do you think youre going leaving me here, it was awful, said I'd never have another, but of course we did though not for a few years. its heartbreaking. xx

  • Oh Polly, just read I am so sorry to hear your news .thinking of you and tosh.hope it works out well for you, x

  • Thanks everyone xx

  • Just logged on Polly and read your blog. Thinking of you and Tosh and hope the outcome is good. Our cat is 14 and I could not imagine being without her but I know that day will come eventually. Take care. xx

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