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hi thought I would give a update on James still in hospital and in lots of pain he ,still can't stand let alone walk mum has been visiting every day as worried about him it takes 6hours of travelling on buses for her and its very tireing for her and she worries about me being left at home which I keep telling her is fine but I guess mum's worry about most things .Have been doing well with my driving lessons and quite enjoy them now getting less tired afterwards which is good.Off to Dorchester hospital today for eye app but my nanna is going to take me and then will stay with her for few days so one less thing for mum to worry about I think she may have a day off today along as James sounds OK this morning as she can tell byhis voice when he rings if he needs her,nine days in a row of going there she deserves it .t

19 Replies
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Hello Pokermon. Your mum must be exhausted. 😞 I can well understand the pain. For lung transplants part of the ribs are removed to allow for the lungs to be taken and put in. But if course they put the ribs back in afterwards. And I think that pain was worse than the incisions. BUT !! In time it gets better. I don't know what kind of rehabilitation he is doing but I was encouraged to move, walk and cycle with my broken rib. It seemed to heal faster.

I'm glad you can spend some time with you nan. I bet you will both enjoy it. Also well done with the driving lessons. When I was 16 and just got my license I drove into a giant pothole on the road. 🙄 You will do far better than me. xx 😃👍

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Hi Pokermon, sorry to hear about James and hope he improves soon. That’s quite some journey for your dear mum abd I hope she can have a day off today. It’s draining visiting everyday as I know so I’m thinking of her.

Wishing you well at the hospital and enjoy being with your nanna. Keep driving. Xxx👍💜

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Oh Pokermon, I really feel for all your family. From my experience with my husband, visiting a patient in hospital every day is always exhausting, without having to use public transport, but for the patient to get better they need to see people they know. I don’t know where you live, but is there any talk about moving James closer to where you live?

Thank goodness for nans. I hope your hospital appointment goes ok, and staying with your Nan will take one pressure off your mum.

Please let us know how things go in the future (but only if you want to.)

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Thank you for the update Pokermon. I hope that James begins to feel better soon and that your mum gets a break. She must be exhausted.I suspected that you might enjoy your driving lessons once your overcame your initial apprehension. Enjoy your time with your nanna. Best wishes to you all xx

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Hi Pokemon your poor mumust be really tired bless her. I hope you brother starts to improve soon . It's nice to hear you are enjoying your driving lessons now. Have a great day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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Thank you for your update Pokerman. I hope your mum does have a day off visiting James today, it really is a marathon journey for her. It's such a shame James can't be transferred to a hospital nearer home now that he is being rehabilitated. Trust all goes well for your eye appointment and enjoy a few days with your nanna. all the best xxx 😊

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SORRELHIPPO in reply to HollyBoyd

I have the feeling, that whereas in the past, a local hospital would happily accept a patient back into their area, now they are unhappy about this. Partly possible infection being brought in, but mainly, because of the latest increase in Covid, the local hospitals have no room. Such a shame for people like James and his family.

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HollyBoyd in reply to SORRELHIPPO

It's such a shame. The local hospitals were great for rehab. Apart from covid, there is also the bed blocking due to reduced care in the community. Changed days 🙁

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All the best for James, sounds exhausting for your Mum. Good luck with the driving, such a useful skill.

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Oh dear it sound pritty stressfull all round. I hope james is starting to mend it is quite a jorney and your mum can get some rest.Brilliant news about the driving 🚗keep up the good work. I hope all goes 😷👀. Stay safe

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Sorry to hear James is in pain - hope things improve for him soon. Your poor mum must be exhausted so I’m glad she’s having a day off. Keep going with those driving lessons and enjoy being with your nana 💐🌷x

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Best wishes to James and real sympathy for your mum (and you for worrying about them both). Without transport hospital visiting is a nightmare but 6 hours!!! x

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I do hope that your mum gets a day off today and that she and James just have a good phone call. James and you all as a family have been through such a lot. I hope that your op goes well today and that you and your naan have a good catch up. This must be a worrying time for her also. I am so glad that you are still having driving lessons. It was one of the most useful things that I did and found that I really enjoyed it. I hope that happens for you too.

Take care


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Gosh your mum must be exhausted with all that travelling. Hope James is home soon. How lovely to spend time with your nan and I hope the appointment went well. Great to hear the driving is going well xx take care

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Great news about the driving! I had to give up driving a few years ago and still miss it as always need lifts or use public transport. Your poor mum is having quite a time of it travelling to the hospital and back so frequently, but it's what mums do, isn't it? ❤️

I'm please to hear you'll be able to stay with your Nana for a few days. A change of scene is always good and it will save your mum worrying about you too.

Love to you all, xx Moy

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Sorrybyo hear about your mums and you problems the physio or the OTs will get him mobile and they wont let him give up.

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Oh I so sympathise with your mum Pokermon, not only travelling all that time but the weariness of it all. I was working when mum was in hospital and must admit I nearly had a nervous breakdown with the stress of it all. I am glad you are enjoying your driving lessons and so pleased you are able to stay with your Nan, it will also give your mum a break. I do hope James gets better soon and back home with you and mum x

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Glad the driving lessons are going well. Hope you and your nan have a lovely time together. As for your mum, I can only say how much I admire her. I hope her little break break does her good. xxx

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Gosh what a woman to travel all those hours to go and visit her son. She must be a fantastic mother. I wish you good luck with your driving lessons, they must cost you a fortune. I learned to drive about 35 years ago and it was £10 and I've no idea how much it is now. They did not teach you how to park then and I am glad they do now.

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