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Hi everyone hope you are all well. Well mum's partner James came home instead of going into rehab that he really needed as they couldn't find a place for him..He can't walk more than few steps and can do nothing for himself so mum has to care for him and we have now found out sailsbury hospital hasn't even arranged physo for him very bad service. Our own Dr has sent a urgent request to poole hospital to try and get help for him so fingers crossed its sorted soon as it's such a strain on mum

23 Replies
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I do hope James gets the help he needs soon for his sake and you and your mum 🙏 The NHS seems to be on its knees in every department and it’s worrying 😟 x

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Oh dear your poor mum 😢

cofdrop-UK profile image

So sorry to hear this sweetheart. I hope they get their act together and get the help James, your Mum and you deserve 💕💕💕

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So sorry to hear this. How very difficult it is for you all. It is very hard to have to fight for help.Lots of love

Kate xxx

helenlw7 profile image

Oh no, that’s no good. I do hope James and your mum get the help they need quickly.

Alberta56 profile image

Poor James, poor mother. I don't imagine it's entirely a bed of roses for you either. I hope Poole Hospital can provide some help quickly. PS. how are the Munchkins, as Skis called them/ I hope they are all doing OK.

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Hoping James gets all the help he needs as it is such a strain for your dear mum. Thinking of you all. Xx🤗💜

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As well as gp trying to get hospital to do something, suggest you contact social services and ask them for urgent assessment. They also may be able to help put pressure on hospital.

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Pokermon in reply to Bevvy

Thanks will tell mum that .

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I do hopthat James gets the help he needs and your mom gets so help too. Hope you all have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

HollyBoyd profile image

That is good James is home as it does save mum travelling to visit him, but definitely not good if she has no help or any rehab in place to help James mobilise. Bevvy is right, Social Services may get something moving to ease the burden? Thinking of you and sending good wishes xxx

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I hope your doctor's referal produces the services you need. Very poor of Salisbury not to refer him on. I hope his luck takes a big turn for the better soon. Love and best wishes to you all xx

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Bevvy in reply to CDPO16

I suspect (but not excusing it) that part of the problem is James was not in his local hospital and when discharged not enough was done to ensure local services were aware of his situation.

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CDPO16 in reply to Bevvy

I agree and it wouldn't have taken long to refer him on.

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Hi Pokermon. I am pleased that James is home. It will be a big help to your mum not to have to travel so far to see him. But leaving him stranded so to speak with no Physio arranged is awful. Hope it gets sorted out very quickly for you. John

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That's awful treatment for James. Hope the GP manages to sort it out as soon as possible to take some of the pressure of your Mum xx

Shirleyj profile image

Hope James gets the help he needs quickly. Thinking of you and your mum x🌻

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Dear Pokermon 💜I’m really sorry to hear James has been so poorly and hasn’t received the full help he needs! I really hope something gets sorted soon for both him and your mum!

You take care lovely 🥰

Dee x

watergazer profile image

That’s not good. A lot of extra stress for you all. Hope it gets sorted soonxx

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The nhs maybe stressed but this is usually down to somebody not doing their job properly. I would chase up social services, I do hope your mum gets the help for James she needs and quickly x

MoyB profile image

My friend's husband got sent home a couple of weeks ago when he should have gone to residential rehab. She was left trying to get help with personal care. He came home on Sunday and no one could offer anything until Wednesday! It's dreadful, isn't it?

Are you able to help with any of the small household tasks so that your mum doesn't have to do everything? I don't know what you are able to manage so please don't feel you will be criticised if your answer is 'no'. I'm just thinking that any small thing will help your Mum a bit, even if it's making a hot drink so she doesn't have to do it herself.

I hope things soon settle down and things get a bit easier for you all.

xx Moy

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Pokermon in reply to MoyB

Trying to be helpful for her .seems mum has arranged emergency visit from physo tomorrow but there still saying will be few weeks before getting the regular physo he needs very busy at moment .

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MoyB in reply to Pokermon

It seems as though you all have to play the waiting game, which is very stressful for you all. Meanwhile, it's great that you're helping your Mum when you are able. I'm sure she must appreciate anything you can do.

I hope something comes of the physio appointment.

xx Moy

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