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Hi everyone.

Had a lovely Monday to Friday break in Weymouth this week.

The weather was great and the holiday home simply beautiful.


On Tuesday I wake up very chesty and by lunchtime I was burning up. I spent the rest of the holiday stuck in with a blinking chest infection. Luckily I remembered to pack my antibiotics so I started those straight away and only now am I starting to feel the benefit. Still burning hot yet cold, chesty, well you know the score!

Every time I plan something I seem to get ill....does anyone else or am I the only unlucky one!

Mike x

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No your not the only one, it's typical make plans that never happen bang an infection :)


sunday is richards birthday (69) and our 40th wedding anniversary, got married on his birthday so he wouldnt forget haha. Party tomorrow at daughters and Richard is looking decidedly off tonight, am hoping its the excitement, but who knows, will prop him in the corner with his oxygen and dance round him instead of me handbag, that way he's not left out.


Ah no x


Weymouth is lovely, my parents and I love it. Sorry that you wernt well enough to enjoy most of it. It is typical though isn't it. When you are well enough you should go back and put your theory to the test. Fingers crossed and positive thinking you will be okay xx


I seem to get a chest infection evey time I go on holiday. Weymouth is lovely, isn't it - not that I'm biased or anything - I live in Dorset!


I've been to Weymouth a few times staying near Bowleaze Cove ( hope I've spelt that right )

It just annoys me it always happens that I fall I'll :(

Thanks for your good wishes and I can't wait to go back.

Where abouts in Dorset are you? I'm in Rural Sussex not far from Brighton.

Healthy wishes to you all



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