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Holiday - at last

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My wife had to cancel eye op for end of April as we both had Covid, so had to put off planned holiday until further notice. Delay only till end of May (we are in france) so quick change and after her physio session next Monday off withe the caravan until Sunday, so that she is back for physio Monday. Hope to have time for more photos.

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Hi enjoy your trip and I love the photo. Have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

I`ll have computer with me so look out for any wildlife while we are on holiday.

Great photo, have fun on your holiday. Xxx

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LissacFrance in reply to sassy59

Thank you. Big bird was back today to check whether there was anything left to catch/eat. Unfortunately no. It was also unfortunate that I did not have camera to hand when swallow decided to come into the house and whizz round the dining room. Cats soon woke up and once i`d moved from doorway, swallow found his way out, thank goodness. Not into removing dead birds that the cats have caught. Mice outdoors are OK but birds indoors different and not pleasant.

Great looking bird and thank goodness the cats didn’t get the swallow. Phew! Out cat used to bring in live mice. It was awful but we still miss her every day. Xxx💕

so what is the bird in photo . has forked tail like red kite but you are in France ( lucky you) and I am not familiar with continental birds . Are you bird watcher ? please send us more of your wildlife photos

Pretty sure it is a Red Kite but not 100% certain. I`ll try to add a photo per day. Not specifically birds but wildlife in general and pretty flowers.

Lizard climbing post.

What a lovely lizard and lovely photo.

Love the photo & enjoy your holiday 🙂

Thank you for sharing your photos 😊

you`re welcome. I`ll endeavour to post a new photo each day while on holiday, unless work gets in the way.

Nice and sharp image. Photographing birds in flight is no easy task. Do you use a tripod?

I love holidaying in France. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos. Have a fun holiday.

xxxx Cindy

No, hand held but fast shutter. no time to take photos today, work to do, so here`s one from few weeks ago.

Woodpecker on bird feeder.

I wish we got those in our garden. 😊

Enjoy your little break away .

Fabulous photos. Enjoy your time away x

Hope you have a smashing holiday. Is that a red kite in your photo?

Love the photo, thanks for sharing. Good to hear you are both over covid now and off for a quick holiday, enjoy yourselves. I had an iridotomy on my eyes a couple of weeks ago and have been lucky had no problems after. I go back for a checkup tomorrow and really hoping the holes havent closed as i dont want to have this done again. I hope your wife's surgery goes well x

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