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Holiday Oxygen

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Hello has anyone had oxygen concentrator delivered to Premier Inns for a holiday ? And if so what do I need to do

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Hi A dy I think your best bet is to phone your oxygen supplier, then at least you will get the correct information Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

Hi andyput, just contact your Respiratory Nurse and give her your holiday hotel dates, they will contact your supplier to deliver your oxygen to your hotel.

You have to contact your Respiratory Nurse, because they have to confirm oxygen prescription settings to your supplier.

I hope I have been some help.


Hi andyput. I do know that my supplier has a holiday request line that I phone to book, about 3 weeks before. If you have your suppliers helpline number phone them and they will put you through to the right place. Have a great holiday xx

You don’t need to contact your respiratory nurse. Call your oxygen supplier. They have your prescription. Tell them the dates. Call the PI to let them know so they can liaise with your oxygen company. I’ve been away 4 times since being put on oxygen 24/7 last August and it works well. Enjoy your holiday!

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andyput in reply to Millyboo710

Hi I have rang PI and where we are going they said never had Oxygen there before, But if I ring again might get different answer.

Hi Andy. I have been away multiple times including Spain and each time have had no problems arranging a supply of oxygen exactly as already prescribed for my use at home. In the U.K. for me it has simply been a case of contacting my supplier ( Air liquid ) and all is arranged. They need the dates of the visit , the post code, a phone no at the delivery site and a name if possible but not a requirement.

In some of my journeys the supply has been from another supplier ( eg in Glasgow) but not a problem.

Let me know if I can help further.


I stayed in a hotel in Bournemouth in 2019 and I just got in touch with my oxygen supplier and told them the date, time and hotel I would be staying.

They then got in touch with the oxygen supplier in Bournemouth who got in touch with me and the oxygen was delivered to the hotel and I was able to order and exchange cylinders as and when needed.

You have to take at least two of your own to use there and back and they make up with the rest. So if you normally have six they will only leave you four of their own.

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andyput in reply to Maureenpearl

Hi I do not use cylinders I have a concentrator which I use 15hrs a day which is noisy .

Sorry I misread your post. You will have to get in touch with your Respiratory department to organise an appointment for a prescription for a portable concentrator. They will order one for you once they assess you again and it will be delivered to your home. Make sure you have spare battery and chargers.

I would make the appointment as soon as possible so you’ll be able to go away on your holidays.

Hi, Just contact your supplier, they will supply a Concentrator and any cylinders you will need for the duration of your holiday.. Have a good time.

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