Horrid Head Cold!!!

Saturday night I woke up at 3am, thought someone had a blow torch under my nose. Head is throbing, ears are burning throat is killing me.

Breathing is fine and showing no sign of trouble wish I could say the same for the top half though.

Went to work today and bought disolvable cocodamal, they are doing just the job, took 2 at 10am-2 at 2pm-2 at 6pm then going for another 2 at 10pm.

Well just going to make a hot milky drink and then off to bed, busy day tomorrow and need a clear head.

Keep you all posted how the head cold is getting on, (man flu as the wife says).

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  • Lol 1968 :)

  • Hope you feel better very soon, take care. xx

  • Such a brave boy. :)

  • Hope it goes away soon, you seem to be coping extremely well with it, I would have gone into hibernation I hate head colds.

    Take care


  • Keep clear of any you know have lung conditions then you wont bring them down with you as it can be fatal for seriously ill patients contacting another dose of bugs.

  • Get well soon you brave soldier!xxxx

  • Man flu is terrible,the opposite sex do not realise what sufferings we men go through,they think it is one big joke.I sympathise with you. Be brave ,be strong. Richard Cornish

  • Get well soon

  • Thanks everyone, been out sice 8am and just in at 7 tonight, had my dinner and now all cozzied up on the couch, took the tablets every 4 hours and feel a little better, nose and eyes are running faster than my car engine, head is throbbing, don't know if that's down to the wife or the kids but anyway tomorrow is another day closer to getting rid of the man flu.

    Cheers again for all the support in this hour of man flu need.

    David 1968

  • Get the BLF to add Man Flu onto the list of things they support then it can be taken serious

  • Thanks for that, the Man Flu will pass with TLC.

    David 1968

  • Hope you are feeling better today! TAD xx

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