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Admitted to hospital with a severe chest infection which I'd never had before, but I was only 8 weeks post radiotherapy (unrelated to lungs) and we all know how that can knock your immune system. Hospital have said if I feel well enough to have our holiday in Scotland which has been booked for sometime, but to take rescue pack with me, Visited GP a few days ago and asked for same, steroids and antibiotics prescribed no problem....but I did say hospital said lol

My first round of lung tests start on Tuesday, I've still not got a clear diagnosis but hope to know in a few weeks time, they're saying it's possible I've got COPD or my small parrots maybe causing me a problem, very breathless still 4 weeks down the line, never experienced this either before chest infection, just want to know now what my problem is so I can deal with it and get on with living my life, so we're off to Scotland on Friday and I'm going to enjoy myself!! is too short.xx

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Stitch you're so right, I'm in remission now, told by the Oncologist just 2 days before this dreadful chest infection happened, I felt so good about everything but what a bummer I only had 2 days before something else came along to knock me back down, but life is like that and you have to pick yourself back up again and make the best of it.

Gordon hope your car is fixed soon and you can have that holiday I'm sure you deserve, summer has finally arrived andf seeing the sunshine certainly helps to make you feel better.

I really appreciate your comments and this site has helped me enormously to understand so many things, also it's a comfort to know others are there to help you through when you have concerns or don't understand something....I reckon that will be me in a few weeks time lol, lung function tomorrow, then oxygen levels (very low) and allergy blood tests, but I'll take it in my stride and hope for the best, but deep down I know something is wrong, they've told me I've lost 40% lung capacity but they need to find out why, but come Friday for a few weeks at least I'm going to forget and enjoy myself even if it is at a slow pace haha...thanks.xx


Enjoy your holiday TAD x


Hi Swallow,

Have a really great time and hope the sun shines on you as it can do even in Scotland! Good luck with any upcoming tests and wish you well. Sassy59 xx


Hi Swallow, Have a really good holiday.

Best wishes

Jo :-)


Just like a swallow just fly with the wind and enjoy each day as it comes,

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Thanks everyone for your kind comments and tremendous support, it really does help.....I think you're all a great group of people and as Hecter says I'm going to fly and enjoy.xx


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