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Recovery after chest infection

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Hi I had a bacterial chest infection, started 3 weeks ago, had problems getting through to gp so infection took hold. I can honestly say I've never been so poorly in my life. After antibiotics from dr, the infection cleared last friday. However, I'm finding breathing difficult. My gp thinks I'm panicking/anxiety but she has given me 2 inhalers. The clenil modulate seems to have a good effect but sabutamol does nothing. This is my third week off work and I'm 7 days infection free tomorrow but I'm still absolutely wiped out as soon as I do any thing. Does anyone have any advice on getting back to normal please?

19 Replies
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So sorry to hear how poorly you have been, but pleased to hear you are now feeling better. Once the infection has gone we can still feel tired , just try to do things gradually and build up. But if it continues please have a word with the GP, in fact if you are worried I would speak to them now. Hope this helps sorry I couldn't do more. Have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌹

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Juleslovestoshop in reply to Damon1864

Thank you for your good wishes, I hope you are both well too, I'm taking it easy, I think I just thought I would be back up and about as soon as the antibiotics were done, that's not going to be the case. I'll take one day at a time x

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Have you got any lung disease? Quite a few of us on the forum have had infections this winter and been very unwell. It takes time for your body to recover even once the infection has cleared and getting adequate rest is still needed. Best to gradually build up what you are able to do and listen to what your body is telling you. Hope your doctor will continue to sign you off work.

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Juleslovestoshop in reply to CDPO16

No, and I've never smoked. I do have IBD, so I have an immune weakness. . This is the first time I've ever had anything like this.

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CDPO16 in reply to Juleslovestoshop

If you have no lung disease you should gradually get better but if this has been a bad infection it seems it is going to take some time to fully recover. Some good advice from peege about using inhalers properly. Do keep in touch with your doctor if you don't gradually feel better.

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Hi and welcome. Have you used inhalers before? I ask because if you're new to them it's quite normal not to be using the correct technique so you're not getting the dosage you've been prescribed (I took Seretide with a spacer wrongly for 3 years allowing asthma to worsen irrevocably). Most of us here use a spacer with our inhalers, both preventer and rescue (ie ventolin). They give you 50% more of the medication than if not using one. If you weren't given a spacer it would be faster to buy one from pharmacist. Check out on YouTube or the manufacturers website video for the correct technique. If all that's good then I'd be taking heaps of vitamins, supplements & a tonic. My 1st line of defense is always effervescent vitamin c 1000mg twice per day, personally I find it an amazing boost.

As Damon1864 says, dont overdo it. You could leave yourself vulnerable to re-growing that bacteria hence taking extra vitamins untilyou're completely better.

One hopes you had at least a weeks worth of a good antibiotic, many of us would also have been prescribed a short course of the steroid prednisolone.

Take care & rest well. P

PS if youre taking more than one dose of the spray type inhaler you have to wait 30 seconds between each one, do it sooner and you only get the propellant in the 2nd puff

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Juleslovestoshop in reply to peege

Hi peege thank you so much for this advice, I've never used an inhaler before an I have just been doing 2 quick puffs. I've been taking multi vitamins and vit d but I'll get some vit c. I think I am panicking a little as well. I'm doing little bits then sitting down to 10 min. I hope you are well and thank you for the advice x

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peege in reply to Juleslovestoshop

You're very welcome 🙏 😃 . I dont understand why we have to wait 30 seconds for the medication to drop through the propellant however, I've been told so by at least 2 medics, perhaps it's lighter of something. If I get short of breath I do pursed lip breathing (also youtube) helps to get more oxygen in. There's also deep diaphragm breathing, is calming & builds stamina (the diaphragm is a muscle). Another tip is to read the leaflets that come with medication, I always keep them as well.

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Patk1 in reply to Juleslovestoshop

If u can,go chemist + ask to see pharmacist for inhaler technique. If u cant,perhaps look on you tubeBasically,shake yr puffer,breathe out fully,then spray into mouth,and inhale deep + slow,filling lungs.hold in for cpl seconds+ breathe out v slowly.ths allows it to be absorbed. Then repeat,if required.

It's recommended with steroid inhaler especially,to rinse yr mouth out after using, to help avoid oral thrush.

Sounds like uv had a bad just takes bit of time to recover.anxiety can aggravate + cause breathing probs.

Do rest up + pace yrself. X

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Bevvy in reply to Juleslovestoshop

Sorry to hear you been so poorly. As others have said it will probably take some time to feel better. You need to gradually build things up BUT at same time rest as much as possible and give your body time to recover. Is worth eating live yogurt or probiotics to replace good bacteria that your body has lost due to antibiotics. Also if you are going to take vitamin C supplements I find it quite helpful to take vitamin C with added zinc. Seems to give an extra boost.

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Glad to hear that you doing better. Just take it easy and rest a lot, it will takes time to get back to normal again. If you have a lung condition, like we all have here, it will take time. Some more some less, everyone is different. But it's important that you stay in touch with your GP and let them know about when you think something is still not right. Best wishes 🌺🌺🌺

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Thank you so much for all your replies, I'm so glad I found this group as everything on the internet seemed to be just about covid. I will take all your advice and let you know how I get on. I have another week self certify from work so I will take that time to recover. Obviously if I'm still not right I'll go back to my gp. I hope you are all keeping well and I'll be in touch.Love & best wishes

Jules x

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You have lots of good advice here . People here are very helpful. I also find that the salbutamol inhaler doesnt have any noticeable effect too but clenil does keeps infections down . Take care and do keep in touch .

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Hello Jules. Glad you're recovering, howbeit slowly. If you ever get an infection like this again and you can't get a doctor's appointment, call 111. These infections need knocking on the head quickly before they get a grip.

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Juleslovestoshop in reply to Alberta56

Thank you, we tried ringing but couldn't get through.

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Alberta56 in reply to Juleslovestoshop

That's maddening. People must be put at risk by this tenth rate service we're having to put up with. I hope you're still making progress, but if you need the doc please keep trying.

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Juleslovestoshop in reply to Alberta56

I will thank you. Dr was going on about pcr tests, I'd already done 2 lft. Both negative. I knew it wasn't covid, I had that a few months ago & was fine. Once I got my antibiotics on the Monday the infection had gone by the friday. I have taken he full course of antibiotics. I know my body. Everyone just thinks covid first, regardless of symptoms. I'm getting a bit better every day though I still haven't been outside. We're in the middle of a storm here, lasting all weekend so I think I'll wait till Monday to try to go for a walk. Xx

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Tank goodness you're on the mend, in spite of the medical profession.

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Hi Jules,

I was wondering how you’re feeling now and if you have recovered from your infection? Am currently going through a chest infection and it feels like I’ve been dealing with it forever! I’m on week 6… shortness of breath is my main concern.


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