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Wales Holiday short break

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Does anyone live around or local to the Cardigan bay area in Wales..

thinking of having a short break and never been here before but it looks beautiful 😍

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What sort of accommodation? The area between Barmouth and Harlech used to be my second home for more than 60 years. A line of sandy beaches right along the coast with every type of accommodation available. Best time of the year is approaching, when the kids go back to school. Dogs paradise. This will be the first year I won’t be able to spend a least a night or two there. My last visit was last November on my 90th birthday when I went to say good-bye. 🥲

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Jaybird19 in reply to Don_1931

don ---should say" me too" when I was a child and all we wanted was a beach !

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Blackbird9 in reply to Don_1931

Probably a small cottage near the beach that accepts dogs ... thanks for the information Don ..I'm so glad you had some lovley memories there 🥰

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Yatzy in reply to Don_1931

Bless you, Don. We love that bit of Wales too, actually walking Harlech beach on Thursday this week, first time in ages n ages. Felt like a home coming 🥰😀 xxx

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We once stayed in New Quay which was a good base for touring the area but the town itself, altgough very picturesque, is also very hilly.

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Blackbird9 in reply to CDPO16

I'm not looking to do town centres just a self catering cottage for a few days near the beaches 😍

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CDPO16 in reply to Blackbird9

We stayed in a former fisherman's cottage on the outskirts of the town.

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SeasideSusie in reply to Blackbird9

Just in case these are of interest

All within 2 minutes walk of harbour and beach and allow dogs if you are taking Stan.

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Blackbird9 in reply to SeasideSusie

Wow thank you so much I appreciate the link ...oh yes never leave home without a Stan for a little break away thanks again Susie 💜

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I live in Barmouth, Don is right. Best times are out of season when it's quieter (school holidays are a bit manic, May/June and September/October are good times and usually weather pretty good - but not guaranteed of course). Barmouth is a very dog friendly town. Part of beach is dog friendly all year, just the main part (the flat sandy part) dogs are restricted between 1st April - 30th September. Good walking. Nice beaches. Lots of different kinds of accommodation. If you have your own transport lots of nice places to visit, if you don't you can get around on the Cambrian coast railway, splendid scenery. Or just enjoy a good old fashioned kind of small seaside town. Lots of people come and fall in love with it, you can see what they think here (public page)

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Blackbird9 in reply to SeasideSusie

Ahhhh thankyou for all the lovely information that's really kind of you 💜

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as a child went to a place called Llanaber next to Barmouth each summer for few years post war but not recently. We caught a train from Birmingham and our luggage, a family sized trunk,was sent ahead and delivered to boarding house.. We had a family sized trunk for all of us. It was 1940s.! Did go to a good hotel north of Harlech for a celebration break a few years ago and visited Harlech castle. and have been birdwatching more recently further up the river from Fairbourne which is a little village , a row of cottages below sea level, and then with a little steam train railway there across the sand dunes . There's a BR railway viaduct with a pedestrian path too across the river Mawddach and that takes you to Barmouth .

it is all a beautiful part of world and if you are going walking there is the coastal path . lots of info on the available online

have a lovely time whever you go . It is all beautiful and I do hope it hasn't changed much in the passing time .

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Blackbird9 in reply to Jaybird19

Thankyou for your information really kind 😊

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We spent two family holidays in a farm guesthouse in Llanaber , but that was in the early 1960s .

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It looks a lovely place BB and I am sure you will enjoy the break especially with the weather being warm, looks like you have been given some good tips on where to stay, have a great time x

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Blackbird9 in reply to Izb1

Not quite decided as yet though we need the break it takes time to arrange and give customer notice 😍

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My sister booked a dog friendly cottage though Pets At Home website (the pet shop chain). Wasn't where you want but might be worth a try for the area you do want. There was even a little dog gift pack for each of our 🐕 🐶

watergazer profile image

I hope you have a lovely time bb. Most of my childhood hols were spent in Aberystwyth or Barmouth. Lovely beaches and walks along the coast. Xx

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We lived in Tywyn (north of Aberystwyth, south of Barmouth) for 37 years Next to Aberdyfi which unfortunately is packed with second homers all through summer and school holidays. Beautiful part of Wales. Moved to Hampshire 4 years ago to be near family. I miss the coast. Diane 😊

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