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Just Been to the Hospital

Hi Gang

Further to my other thread moaning about the things my GP won't do.

I have just come back from the Hospital,after seeing a chest registrar for the first time in 4 years.

He said my condition was not being managed as well as it could be,so a couple of changes have been m,ade.

No longer to take Atrovent -Been given Spiriva instead.

Also given Mucodyne to help with producing a sample,and clear tubes.

Going for Chest X-Ray,and a Scan.

Also referred to Physiotherapist for new exercises and breathing.

Best of all,I CAN go on holiday.

I also mentioned my GP would not give me a course of Antibiotics and Steroids to take on holiday,or to keep at home,so Registrar gave me prescription there and then,and said he would write to GP telling him to continue doing the same.

So a good day for a change,now I just need to find a hoilday,and that won't take long,he he.


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Good for you! Yes, good news all round. Glad things are getting sorted for you, enjoy your holiday. Auntymary x

That's really good news, enjoy your holiday

Best wishes

Jo :-)

Hi Everyone

Many thanks for the replies,it is so nice to be able to share good news for a change.

I don't know when the holiday will be,my wife came back from Sharm el Sheikh last Friday,so getting more time off will have to wait a while,probably Oct Nov,but before if we can wangle it.

I will be 65 at the end of August,so !!!!!

More good news,just rang to make appointment for my CT Scan and guess what, got an appointment for tomorrow Wednesday at the hospital I wanted.

Who said the NHS was no good?

Thanks again


That's quick for your appointment, had to wait a month for mine. Val

Your treatment depends on who you see, I truly believe that after today. Well ldone, really pleased for you hunny xx

Well done, good luck and enjoy your holiday.

Thats really good news! Good luck with your scan and enjoy your hols. TAD x

Thanks to everyone for the replies.

The best things the Registrar said to me were "Your condition is not being managed as well as it could be"

And "Of course you can go on holiday"

After 15 mins with the Registrar,I began thinkng my GP wasn't doing his best for me after all,but then again he probably doesn't know any better.

I have to admit my Scan appointment was a cancellation,I just happened to ring at the right time.

Don't know if I am looking forward to the Scan or not,I suppose I'm wary of it showing anything unexpected but then again better to find out now than leave it to fester unnoticed.


Good luck with your scan Alan

Best wishes

Jo :-)

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