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Montelukast 10 mg tablets - Nasal Congestion

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Montelukast 10 mg tablets - Nasal Congestion

Good evening everyone. My chest specialist has given me a trial on the above tablets to try and help with my nasal congestion at night time and my brittle asthma through the night. Does anyone else take these tablets for nasal or breathing problems?

Kind regards as always

Joseph x

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It’s a very common tablet. Often people try it when inhalers have limited success. Be aware one of the potential side affects is bad dreams. Not everyone will have this and you won’t know unless you try the tablets. I was on these tablets for years with no issues. However had to stop taking them after started horrific nightmares.

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Joseph260268 in reply to Bevvy

Thank you.

Hi, I've previously been on them for my allergic asthma and rhinitis and have a feeling they maybe re introduced on my next appointment in a few weeks! Are you getting on ok with them?

I am only starting them today.

Pete’s on Montelukast and has been for years. Like Bevvy he has some bad dreams and hits out. I’ll mention this to him and see what he says. Worth giving them a try Joseph. Xxx

Hi Joseph. I was prescribed them as an add on for asthma, but within a very short time of taking them I was able to give my nose a good blow for the first time in over a year.I haven’t had any side effects.

Also to add, I checked with pharmacy and took it in the morn to reduce risk of bad dreams. But always check with your professional first. 🙂My children both have night terrors in them so came off, but again I think it maybe re introduced every other day as his asthma is worse for not taking it.

I've been taking it for years 'for the allergic aspect of asthma ' with no problems. Its only 10mgs so I wasn't too worried about adding to my repertoire. Normally taken at night, I recently I started taking it early evening in the hope that might prevent bathroom trips in the night. Good luck with it. P

PS I have had sinus issues for many many years, I cant say I've noticed an improvement there but then I wasn't looking for it.

Ive been on it for a very long time with no adverse reactions

Hi Joseph, I too have been on Montelukast for a number of years for the allergic part of asthma and a post nasal drip. I have no side effects, but find it works best for my nasal congestion when I also use Ipratropium Bromide nasal spray. Hope it works for you.

I was started on this gir my asthma in March, due to it suddenly being difficult to control. It didn’t help my post nasal drip, and I would wake coughing copious amounts of phlegm. It wasn’t till I started Monetasone steroid nasal spray that my post nasal drip subsided. However I don’t get any side effects.

I’ve been taking Montelukast for years. I can’t say it’s made any difference to my nasal congestion, I nasal wash which helps. I do take Montelukast in the morning which seems to solve the bad dreams problem and it doesn’t seem to cause me any other problems at all. Keep safe and take care.

Hi Joseph 260268,I have hadMontelukast as an airway opener at night for a few years now and they definitely help overnight

I took it for a couple of years with slight improvement in symptoms. But I developed awful stomach ache, and eventually twigged it was the Montelukast. Didn’t get any bad dreams though.

I have been prescribed these better actually not taken them. They were prescribed by the asthma nurse at my GP. But when I got the tablets the leaflet inside the box said that it may cause Pins and needles and numbness. As I have a problem with my central nervous system which causes severe pins and needles and dystonia. I decided not to take them.

Yes I have been taking them fir several years, they helped to reduce the night asthma. I still have to use a Flixonase nasal spray as well

Hi i have the same allegic asthma and allergic rhinitis have been taking Montelukast for years with no side effects. I use a nasal spray also dymista.

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