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Third vaccine as opposed to booster

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Just a heads up on the next stage vaccination programme . Geoff received a letter on Monday re a third vaccine ,I rang drs to arrange and was told there’s a number on the letter we need to ring - there wasn’t . On Tuesday dr rang us to arrange flu jab for Geoff, he told receptionist there was no number to call on the letter she said there was 🤷🏻‍♀️ I rang back and read the letter to her - it seems there is a third vaccine as opposed to the booster which some people may need and the letter advised that Geoff should discuss this with a Gp or hospital consultant . The receptionist had no knowledge about this third vaccine( but was willing to book Geoff in for a booster regardless) I chose to ring the respiratory nurse , she also was in the dark so Emailed the consultant who had treated Geoff in hospital last week . Fortunately he was aware of the letter and said that these letters are more relevant to patients receiving cancer treatment or on certain medications and that Geoff didn’t need the 3rd vaccine and would be fine with a booster . Geoff may just have received the letter due to being in hospital but if you do receive one please check which vaccine is best for you . It does say if you have already had the booster ignore this letter so nothing to worry about if you have 😊

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Thank you for the information. I believe a few have received letters for a third vaccination. Pete and I had our boosters on Wednesday. All fine so far. I hope Geoff does well with his jab. Wishing you both well. Xxxx🥰

Hi, I'm glad you got it all sorted eventually but personally I think this third/booster jab is causing a lot of misunderstanding. There really isn't enough information about it and even some of the medical profession seem to be in the dark. Thanks for your post as its highlighting the problem.

Yes you would have thought that all the NHS staff were made aware that there are two separate jabs being given before these letters were sent out x

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Thank you for sharing this information , have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Thank you for update but still confusing! Had my covid vaccine last week, time will tell which it was 🙂 xxx

If you had it last week I’d imagine it was the booster, the 3rd vaccine has to be booked via a doctor or consultant and can’t be booked on the NHS website or via 119 . They seem to be only just rolling out this 3rd vaccine and only to people meeting certain criteria xx

OMG how utterly unbelievable. Its all over the radio the fact that there's a 3rd vaccination for severely compromised patients and for the rest of us the booster. Grrrr how can your gp surgery not know. Honestly my blood is boiling over. Next step is to find out if your husband IS going to be prescribed the 3rd vaccination - or not, because the booster is to be given 2 months after that 3rd jab.

Best regards, Peege

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peege in reply to peege

PS I wonder if the number for booking 3rd vaccination is on NHS covid, your GPs website or the NHS app. I'm sure that was explained on radio 4 this morning but I didn't clock the exact details. P

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risingwaves in reply to peege

I received my letter about 3rd, part of Primary vaccine. She said they dont book it but now the GP will put it on my record and I will be able to book via 911. She said she would tell me when it was on. So just waiting ....

The consultant said Geoff will be fine with the booster so I rang the Gp earlier to get them to book it and the lady who deals with that isn’t in until next Monday 😂 if you didn’t laugh you would cry wouldn’t you ? That said I feel so so sorry for people who are sick with no support and trying to deal with this sort of thing alone

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Izb1 in reply to peege

Thats exactly how I feel Peege, how can these people NOT know when it has been so widely talked about. The problem is the whole country seems to be running this way x

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peege in reply to Izb1

Yes its bizarre. In my cynical moments it feels like a conspiracy to get rid of a few more of us 🤪

I’m only hanging on with my fingertips and I’m physically fit (not sure about the mental side since all this started! 🥴)

Your'e not alone (especially what you've been through with Geoff). I'm normally a strong person, very calm although today I had to go in search of some flooring to buy straight away as the workman here said he could only do it today. Omg, I drove to several shops tge other sudd ov town (more like tge other side of the moon) - Wickes, B&Q, Homebase, flooring stores. Started at 10 and was on the case to 3pm. What a shock to the system, I was a jabbering wreck (successful in the last place 👏 👌 👍) & bless young Chris, he's laying the vinyl right now while his 9 year old sits on my sofa playing Nintendo. All the windows open in case he's brought covid from school 😬. I realise that I'm a completely different person, my confidence is almost non existent. Now it's all going tits up again re covid 😭

It certainly is peege , I was exactly like you a strong, confident, calm woman and at the start of the pandemic when mental health was being talked about all the time I have to admit I was rolling my eyes , my attitude then was “ for goodness sake we re being asked to stay home for a few weeks , wear a mask etc we re not living in a war zone or locked in a foreign gaol “ but almost two years on there are days when I feel I’m just about hanging on to my sanity ! Obviously Geoff’s illness is stressful but I’m used to that , it’s trying to get done what should be simple things that have now turned into monumental tasks , that’s the killer 🙈 What a day you’ve had !!! I hope your relaxed now and enjoying your new floor - the look of it , not passed out on it with a bottle of wine 😂. x

The room looks great, he'll be back on Wednesday to put on the new skirting boards and laymore vinyl in the little hallway downstairs, I'm chuffed to bits. It's taken 5 years to get round to it (I'm selling up to move nearer my poorly sister). It was worth it, I've just opened a bottle of prosecco to celebrate (1 glass all on my todd).Hope Geoff continues to improve. P ×××

Thanks P Glad all your stress earlier was worthwhile and I hope you enjoyed your Prosecco 🥂xx

How confusing. They really don't seem to know what they're doing.

This Pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone the planning and admin must be horrendous and I do try to be patient but as I replied to peege how on earth do sick people living alone deal with this sort of stuff ? If I wasn’t here to help I think the stress would’ve finished Geoff off x

I have had a dreadful time this past fortnight. It had been 6 months since my booster so I emailed my practice who told me to ring 119. I did and they said I was eligible but the computer was saying not. On Saturday I had a phone call with the asthma nurse and she told me if I had a chance get the jab. I did. On Tuesday I had a letter from the NHS saying I needed a 3rd dose. I looked it up on the JVCI website and it clearly states that you should have it 2 months after your 2nd jab and then a booster 6 months later.Your 3rd vaccine should be the same as your 1st. Well I had AZ for the first two and then pfizer so what now.

I was dealing with this on my own, with a renewal for a new medical driving licence and a new blue badge and a Consultant who I saw in September who everyone tells me does not exist so my full time job came in 5th. You are so right being on your own is a nightmare.

The guidance re the 3rd vaccine is to actually get an mRNA vaccine, either Pfizer or moderna, irrespective of which vaccine you had initially. This is because Astra Zeneca looses its efficacy quicker. So please don’t worry, you had the correct vaccine. Although guidance states 8 weeks after 2nd dose, no one will meet that criteria, as most of the people eligible were vaccinated early in the program, so by April most of us had had our 2nd vaccine. The decision re 3rd vaccines was only taken on 1/9/21. So the vast majority are approaching 5-6 months. I have attached a copy of the NHSE letter sent out to GPS highlighting which vaccines should be given.

Thank you for this very helpful. Do you know if we get boosters in another 6 months. Thanks

The boosters isn’t set in stone yet. It depends on the data from the Octave study, they suspect we will. The Prof leading the research said if they show 3rd doses maintain good protection, we may not need, and to be reassured if that’s the findings you will be protected. The need for the 3rd dose came from the Octave study.

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Otto11 in reply to Anselm198

Yes you will get a booster in 6 months. I agree with what Maureen has already said & am going for my 3rd primary vaccination today which will be either Pfizer or Moderna x

I do hope you get everything sorted , everything seems so complicated these days , i feel like the simplest thing can soon become a nightmare . Good luck 🙏

Thank you I so agree. It is a 3 act play to get a flu jab.

My husband also received that letter. Basically saying talk it over with your GP or consultant. He’s been trying to get through to the surgery for 3 days!

Thats ridiculous ! I must admit I haven’t been happy with our GP but the receptionist has always been pretty quick to pick up - not got to see a doctor since January 2020 but hey you can’t have everything 🤷🏻‍♀️🙈😂.

Can relate to that!Am in a never ending call queue to surgery which costs a fortune.Once you get through the staff are amazing but you can be on hold for best part of an hour


I had my booster yesterday. When I was checking in, I was sent to a queue for those having a “3rd booster or vaccine - query?” Then quizzed by the medical staff as to what my health issues were/are, what medications I take, and whether I had been taking steroids during my previous 2 Covid vaccinations.

This elicited that I’m not particularly vulnerable, and that a booster would be appropriate for me - I agreed that seemed to be logical.

So you might find that the checking and decision making actually gets carried out at the clinic itself!

It’s all been made so confusing!

I had a text saying that as I have a “severely weakened immune system” (actually, an immune deficiency) I needed to arrange a 3rd vaccine with my gp or consultant. Surgery knew nothing about it, nor did NHS App or staff at 119, and I wasn’t about to bother my consultant with it. A few days later I got another text with a local centre to ring, and I got booked in. It’s a Pfizer vaccine (same as being used for boosters). I just get an extra dose. They said they’ll contact me again when booster is due.

It is confusing ….I had text from GP , saying severely weakened immune system , then an NHS letter.

HelloMine was very clear that it was third vaccine and there were lots of people having it when I went.

I also wasn’t convinced I need it, but I have an immune deficiency and the immunology consultant seems keen for his patients to have it. On the Primary Immune Deficiency UK fbook site they say we will be offered a booster in 6 months time.

I have had 2 separate texts and a letter all stating 3rd vaccine.

I don’t think any of us know which way is up at the moment, but the 3rd vacc has given me more confidence.

Good luck to everyone in the confusion - I just hope we all manage to stay as well and safe as possible .😊😊

I'm with you on this one; I had exactly the same clear information in my letter. My 3rd dose is booked for 13 November and was informed by my GP surgery that I will need my Booster in six months.

Many people are receiving letter for 3rd dose. Most of the people are eager to put their 3rd dose because of protect their body from Covid infection.

My sister had a telephone call for her 3rd jab, she has had a lung transplant its for people with very low amune so it gives them extra

The health professionals have been appallingly briefed regarding the third jab (not booster as apparently a booster is also to follow that) and a lot of healthcare time and resources and public, have been wasted on this fiasco. I have been through the same merrygoround and I think that the BLF should make a formal complaint to the health minister regarding the administrative incompetence that has wasted so much valuable time of the very people trying to do their job, which at the medical end of things has been brilliant.

Sadly there’s a lot of confusion surrounding the booster/third dose. My GP practice opted out of administering them. The third vaccine is for the immune compromised. I had mine on Wednesday and as able to go to a drop in centre where thankfully they were well informed. It’s important you have the third dose if you need it , either Pfizer or morderna, as you will be eligible for a forth dose in six months. For those still looking for somewhere to get the third dose check the website for your local CCG. Mine showed all the sites I could get one. Don’t call 119 they can’t help. For the booster the government have said you can book online when you become eligible but ……

Geoff is housebound right now so having established he needs the booster I’m just praying it will be as simple as ringing the gp and getting someone to come to the house as they did with the first two jabs 🙏🙏

Hello. This was mentioned on my local community group it appears people are either being given or picking up the leaflets that were given after your very 1st jab telling you that you would need a 2nd jab. There is no 3rd jab. Just your flu and booster jab. Take care Brian

Sorry Brian but there is definitely a 3rd jab It is just for people with compromised immune systems such as people receiving cancer treatment We received the letter last Monday asking us to discuss with the Gp or consultant which jab ie booster or 3rd is suitable for Geoff which we did . Geoff came out of hospital last Friday so presumably that is why the letter was sent to us ( and we may well have been amongst the first to receive it ) but I believe letters and texts have been rolled out this week to anyone they consider may need a 3rd jab . Hope that clarifies things . 😊

Well it's news to me. I have copd. Ckd. And a pacemaker and heard nothing just waiting for the booster jab from the 8th of November onwards

It seems to have been news to many people including my doctors receptionist and our respiratory nursing team Brian 🤷🏻‍♀️ but there is indeed a 3rd vaccine for people with compromised immunity and the booster for everyone else .

Yes well my booster is due after the 7th of November which is 6 months since my 2nd vaccine. So I will see what they say love. Hope you both keep safe and well

You too 😊

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RichmondBlue in reply to Bingo88

Sorry, that doesn’t seem to be true. There is a third jab in addition to the booster. It was discussed at length on the radio this morning. But there does seem to be a lot of confusion, the jab appears to be for a small number of people with certain cases of immune deficiency. But precisely who are advised to ask for a third vaccination I have no idea.

I have my booster booked for next Tuesday so called the respiratory nurse. She told me to just carry on with the booster as they had not been advised any different for people with my condition..Pulmonary Fibrosis.

I can’t really understand it, the original rollout went so smoothly but now things appear to be a mess. Lots of people ringing up and being told that the computer says they are not eligible, when they clearly are !

My husband was in hospital with an exacerbation of emphysema which is stage 4 , he was discharged on Friday and the letter ( sent from the hospital on the day he left ) was received on the Monday . We contacted the consultant who dealt with him on the ward at said hospital and he decided Geoff does not need the 3rd jab and told us to go ahead with the booster 🙄 not really been thought through has it 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Charlie_G in reply to Bingo88

There is a third, primary dose of vaccine for those with certain conditions and/or considered to be sufficiently immunocompromised that there are concerns two doses won’t have lead to decent immunity to prevent serious illness or death. Who is in that group has been determined by the JCVI, and although I can’t follow through and get it for medical reasons, I know this to be the case because I’m in that group. Those that have a third primary dose will also have a fourth ‘booster’ dose in 6 months. By comparison, the booster dose is a one-off for those over 50 or classed as clinically extremely vulnerable, as well as healthcare workers, carers, and those living with an immunocompromised individual, but is to only be given when at least 6 months have passed from a person’s second primary dose.

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Bingo88 in reply to Charlie_G

I am beginning to wonder what good all these injections are doing to our bodies

Many thanks I also got one but no one seems to know what to do with it receptionist wise.!

There seems to be a great many people at the moment who have no clue what is going on - some of whom are in jobs where they really ought to know 🤦🏻‍♀️It would seem letters have been sent to the public and no one thought to mention them to Gp surgeries, nurses in the community etc. Hopefully by now every professional who needs to know will have been informed

It's all such a flaming muddle. The vaccines were rolled out like a military operation but it's all gone to pot now regarding the 3rd doses.

I've got blood cancer (Leukemia) and on chemotherapy pills and got a letter from NHS advising that I have been identified as someone who might benefit from the "Third Dose" and to discuss it with Consultant or GP. It also says it must be booked through the Consultant or GP. It emphasis that you can't book it online or through any other routes, just GP or Consultant.

Luckily I had a telephone Consultation with my Haematologist the next day so I asked him about it and he didn't seem to know much but just said that Chronic Leukemia patients aren't as immunosuppressed as those with Lymphoma type blood cancer but said it wouldn't hurt to get it anyway. I said OK, can you book it for me then? Oh no, "we don't have access to the facility for doing that. You will have to contact your GP" !!

Fortunately GP phoned me that day for a non-related thing so I asked her about it. She was completely in the dark. Knew nothing at all about it. Kept asking me where the letter came from and saying she'd like to see it. After I read out the pertinent bits she said they weren't part of the vaccine roll out or something like that but that she would get in touch with her Admin Team and see what she could find out about booking it.

Later that day I had a text message inviting me to attend for a Booster dose?? I don't know if this was as a result of her intervention or just co-incidence. I checked online and it said that both the 3rd dose and the booster dose are exactly the same so I went ahead and booked it.

So now I don't know where I am. It appears that if you have the 3rd dose you will still be eligible for another as a Booster 6 months after. Will I still get invited to that if this is put down as a Booster dose I wonder?

I'm 77 and luckily still quite computer literate and able to find out things for myself. How do even older people cope with all this? My mum was in her 70s and although she was good at loads of things and bright as a button, anything like this would throw her and I did a lot of phoning and sorting stuff out for her that she couldn't cope with in those days. There must be loads of seniors who aren't able to cope with complicated stuff and have no one to do it for them 😢

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Hanne62 in reply to Copey399

Very similar to my experience, Copey! I’ve got an immune deficiency (for which I see an immunologist). I got a text inviting me to book a 3rd vaccine, but no one I phoned knew anything about it. But a few days later I received another text with a phone no to call & a personalised link, which turned out to be the local GP vaccine “hub”. I went along & had the 3rd, and they say I’ll be contacted again in 6 months. I’m keeping that text in case I don’t hear from them!

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Copey399 in reply to Hanne62

You couldn't make it up could you xx I'm glad that you got the 3rd dose and will probably/hopefully get a call for the booster. I don't know if I'll get another follow up because presumably once it's recorded that you've had a booster that's it. I also want to make sure I'm getting another Pfizer the same as my first 2. I'll have to ask when I get there. There's no place to ask anything on these reply by text things. x

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Hanne62 in reply to Copey399

At the GP “hub” (stupid word!) they said ALL 3rd doses & boosters are Pfizer or Moderna (both mRNA vaccines, with almost identical protection & duration.) But you’ll probably be offered Pfizer because the UK has much more of that.

Ask the vaccinator to make a note that this is your 3rd one & you’ll need a booster in April. Also, keep their contact details so you can phone if necessary!

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Copey399 in reply to Hanne62

Thank you x Yes I will certainly do that x

Couldn’t agree more - it’s a shambles! Glad you were able to sort yourself out but as you said how many older less able people would be able to negotiate this minefield of ignorance and mis information 🤦🏻‍♀️

Exactly. The ones that are most likely to need help are the ones least likely to know how to reach out for it 😕

After a lot of asking & a day phoning we managed to get our flu jabs - we are 78/79 - me having had cancer 5 times & my husband recently had surgery & treatment for cancer, so no notice/letters for the 3rd Covid jab, been to the drs, told to phone the covid helpline, OK you will receive a letter & can then book for a jab - completely hopeless - we had our 2nd jabs on 29/03/2021 but on our medical records it states we had them sometime in July!!! I said never mind, we are going to Malta (we have a home in England & there) - arrived a couple of weeks ago, letter in the mail box for 3rd jabs, phoned their Covid freephone & apologised for missing the appointment - a nice lady said no prob, gave us a date in a couple of days time, we went & had it done. 90% vaccinated in Malta ??? in Britain, numbers going up every day, we are lucky to escape as we feel so much safer here - we can see a doctor face-to-face 24/7 - in Britain we were lucky if one phoned us! Am sorry to say that the healthcare in Britain has reached bottom & we are now worried when we return home as we could easily die not being able to see a doctor. Please all of you take care & if you are ill push as hard as you can - I know it is so hard now.

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