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Hi everyone re boosters

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Hello all, I am trying to cope with side effects of another different COVID injection. Are they supposed to make you feel ill as if you have COVID? The flu injections don't do this. I've only once felt ill after a flu vaccine and that was the year of the bird flu, my arm always aches for some time, but this is not the same. but guess it's better than being seriously ill.

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Hi Katie,

Pete had his covid jab yesterday and had Moderna. He had previously had Astra Zeneca. So far not too bad but a restless night, hot and cold plus his arm feels as if he’s been punched. It’s strange how these jabs can make you feel. We’ve both been fine with the flu jabs.

Hope you feel better soon xxxxx

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garshe in reply to sassy59

We had our 5th Covid jab on 25th also Carole. Really great and no problem thank goodnes. We also had Moderna and he did mention another ingredient an Anti something or other. .

Neither Gary nor I have had any bad reaction. Flu jab in 2 weeks, then hopefully no more for a while. Hope Pete feels better xxSheila 💕⚘

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sassy59 in reply to garshe

Thank you Sheila, I’m pleased you and Gary are fine after your jab and I must say Pete is feeling much better today. I just have to have my booster next Tuesday and we’re all done.

Lots of love, Carole xxx💕🥰

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garshe in reply to sassy59

great Pete is feeling well. Good luck for yours xxSheila 👍💕⚘🙌

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sassy59 in reply to garshe


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Hi katie,

The very first covid vacc. made me very unwell for a week. Each one after that I had no side effects at all. This fifth one was quite unpleasant. I felt very unwell, my arm swelled up and was very painful, I had a nasty headache and had body pains down one side. It lasted two days and I woke up on the third morning with no further side effects. A miracle! The nurse did mention more side effects were reported with this newer vaccination which had been modified. As for the flu vaccination I havent ever had any side effects. At least we know the side effects are short lived and we then have some protection from Covid.

Cheers. RR x

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Littlepom in reply to RoadRunner44

same effects with the fifth vaccine for me RoadRunner but thankfully short lived

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RoadRunner44 in reply to Littlepom

It looks like we will be getting these regular vaccinations for the foreseeable future. Im beginning to think Ill end up as a pin cushion!

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katieoxo60 in reply to RoadRunner44

Ha Ha

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CDPO16 in reply to RoadRunner44

Thank you for that RoadRunner. I haven't had my booster yet but appreciate being forewarned of possible after effects.

in reply to CDPO16

Im due mine in October!

You’ve hit the nail on the head, Katie. Feeling rough from the vaccine is unpleasant but covid might land you in ITU. We’re all different. I felt like you do (after first 2 AZ jabs), then fine after 2 Pfizers, then an incredibly painful arm after Moderna, which kept me awake all night. I’ll be having the booster Moderna soon but will be doing arm exercises this time! I hope your side effects wear off soon. At least it’s a sign you’re responding to the vaccine, I suppose x

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katieoxo60 in reply to

Most definitely

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I had both flu and Covid jabs at same time last week and haven’t been affected at all be either. BUT am in middle of horrendous flare up of back issues (and have been for 2 months now) so taking copious amounts of heavy duty prescribed pain medication (which aren’t helping back issues very much 😢) so they might have helped any nasty booster side effects. Try taking things like paracetamol and hope you feel much better soon.

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katieoxo60 in reply to Bevvy

I take painkillers for arthritis anyway but don't seem to help, not too bad in a morning it's as the day wears on.

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I echo Hanne62 that we are all different Katie. Ive just had the moderna last week with no problems whatsoever. The first AZ gave me an hour long headache then an achy night, but since then not much from either AZ or Pfizer. Ive not had the flu jab yet - that's on Sunday i think. Hope your side effects clear up soon.

I remember my first jab back in early 2021 when the following day it felt like i was coming down with flu.

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katieoxo60 in reply to

Thats what it is like Catgirl1976, but it flares up my lung condition too, so the coughing exhausts me more.

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I had both Flue and Covid 2 days ago, 1 in each arm. The Covid arm was really painful, not too bad now but a bit sniffly.

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Morrison10 in reply to Grayjay

Hi, you were lucky getting both together. I had my 5th booster jab, moderna, 10 days ago, had stiff arm but exercises improved it. I’ve had flu jab ever since they were introduced many years ago. Soon available for me. When had both might be able to go out into public places, great. Only ever had some light pain from flu jab. Jean

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Grayjay in reply to Morrison10

It was initially the flue jab and an option for the Covid as well. It was my 6th Covid, the first 4 were Pfizer and the 5th and 6th were Moderna which I found quite painful afterwards. 4th day now soreness gone but still a bit sniffly, touch wood. We've had our Grandaughter with us for the past 2 days, off school full of cold and I'm in dread of catching it. Here I go again🥺

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katieoxo60 in reply to Grayjay

Know the feeling I have been quite ill again with this jab, then I cannot see my great grandchildren because of the high risk as they are at school ect. It was only in the end of July that I had COVID with a positive result myself. It seems a never-ending circle. But could be worse I guess, just have to try and cope with these horrid feelings.

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My son had his fourth a couple of weeks ago & he said he felt really rough the next day. He was fine after the first three. Apparently the fourth had been adapted to protect against the latest varients

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katieoxo60 in reply to Littleeak

True Littleeak the vaccines have supposed to be changed. I wasn't too bad after the first ones but have had the virus too plus this new injection. I still feel off this is day four. Thank you for reply.

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hi Katie my moderna jab was just under 2 weeks ago and posted saying how bad i felt after the next day and my arm is still heavy and achy now even though I have been doing the exercises it took 4 days to alleviate the worst but now have cold like symptoms and a chest infection. Not sure those are related but not pleasant all the same .wishing you better luck and health

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katieoxo60 in reply to B0xermad

Hi BOxermad, that's how I feel too, but I have had the virus too in July so that might be why who knows, keep as well as you can.

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B0xermad in reply to katieoxo60

I have been fortunate enough not to get covid 🙏,take care

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katieoxo60 in reply to B0xermad

Will try my best

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I’ve had 5 Covid injections, due my 6th due this week. I only really had a reaction with the first one. It made me feel very tired and flu like. My arm has been painful every time though. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

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No problem this time with the Moderna spikevax except slightly sore arm.....but under the weather for two days after the flu vaccine a few days later but no sore arm.

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katieoxo60 in reply to stones93

Sounds like you have had mixed responses from the different vaccines. Stay well as can be

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I felt very unwell for a couple of weeks after the last jab Moderna spikevax and had a huge red sore arm, nit sure I want this next one but hope you get better soon x

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I was fine after my 2 AZ ones but my last booster was Pfizer (Comirnaty) and I get like I had flu so went to bed and slept for 18 hours. Awaiting my next one next week so we shall see. As far as I'm concerned it's much better than when I had the dreaded C in March/April 2020 and ended up in hospital!

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katieoxo60 in reply to Digger0

Yes I think it is easier to cope with the jab after effects than the COVID. As you say it can put you in hospital or kill you so can flu with our conditions . Good luck with your jab next week.

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Digger0 in reply to katieoxo60

Thank you

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Got my jab next week I’m not looking forward to these side effects. Hope you’re feeling better tomorrow Katie.

Had my flu jab last week and was ok xx

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I had my fourth covid jab & was fine after having it done apart from the arm ache & not sleeping on that side, but, day or so after I really felt like I was getting flu like symptoms from it, shivery & cold, feeling generally under the weather, fortunately only lasted 24/48 hrs , hope you feel better soon 🤗👍🏻

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katieoxo60 in reply to Loopylorre

I was OK after flu jab its these immune reactions to the COVID jab. We all react different I sometimes feel like a freak when I say things affect me. Good luck with yours next week.

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are you on antihistsmines reason i ask im on yhem and my gp told to double yhem up before i have covid . I tend to have my covid and flu vsccination seperate witj my allergies to meds

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my husband and I are having our booster covid next Friday and my friends mother said it made her poorly for a couple of days. We normally have the Pfizer one but apparently they are using Moderna for some of the boosters.

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Daisychains01 in reply to Stoneferry8

Yes, at first they said it was imperative that you stay with the same one, now apparently you can mix and match.

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I have two friends who have had issues with their periods. One put her in early menopause, AND she developed bleeding guns, the other STARTED getting her period after having been in menopause for about five years. I have read that this covid vax settles in the ovaries. But they say that it's ok. We also have a friend who developed AFIB from the booster-42 year old. None of these people had other reactions.

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