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Breast Appointment


Good morning all🤗🌹

I hope you're all feeling as best as possible. We're all 'waxing' and 'waning'😉😊All at home again and sometimes feeling the boundaries😏

I wanted just some thoughts about my going to Manchester next week to have breast tumour checked, but I have a bad cough, due to the Radiotherapy, at least that's what my oncologist says👍🏾

I want to cancel my appointment due to the 'report' that a lot of people are getting infected by going to the hospital, as most of the hospital staff are not getting tested. Hmm...I am particularly anxious this time after radiation and the cough and fatigue. It would be nice to hear any comments, just for some ideas.

Anyway, I am sending you all healthy magic vibes and some flowers🌹⚘🌺💐for a great Tuesday😊

HUGS🤗Spicy Bev😊

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Hello lovely Spicy Bev, sorry to hear about your cough and the predicament you find yourself in. 🤔

I’m feeling the appointment is important but completely understand your concerns. Is there any way you can find out about how safe you will be there, staff wearing full PPE etc? I really hope you can feel well supported and the appointment will be fine. 🥰

I’m thinking of you and wishing that cough gone.

Take care dear lady. 😘💜🌹xxxx

Gingerapple in reply to sassy59

Thank you so much for your lovely message, Carole🤗

I have been told that PPE is standard practice, but I'm still very nervous. I travelled to Christie's every day for 4 weeks, but somehow extra anxious at the moment.

I hope you and Pete are well and everything is going ok.

Love and hugs❤🤗

sassy59 in reply to Gingerapple

It’s understandable that you feel anxious Bev, I just hope something can be worked out for you.

We’re fine thank you.

Love and hugs to you. Xxx❤️💖💜😘


Hi it is a bit worrying and I know how you feel , I have an appointment next Monday to have some medication put through a drip. I know it will only be for a few hours but there will be other people on the day ward having the same thing. I know I have to have it done , but still worried. You must do what you think is right for you, phone the hospital and make sure you will be protected and safe. Hope all goes well ☺️. Have a great day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxx

Hi Bernadette and Jack😊🌹

Thank you for your message. I know what you mean, we have to stand and bear it sometimes, although this is a wee bit different, but as you need to go, I think so must I, especially when when we need this. I will be with you in spirit then my friend and be safe.

Have a super Tuesday and hugs for both of you🤗🤗, take care❤💐🎈🌹

Damon1864Volunteer in reply to Gingerapple

I will be with you too. Stay safe and please let us know how you get on.☺️💞 xxxxxxx

I will and you, too! Hugs🤗♥️🌹xxx

I would be feeling the same and seriously considering not going.

However, if you decided better to get checked sooner rather than later, I hope you have someone to drive you.

Take all the precautions to the extreme, ie keep that mask shield on in all situations, wear surgical gloves, but try not to touch anything, get in and out as quickly as possible, don't touch your eyes, nose or face till you have washed your hands and back home. If you are not wearing surgical gloves sanitise hands regularly. If wearing surgical gloves carry a spare pair with you you in case you have to visit the bathroom.

I guess you could shower, shampoo the entire body and put clothes straight in the wash when you get home as an extra precaution.

Keep well and stay safe.

Gingerapple in reply to Bkin

Hi Bkin,

Thank you for your lovely mesage!

I will take all your advice, the precautions. I have masks and a shield, also gloves, I shall be careful. I am again out of practice at going out, I've been here a long time again since my Radiotherapy so I'm nervous again.

Thanks so much😊🌹

I hope you're well?

Love and hugs, Bev xxx🤗

Dear Spicy fruit Bev i travelled to Wythenshawe hospital a couple of weeks ago for a long overdue CT scan and although I was a little nervous apart from the odd mask less visitor in the car park it was thoroughly well organised inside and very quiet and I felt very safe indeed. Hope your experience is likewise whichever hospital you are going to.

Love Skis and Scruffs 🙃😻x

Hi Ski's and Scruff's 😊

That's exactly where I'm going, Wythenshawe. I am usually in the North West Lung dept, where I usually feel safe, this is the Breast Centre,but I'm sure, too, that it is safe and secure, it's just my nerves, driving there, hope the M56 is a little quieter at 7am.

Thank you for reassuring me, I just need that extra 'attention'😁 I suppose, it's always nice to hear from everyone 🤗

Have a super day you two😊🤗🎈

Love spicy Bev😊

I normally go to the lung centre but had my CT in the acute block at the end of the corridor. You use the same entrance number 3 but turn left just after the main reception desk and go to the end of the purple route.

There where a couple of well protected security staff offering assistance and for the first time ever they asked if i required a porter as i was carrying my O2 machine and needed to sit down in the foyer for a quick breather.

Very few patients or visitors but rather a long walk to the end of the corridor to reach the scanner.

All in all not a bad first journey out after so many months and even the M60 was quiet at lunchtime. 🙃😻x

Yatzy in reply to skischool

Hope your results were good as can be, Mike :-) xx

skischool in reply to Yatzy

Given that Wythenshawe are still bogged down with covid patients Penny i somehow doubt i will hear from my consultant this year so as long as nothing alarming has been spotted i imagine i won't get to see him until next year and i have all but given up on any further treatment or procedures as i am probably long since past my best before date. :)


Yatzy in reply to skischool

Wythenshaw are good, they’ll find a way....but maybe not before Christmas now. Stay strong, my friend :-) ;-) xx

No you're not!! You're still wonderfully fresh and you will be seen soon. Stay strong, yes!!😊❤👍🏾

sassy59 in reply to skischool

Never! Xxxx

skischool in reply to sassy59

One has to be realisitc Casssy,i was borderline to survive Anesthesia a year ago and my lung function has probably declined a minimum of 15% since then,but such is life and no amount of wishful thinking will change matters and i can live with that, :) xxx

sassy59 in reply to skischool

Whatever you say skis but I’m not a fan of being realistic. Take care xxx😘

skischool in reply to sassy59

:) :) xx

CDPO16 in reply to skischool

It's crap but as you say it pays to be realistic.

CDPO16 in reply to skischool

It would be nice to think that at least you might get a telephone consult, Mike. The last scan I had at Wythenshawe a while before I was eventually discharged, I had a follow up outpatient appointment some 6 weeks later to be told by Dr B that he hadn't yet looked at it. An 80 mile round trip for nothing! I hope that he is more efficient in your case xx

skischool in reply to CDPO16

I haven't heard from Dr B since last November but i did manage a telephone consultation with his tea lady a couple of months ago,it was very brief but i initiated the CT scan because of some bleeding issues ,no doubt he is has been and probably still is extremley busy with his covid workload? x

Dr. B, Ski's, is that Prof. Booten? This man it s hard to reach, is he Dr. B?🤔

There must B a lot of Bee's in Wythenshawe Bev with a B it's Dr Barraclough. :) xx

Ah ok lol....I don't know if I have ever seen him, I see respiratory docs but never remember their names🤭😮😁

CDPO16 in reply to skischool

That's not good both from the point of view of not having heard from Dr B for so long and also about the bleeding. Busy or not, I hope that he takes the time to look at the scan report and makes contact with you soon. xxx

Gingerapple in reply to CDPO16

Good call!!👍🏾😊

Lovely to hear from you Bev, I have been thinking of you, but its appt after appt, trying to prepare meals i fancy (then can't eat lol)., time flies by. Luckily we have a chemo unit in a green hospital and tomorrow will be my 2nd cycle, its all very impersonal spray this wipe that, but needs must, my anxiety went out the window listening to the opening speech . Hope you get on OK tomorrow, as the good stuff drips into my arm I'll blow you a hug. Stay safe 🙏 ❤ jane

Hi Jane,

So nice to hear from you! I hope you're coping well with your cycles👍🏾I know what you mean about cooking things you might fancy😊I take oral chemo so I have problems with eating but lately a course of prednisone and my hunger is back😏

I am actually going to Wythenshawe next Wednesday, not tomorrow so I will be thinking of you when the good stuff is dropping in your arm😉🤗My turn then to think of you.

Let me know how you're doing and I'll let you know how my appointment went. Love and hugs, Bev❤🌹

sassy59 in reply to chubby2x22

Thinking of you Jane xxx😘🥰

Best wishes for a safe and productive journey tomorrow.💓💓🤞🤞🚗🚗

Thank you so much Alberta, it's really nice of you to send me wishes⚘🌺❤🌹🤗

Hello dear Spicy Other Bev 🤗

My mum had to have minor surgery last week and right up to the day before, she wanted to cancel. The report about coronavirus infections in hospitals is really worrying. But she went ahead with it. A friend of mine is due to start chemo next week, having had surgery to remove the cancer. These are crazy worrying times but you have to weigh up what’s best for you. I think I wanted my mum to cancel her appointment more than she did! Do you have or can you get Clinell anti microbial hand wipes? They not only kill viruses and bacteria but claim to do so up to 3 hours later. They’re individually wrapped so you can keep several in each pocket. I used to buy these even before the coronavirus situation.

I hope everything goes well for you. I’ll be thinking of you. Sending you lots of sheepy hugs 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

Hello Hufflepuff 🌹

Thank you for your support🤗 I realize that some appointments must be kept, I just try to make sure they are important enough. I went to Radiotherapy every day for 4 weeks a couple of weeks ago and I accepted that, as nerve wracking as that is. I'm just out of practice again now😉

I DO have Clinell wipes!! I also have bought these over the years and masks because our lungs are our life and we should be keeping these hygienic👍🏾😊

I shall think of you and I love those sheepy hugs🐑🐑🐑🐏🐑

I hope your Mum is doing well now and recuperating💐

Talk again soon, have a lovely evening 🤗🌹♥️

My mum is doing ok, thank you so much for asking 🤗

I hope everything goes well for you. 🤞🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🕊️ You are in my thoughts 🌈

Do so hope all goes well for you, spicy Bev 💕 The contact I’ve had with hospitals during lockdown has shown a determination to keep everyone safe, staff and patients. Wythenshawe is known as ‘state of the art’ locally so I’m sure you’ll be as safe as can be.

As others have said, take the usual care with masks, touching surfaces, washing hands, etc and don’t compromise on your own safety, or let anyone else do so. Stand up for high safety standards, don’t accept I know you won’t. But Wythenshaw very good, I’d go there if I had to, willingly.

Lots of love n a big hug, Penny 🍀🍂🍁🍄🌹 xx

Gingerapple in reply to Yatzy

Hi Penny,

So nice to see you and thank you for your lovely support. I am very careful and watch like a hawk what everyone else is doing😁

Thank you, too, for making me feel reassured.

I hope you're well and everything is going well for you. Talk to you soon, loads of love, Bev❤🤗🎈🌹

Yatzy in reply to Gingerapple

I’m alright thanks, Bev. I’ve got quite intensive care going on for my elderly mum, lives about 40 mins away, that’s the trouble. On her own but does have carers calling. But at least I’m fit enough to do it 👍 Though I have to take my air purifier....I think there’s mould somewhere in her flat, wrecks my breathing!

Oh well, could be worse, though didn’t think that when her helpline rang to say bathroom accident, can you come??! 🤣😂

Take great care of yourself, Bev. Hoping all this treatment and investigation paying off long term. Big hug 🤗 ❤️🥰 xx

Gingerapple in reply to Yatzy

Good morning Penny☕💐

Well you have a lot going on! It's difficult when you're coping with so much. I hope your Mum is better? That's nasty, can the landlord do anything? How old is she? Please take care of your lungs as best you can.

Lung CT will be around January 2021 and the breast I shall find out next week, Lumpectomy?

Anyway, please take care, don't forget your masks as the carers also go to other houses!

I'm thinking of you, please stay safe and care for yourself, too.

Big hugs and love and catch up with you soon.

Love Bev🤗♥️🎈💐

Yatzy in reply to Gingerapple

Thanks so much, Bev 🥰 Life ain’t easy, is it? Thinking of you. 🌹 My mum’s 100 btw but blind which makes for lots of probs. Landlord has been chased may times, and made a couple of serious efforts but the problem remains. They’re in the middle of installing gas to all flats, which at the mo means v noisy outside, but soon they’ll be wanting to come in!! 😷🥴 Speak soon .

Love Penny 🌹🌸🌻☀️ xx

Gingerapple in reply to Yatzy

Oh dear, that is a problem to worry about! 100 years old, amazing❤❤🤗Life is not easy, no. I hope you are coping especially with the air in the flat and now soon the gas installation😏Sending you loads of love and support, Penny❤❤❤🎈💐🤗

Yatzy in reply to Gingerapple

Thanks, Bev ❤️ that’s a comfort to spur me on 🤗 Hope your cough’s settling bit by bit, to help you cope with your Wythenshawe appointment next week. You’ve got such a lot going on just now 😕 Stay strong, take one day at a time, hey? Thinking of you 🥰 HUGS 🤗 xx

Can’t add to what everyone else has said except to wish you well. There is never a convenient time to be ill but now is a total if you didn’t have enough to worry about. I’m confident the staff will be very careful with you but still, you watch out for yourself. Good luck.

Hi teenieleek,

Thank you for your support. Cancer, heart and lung problems will always take priority. I have cancelled 'regular' appointments at my local hospital for the simple fact that that hospital is full of Covid patients and misleading diagnoses from tired night-shift doctors.

But I will go and just be careful and hope my guardian angel will accompany me🤗♥️

Have a happy and safe day👍🏾🎈🍀

I cant really advise you but just wanted to wish you the best whatever you decide

Will be thinking of you and hope everything works out. Let us know what you decide. Sending Welsh cwtches. xxSheila 💕💕

Gingerapple in reply to garshe

Good morning Sheila,

Thank you for your Welsh cwtches🤗😋I will be attending, so I wish for good healthy vibes!!

I love your hair, you look really great!!

Have a great Wednesday and stay safe, love Bev xxx❤🎈💐

garshe in reply to Gingerapple

Thanks Bev. I am having a very negative time at present. Trying hard to think more Positive . Wishing you good luck and good news xx Sheila 💕🙌

Gingerapple in reply to garshe

Why are you having a negative time, Sheila? Did I miss something in one of your posts? Let me know,let me help you be more positive!!🤗👍🏾❤🌹

garshe in reply to Gingerapple

Owing to lack of excercise I am getting so out of breath doing the smallest of confidence has gone as not been out in shops since March.I used to go out every day shopping around the undercover precincts if wet and stroll along beach front if dry. Now I am like a hermit and this has caused my health anxiety to worsen causing panic attacks.I have always had it under control but lately my oxygen is ok at 95 but my heart rate is very high well over 100.i am trying really doing my breathing exercises but my limbs are weaker than usual from lack of walking. I want my life 76yrs old I need quality of life .hoping every day will be a bonus. Thank you for caring xx💕Sheila

Gingerapple in reply to garshe

Hi Sheila.

I have my exercise machines at home, a stationary bike, an air Walker, an Abs sit up bench. I have indoor weights, leg stretchers and a big rubber ball! I know you won't have these, probably😉🤗but you could try to get hold of a stationary bike, a Fitness DVD ? If you have Sky, they have a Sky Fitness program that you might sign on to. Failing this I walk 300m, yards a day, just up the road and back. I have a lung exerciser, 2 or 3 of them. Do you have internet, a laptop? Or a friend or family? You can also rent a treadmill! It's worth buying something or even a big rubber ball. If you need any help let me know, I could give you phone numbers for certain things😊I used to go to the local gym, at 6am swim for an hour, now sadly we have no access to these anymore. You need to exercise every day even if it's only 10-15 minutes. Anything I can help you with please let me know. I am also not so 'young' but sport is good for everything 🤗😊🎈👍🏾Let me know Sheila❤

garshe in reply to Gingerapple

Lucky you unfortunately I have only 30% lung way can I go 0n an excercise bike. My strength is in my arms .I have a stepper but no good either. I loved the upper body excercise I miss the rehab.xxsheila

Gingerapple in reply to garshe

OK then, I understand. I have 42% which might give me the edge, I've been participating in sport all my life, so .....sorry then, I'm not the person to advise on upper body sport🙁Have a lovely day and stay safe and dry, Sheila 😊👍🏾🤗

garshe in reply to Gingerapple

Thank you .when I had 48% lung function I was like a 2 year old then dropped and its made a difference. However my Cosultant always tells me I do not look or act like someone with my readings. He says my Positivity has stopped my lungs deteriorating further. My X-Rays are exactly same from 3 yrs ago. Getting my Positive head on today lol xSheila 🤣🤣🙌🙌

Gingerapple in reply to garshe


Phew, its a difficult call, and i appreciate your concern over your cough, especially considering what serious problems you have endured.

I also have an appointment with my respiratory consultant next week and really do not want to go to the hospital.

My last one was a telephone call, but i did not feel that achieved much. We agreed some actions, he wrote to my GP and i have heard nothing from the surgery since.

I think i will have to attend to ‘vent some spleen’.

Will have to see what transpires in the next few days.when you have been inside for what is now months it is a hard decision to make and you have my Sympathy and good wishes.


Gingerapple in reply to Sops

Thank you so much for your message you're so right, when all I/we do is shield. But I need to go and will take my courage with me😊I think telephone calls are ok as long as you don't need to be examined, but if we feel we need to be 'looked at'😉😊I have to brave it. I hope something positive comes to you soon.

Thank you so much for your support and I will think of you, hugs and love Bev 💐🎈🤗

Sops in reply to Gingerapple

Thank you.same wishes to you Sopsx

I understand your anxiety but I doubt they would let you go if they thought you would be in any danger. My eldest daughter is having chemo and the part of the hospital she goes to is kept Covid free. This is happening in most hospitals. Having your tumour checked is important, you will feel better after this. X

Gingerapple in reply to Aingeful

Thank you, Aingeful😊

I went to Christie's in Manchester every day for Radiotherapy where we were screened before we went in, but Covid-19 can be everywhere even though it's blocked off for 'safety'. It's the asymptomatic people who are dangerous for us. It is for some hospitals difficult to arrange Covid-19 free areas, as far as inpatients go, depending on where your designated dept is😏Sadly, it's all a risk.

That's why I am going next Wednesday just to be safe and sure nothing has changed!

Have a lovely day and be safe😊💐❤🤗

Hope all goes well. Stay safe. 🤞❤

Gingerapple in reply to Gingeros

Thank you very much Gingeros👍🏾🤗⚘

I can understand your trepidation but think it's important to have the check up. As others have said i think that Wythenshawe will be taking very good precautions. I hope that all goes well at the appointment xx

Gingerapple in reply to CDPO16

Thank you CDPO, I hope as much! Thank you for your support👍🏾🤗⚘

Have a great day! Stay safe!🎈

Wanted to wish you well Bev. I am sure you will be well looked after. I have had to go into the MRI hospital a couple of times in the last few months, for blood tests and have felt very safe. Will be thinking of you . Irene x

Gingerapple in reply to Izb1

Good evening Irene,Thank you so much for your lovely message.

I should be used to going into a hospital every day now but it still makes me nervous. In fact, since the start of the pandemic I have been nowhere else BUT hospitals 😁I have also just finished Radiotherapy so I'm fatigued and more nervous. However, I am attending and hope that I will be safe.

👍Have a lovely evening and be safe, Irene🍀💐🤗

Izb1 in reply to Gingerapple

Hi Bev, I am so sorry you have had such trauma with the radiotherapy to treat breast cancer, I am glad you will be attending and just know you will be safe, I do hope they can help you with the persistant cough and fatigue that you have had. Plenty of tlc, just rest up and look after yourself as much as you can, home made chicken soup will do you the world of good. If you lived near me I would make up batches for you. Rest easy and know you will be looked after. Love and hugs. Irene x

Gingerapple in reply to Izb1

Hi Irene,Aw thank you, but the Radiotherapy was for my lung, we haven't started on my breast yet. That is still to come. I, like Ski's, can't take the anaesthesia because I only have that one lung, which I still don't know if the tumour has shrunk, in January I'll have a new scan.

I would love to live near you Irene, if just to be able to get to your chicken soup!😉😄🤗

I will be ok, I am positive and hope for a quick visit, at least to know what they will do to my breast.

Thinking of you this weekend, hugs and a kiss to your cheek😘

Love Bev 💐👍🏾🥰🤗

Well fingers crossed that the tumour in your lung has shrunk. Glad to hear you are positive, I am sure it makes a big difference x

Gingerapple in reply to Izb1


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