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Nebuliser reaction???

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Hi I am as some of you know troubled with copious amounts of mucus, I’ve never gone on nebuliser s much because I found they didn’t help, after a a bad couple of months with infections etc hospital sent me home told me to take carbs 6 a day and nebuliser with saline 4 times a day the 2.5 nebs , well I’m having it even worse now the clear frothy gunk is virtually coming up all day till I go to bed, it only stops when I lay down, when I tilt my head back it’s like a tap running from the back of my nose oh lord it’s so much worse or is this what happens before it s empty ?? Any advice please I’m drowning in the stuff and my breathing out is much worse too. Thanks

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It’s the neb doing it’s job loosening the mucus so you can bring it all up

Hi there, that sounds dreadful to have to deal with day in and out. I suffer from a lot of mucus also as I have non allergic rhinitis as well as COPD so I sympathise. But I think Gary56 is correct in that it has to clear away.

If you feel that overwhelmed then contact your gp or your nurse or Respiratory team if you have one.

I only recently discovered, by accident, that one of my practice nurses specialises in lung conditions. Once I found that out I now make an appointment with her, besides anything else I do find that the nurses have much more time to listen and far more experience.

I hope you find someone very quickly to help you to manage this and feel better. Plus if your breathing is not improving then you must see someone about that and soon.

With good wishes.

Hi, thanks I’m due to see consultant next week I’m going to ask him thanks x

Hi again what are the symptoms of non allergic rhinitis as I am forever snorting from the back of my nose it’s an horrendous post nasal drip which I think then onto my lungs ?? Thanks

Yep I have that too and I also feel it must go my lungs as there is now where else to go is there!? I also have an almost permanent stuffy and runny nose and probably have to blow it approx every 10-15 minutes. The worst is when I wake and then it can take me a good 5 minutes to blow all the gunk out. Sorry I know it is a disgusting topic but it really annoying and I am convinced that it adversely affect my lungs. Sadly my gp is not interested!!!!!

Hope your appointment with your consultant goes well for you and you get some good news.

Good wishes.

Hi my nose is always stuffy n dry won’t blow at all only if I cry 😂 which is strange I’m with a Ent consultant on Tuesday if she comes up with anything il let you know. Thanks take care xx

Hope you get answers and treatment, quickly. Very good wishes.

Hi Carol, I have Bronchiectasis and nebulize 2 times a day with ventolin. It opens up the lungs and helps me cough the mucus out. I asked my doctor about Saline neb, as I'd read about many people using it. He said that I could try it, but to be careful. He said that it can cause bronchospasm. I was to add it to the ventolin. It didn't work for me, unless I just added a drop or two. If I used even half of the little vial, I'd cough all day and spit up frothy stuff, not mucus, but bubbly, watery spittle. Lovely, I know. Doctor told me to stop using it. Probably best for you to talk to your doctor. Best wishes for less mucus!

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Hi, what does a broncospasm feel like because your reaction re white frothy bubbles etc sounds very much like me and I can barely breathe through out the episodes it’s terrifying, I’m due to see consultant so I will ask, thanks x

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Kpacific in reply to carolg1

I didn't have any feeling of spasming. I just couldn't stop coughing up the foamy liquid. It would last for hours after the inhalation. When I stopped adding the Saline, that type of coughing stopped.

I wonder if you have post-nasal drip (there is lots about it on the internet). You could ask your doctor perhaps.

I have traction bronchiectasis which produces lots of phlegm in my lungs and I use a nebuliser, with prescribed 7% saline solution, first thing in the morning and last thing at night and then do active cycle of breathing technique (huffing) to cough up any remaining phlegm. It needs a lot of effort after the nebulising to get up the remainder of the phlegm. If I do not get rid of the phlegm I cannot lie down as it rattles in my lungs. This seems to be the opposite of you.

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It definitely feels like it’s coming from the back of my nose and throat then sometimes it’s as if I’m vomiting I have to put my fingers (sorry) at the back of my throat to try and get it out, I’ve tried the acb technique but I don’t cough at all, also a lot of air seems fast eventually erupting , thanks for your help x

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