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this year i have been on prednisolone in jan/feb/march/ april may, hospital twice , now i am very very s o b, my doc is closed for the jubilee, so i hope some of you good people can help out, i do not want to start the steroids if i can help it , can i up my nebuliser ventolin dosage from2.5mg 3/4 time per day to 5 mg 3/4 a day.thanks now for any/all replies.

20 Replies
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Hi whit you are best getting medical advice, either from a pharmacist or phone the NHS help line. We can't tell you to up your dose as none of us are qualified. Have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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Hi.If you ring NHS helpline they should be able to advise you.

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You need to ring 111 for advice. I would be surprised if they agreed with your proposal because you are effectively doubling your doseage. When I have been very unwell the most I have been advised to use nebuliser for is 2.5mg 4x per day. Any more and medical intervention would be required.I understand why you might be hesitant calling 111 but really they are best source for medical advice.

Also why are you not starting steroids? And possibly antibiotics. If you are unusually short of breath then this suggests possible infection. When prescribed rescue medications did you receive advice from doctor as to when you should use them?

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whit in reply to Bevvy

I have been on steroids virtually every month this year , hospital twice , i was hoping i could give the prednisolone a miss with the nebules but that is not working i will start the rescue pack tomorrow .trouble with my doc i see some one different every time i go , i have not seen my respiratory nurse since the start of covid.

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Bevvy in reply to whit

I would start insisting about things am afraid. 1. That you see same gp to discuss things. Most gp surgeries say that it doesn’t matter which gp you see but I don’t agree and when am poorly insist I see same gp. Even if means I have to wait. 2. You need appointment with respiratory nurse. Covid is no longer an excuse. I have had 2 (albeit phone appointments) reviews with respiratory nurse and finally 3. If you need steroids every month then suggests your condition is not under control by GPs. Insist they refer you to hospital respiratory department.

Yes you will have to be quite proactive, which won’t be easy whilst you are so unwell but these days it is often only those who are proactive that get the support required.

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UpcycledGranny in reply to Bevvy

I totally agree Bevvy. You have to fight for everything. I was diagnosed with emphysema 12 years ago and have been In and out of hospital over these years. Never being under a respiratory team or consultant. Then I moved house and hospital ! In the last year I have been diagnosed with stage 4 emphysema, been seen by consultant twice, have a respiratory team around me and now have home oxygen. I wonder all the time if I had shouted loud enough in the early years I wouldn’t be in the position I am in now

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whit in reply to UpcycledGranny

i will have to try insisting

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whit in reply to Bevvy


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Patk1 in reply to whit

Do u have antibiotics + if not starting til tomoz,I'd put specimen in tomorrow.i always take antibiotics,extra puffers and nebulisers if starting with infection.I only begin steroids if inflamation escalates

Id ring surgery

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Hobbledehoy in reply to whit

Hullo Whit. Sorry you’re suffering. Sounds as though you have a v delicate chest. From my own experience the condition needs to be accepted & come to terms with, it’s unlikely to go away. You would be well advised to foster good relations with your surgery. Your GP can be your best friend. You can see whoever you like - but if you want an appointment a.s.a.p. you’ll probably be obliged to take whoever’s got a space.. If you present as an emergency, then it will be the duty dr. So get as organised as possible for the long term. You should NOT alter your meds without medical supervision. Make your appt as appropriate. In the meantime speak to the Pharmacist him/her self at your usual pharmacy, they are v knowledgable & if they remember you/ your prescriptions, that would be a bonus. Best wishes, tell us how you go on.

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whit in reply to Hobbledehoy

What is a v delicate chest?

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Hobbledehoy in reply to whit

It’s just occurred to me that the highly-respected BLF have a helpline also.

Short answer is no, not without medical advice. Given you have them for rescue, I would start the steroids than unilaterally alter the dose of other prescribed medication. Either way, as per other replies, and as you’re very out of breath, I would suggest you need to phone 111 or your out of hours GP.

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Hia it’s the prenisonal. That. Works . Try up dose. I am not medically trained. Psychologist . But been dealing. Breathing stuff. Back from Africa tb. Ect find docs here very unknowns . I out lived my constant ant. Long but gotton osteoarthritis osteoporosis from steroid use .hayho . I wish I had not taken alapathic route too late now. Am 72 very disabled . The one thing people don’t tell u you can have psychology changes. Taking steroids. Also digestive . Happy gut happy mind body . And foods make difference. I trained. Most USA . Try ipertrobium. Nebulizer .& I can oxygen . It’s do it your self meds here .these days . I my self huge benefit acupuncture . But been moved where none . Also the help line from this. Really good . Rgs

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I would ask your doctor for a sputum test to check for lung infection. I suffered for a year with bouts of pneumonia and very short of breath, a lot of prednisone, etc.Infection was found from sputum test. After treatment with 3 antibiotics, its gone and breathing has improved greatly. Good luck.


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Ask to speak to your consultant whit, A nebuliser is to my mind has less side effects ,sure it can cause shaking if the dose it to high but prednisolone has far more invasive side effects that salbutamol nebuliser, but this is only my opinion ,good luck with your endeavours.

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What have you been diagnosed with having lung issues? COPD, bronchcietasis, emphysema or asthma? That makes a big difference in treatment and medicine.

Also, air quality, live style and living environment makes a difference.

As several people have mentioned; be proactive, ask for answers and suggestions for improvement of your care.

Take care, Beth

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whit in reply to Beth1949


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U need t use what's prescribed by dr

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Yes, try ringing the Helpline. I would like to take steroids every day if I could! I also realize that Nebulisers are very helpful, but don't like using them, so in many ways am not good at helping myself. Breathing into a paper bag is very good at slowing breaths down. But also deep breathing, keep sipping water.

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