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Incruse, tonsils & flu jab


I have a few things on my mind so it made sense to put them all in one chat! Firstly I have been given a new inhaler for my breathlessness due to my emphysema, it's called incruse, does anyone else use this? I've not herd of this one b4. Secondly I have read a few stories regarding people who have had their tonsils out at a young age get lung issues when they are older ??? And lastly how many of us get the flu jab? I personally don't, I have had it on a few occasions and had the worst flu ever! I think they mucked up on the jab last year as many people was ill as they protected them from the wrong strain (or was they I'll cos they had the flu jab) 😀 Each to their own, I'm proud of our nhs I have always had good service but when it comes to injecting me then no thanks! Besides if you all have the jab then I don't need to 😂😂

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Hi Nik, I know nothing about incruse so can’t comment. My grandson had his tonsils out aged 5 so I hope he won’t get lung problems in later life.

I take the flu jab very seriously and Pete and I are waiting to have ours. Reactions are common but no jab gives anyone the flu. Vulnerable people need to have it but there are many members of the general public who don’t so you will be at risk. Just my opinion and do take care. Xxxx

Hi I found this which you may find interesting. However the results are very mixed and not conclusive. In my opinion I would not be worried. It could have some basis but then again it could not.

yes i have been no encruse when i changed over from spirva that was about two years ago i have never had any problems with it in fact find it better than what spirva was still on it yet


I never had the flu in my life ( touch wood) but my sister who had diabetes advised me its not worth the risk to refuse if over 65

Last years flu jabs as this years are not live vaccines therefore cannot give anyone the flu.

I use Incruse. No problems. xx Moy

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