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Sore Throat & Blocked Nose Clearly Not Inpressed HOW Flu Beat Flu Jab

If I was not of sound mind FLU jab delays I would say given my experience with flu ARE done to finish us off.

Talk about sore throat and blocked nose HORRENDUS that nearly induced panic attack’s.

As to getting fit WELL still have arms that hurt when try pic stuff up AND when I try walk my knees go.

One problem after other YET doctors still can’t tell me what’s up with my arms.


My lung doctor THE cheery what ever thinks it’s acidosis WHERE my bone doc thinks it’s poor poster dynamic tension.

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Hi hope you start to feel better soon and that your doctor's find out what is causing the problems. You take care and have a good weekend.

😊 Bernadette xx

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Have give up with with doctors really ONLY have to words to describe em AND the not very nice ones.

But yer try to stay up beat but if not breathing it’s bones ITs like something trying to incapacitat me.

I hope someone can start to figure out what's going on with you so that you can feel better than this.

Hi. Told right in what you said g.p are funny. Some off them don't Ken that med you take can effect your bones. And give u more pain. But they don't grasp pain it. Smoking. Or your not using inhales right. I never been for flu jag. Nor will I. Germs. Help you body fight if not you just give up so I say. Keep fighting. Good luck. As like you my fight with gp is not over. I stop smoking like 60 fags down to two a day. Hope I give up last 2 in 6 weeks. Then I will tell her. How I feel. If iv no got. Flu. Lol

As always JAS hoping things improve for you soon.

We have no flu vaccine in our area and have been given appointments for mid-November, far too late I feel.

Take care and feel better. Xxxx

I have my Flu jab This Morning at 9am, I am a bit worried as it is the new adjuvant, I had a bad reaction few years ago. Hope Today JAS, you are feeling a Little Better. xxx

Oh, dear JAS. Hope you find some help and solutions to your problems soon.

Get better soon

Just catching up with a few weeks of posts and you certainly dont have much luck....still no diagnosis! What more can you do I wonder- 2nd opinions? Hope your Dad is doing do a marvellous job even with all your limitations.

Hi. Have never posted before , but I had my Flu Jab 10 days ago and after 2 days had terrible headache, shivers ,temperature, the worst blocked nose I have ever had also really bad sore throat which felt like knives in my throat. I understand your panic. I suffer with a very dry mouth having had a non malignant tumour removed which was in my Submandibular gland which was also removed. Today is the worst my blocked nose has been, I have been doing Menthol crystals all day with a towel over my head which has only helped short term , luckily my COPD is under control. I had a reaction last year to the flu jab and after feeling so ill this year I will never have it again. I hope you feel better soon .

That sounds just horrendous. I hope you feel better soon. What I don't understand is, so many people seem to get sick or have various side effects after having the flu jab but nurses / doctors say it can't make you sick because it's not a live virus. One year my dad got really sick right after having the vaccine but he was told it must have been something he ate that made him ill!

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