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I'm new to this!

Hello all

Am new to this Have recently been diagnosed with COPD. Am currently on a nebulizer and two different inhalers. But I do wonder are there certain foods better for me and will I be able to lose weight asking because of the steroids. I've always been told you can never lose weight while taking steroids. I just want to do what's best for me and my lungs. Have my first appointment coming up with my lung doctor next month not sure what to expect there either

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Hi and welcome to the forum, we are a happy friendly surportive little family. My advice would be just to eat healthy, and exercise and if you smoke please try to stop that will make the biggest difference. When you go to see your consultant always ask the questions you want and need answering. I'm sure the consultant will be more than happy to answer them. Please let us know how you get on and please keep posting, if you are unsure about anything please ask, there may well be someone to help. Take care😊 Bernadette xx


Thank you

I quit smoking over 10 yrs ago funny how I get diagnosed with this after all that time

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Imagine your dinner plate divided into halves, and then one half halved again into quarters. Fill half the plate with veggies and fruit; a quarter of the plate with protein foods like meat, fish, beans, or a couple of eggs; and a quarter of the plate with starchy foods like potatoes, pasta, rice, sweet potato. That should give you a start.


Hello and welcome to group. Don't believe everything you hear. Since last October until about end June I was on steroids. During that time February to present time I have list approximately 2 and half stone. Simply portion size have eaten chocolate crisps etc just not much xx


Hello Rarebutterfly

Welcome to Healthunlocked.

I’m not sure about eating anything to help COPD condition, but vitimins are important so fruit and veg are important and drinking plenty of water.

Take care xx


Hello and welcome



Hi, Have been away so this may be a very late reply.

Keep up with the nebuliser don't know what powder inhalers you have, I find the best ventolin, then spiriva then fostair. None of which is a powder but these keep the system going for me as I haven't got the puff to take in a powder. Steroids will put on weight particularly if you are on them for a while, see if your GP can give you something else. You may be fit enough to exercise off the weight gained thro' steroids.



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