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Trimbow inhaler


Hi has anyone used a fairly new drug called Trimbow which is a three in one drug inhaler? My dad has had amazing results which has enabled him to come off his oxygen during the day and give a reading of 90 plus whereas prior to using Trimbow he was needing oxygen pretty much 24 hours except when eating, drinking. This drug is supposed to reduce flareups but doesn't state it can reduce a person's dependency on oxygen. My mum mentioned it to the COPD nurse but she didn't have any answers. Would be great to hear if anyone else has had this happen to them

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No i have not even heard of it but i will be asking my consultant about it on my next appointment.

Thanks for the info.

I am not on oxygen but I have been on trimbow for nearly two months now and have noticed that my sats have improved quite significantly although I am still gasping for breath but this may be down to something other than COPD.

Glad that it has made such a difference to your dad. x

Thankyou anything positive about COPD has to be shared x

I have been on Trimbow for about 2 mnths.

My SATs have stayed at 90-92% with 93% being the best, It's early days yet but I do have other health issues which may be clouding any benefits.

I have read that there has been very positive results on trials of Trimbow, although not a cure It must be a step in the right direction.

Yes been on Trimble for about 3 months it is good but a massive improvement. But a improvement none the less. As they say every little helps. Glad it’s helped your Dad.

Very interesting... its always good for members to share any info whether good or bad,as knowledge is power. My Doctor has been surprised a few times when I mention new facts ,medicines that have worked for others etc. So glad your Dad has benefited from Trimbow.


I have been on Trimbow since December, and my SATs have improved a great deal. I feel so much better on it, I certainly feel better. It's definitely a step in the right direction. Love Bernadette 😊 xx

Well I will have to rethink this over now . Had my yearly check up with the respiratory nurse and she told me about Trimbow the new 3 in 1 inhaler you only take it once a day, we debated it as my oxygen levels were starting to drop a little 89/92 it was decided to leave me as I was, on Duo Resp twice a day and Braltus once a day. I think I will make an appointment and go and see her after reading the positive write ups about it. Xx peg

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I have 2 puffs of Trimbow twice a day. It is worth a try in my opinion.

Hi Topcat 71, so pleased you are having such good results on Trimbow. Can I just ask if this inhaler has any taste to it. I have recently started on Incruse which works well for me but tastes awful. Thanks 😊

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Hi I've asked my dad if there's a taste to the inhaler he says there's something after he's taken it but can't describe what it's like he says it's not a nasty taste and he's never mentioned anything before to my mum so I would see if you could have a trial with it especially with the one you are using not tasting nice x

Hi Topcat71, thank you for the information. I will ask for a trial as you suggested. I hope your Dad continues with his improved health.

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Thanks very much, yes ask for a trial and fingers crossed it helps you x

Yes I was given Trimbow by the respiratory team and I find it a huge improvement on what came before. A breakthrough I feel.

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Hi doctor wants me to try it . What inhaler were u on. Colin 1314

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Think there's only one type but all it says on box is 87-5-9 he has two puffs a day - hoping you get good results on it

Hello,It's nice to here good news for you and your family,doe's your father take any other inhaler's,the reason i ask is I am on Salbutamol inhaler,2 puff's A.M & P.M. Sirdupla inhaler 2 puff's A.M & P.M. Braltus dry powder inhaler 1 puff A.M. & Salbutamol for my nebuliser machine When needed.If your father is on any other inhaler's or is he just on Trimbow,my COPD Nurse is calling next week and i am going to ask her about Trimbow,take care & thank you for the info,your's Steve.W.

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Hi Steve my dad has salbutomal in his nebuliser just once a day now instead of two. He has a salbutomal inhaler to use as and when needed but since being on Trimbow hasn't had to use it. He also used to have a dry powder taken at night time but again no longer needs it so all in all fantastic results. We cannot monitor him through the night so he goes on the oxygen on number one but this morning his reading was 99 which it has never been that high so my concern is could he be getting too much now which in turn can be bad especially as he retains co2. Hope this info helps you. Regards

Thank you for your reply that's really interesting,I wonder if i'm on to many inhalers,I will have a long talk to my copd nurse next's really nice that someone has an improvement.How are you all keeping with this hot weather,I think its knocking every one sideways,Take care,Thank's again,Steve,W.

I have just this very day been to see the nurse. I have just changed surgeries, the last surgery had no idea how to deal with it. Anyway the nurse I am now seeing has prescribed Trimbow which I will pick up tomorrow. I am pleased to see so many positive letters. I have medium to severe COPD. Watch this space 🏃🏃

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That's fantastic news - my dad at the moment has been off oxygen through the night with readings of 90 plus as well as during the day but obviously my mum can't monitor every night and because my dad is partially sighted she leaves machine on at night just in case for him but for him to change from being on it 24 hours to virtually nothing is a miracle! The disappointing thing is none of the nurses seem to understand the amazing results. Here's hoping it does wonders for you. Best of luck

Great news I hope it continues for your dad. This condition is so restrictive.

My husband mentioned this inhaler last week, so I will discuss this with my GP. Thankyou all for mentioning it. Fingers crossed

I started using Trimbow 1week ago. The difference is amazingly good.

I was on seretide and eklira both twice a day and using 1 ventolin inhaler a week and not doing very well at all.

Since using trimbow I no longer use ventolin and can walk so much further and have a little more energy.

I wish I'd had it months ago

That's brillient news for you - this drug truly is a 'miracle' its great to hear how it's changing so many people's lives. Here's hoping for continued improvements on your energy levels. My dad is now off the oxygen completely and his Nebuliser and has literally been given a life back. Keep in touch with updates on your progress.

I've been on Trimbow for 8 months now and it is amazing, i dont have to use my blue inhaler i still have to use my nebuliser but not as often as i was doing, the only thing i found with Trimbow is 2 puffs twice a day isn't enough i think i need 2 puffs 3 times a day, i mentioned this to my resp consultant but he said the guide lines are for only 2 puffs twice a day he suggested i try taking 1 puff 4 times a day to see if that helps, i did but it doesn't, so off my own bat i have started to take more i take my 2 puffs in the morning then one in the afternoon and 2 at night, and i can actually hoover up and do some house work where as before i couldn't do a thing

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That's fantastic to hear another positive result and I don't blame you for having another extra puff if it helps you, after all they are just 'guidelines' - it's pleasing to hear all of these testimonies.

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