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Intal/Tilade - Medication for exercise induced asthma


I have been doing some research whilst trying to rest up after the weekend, and it seems there are some medications around which target exercise induced asthma.

Generally my asthma is reasonably well controlled, but exercise remains an issue for me. For example this weekend, I used ventolin before I started, but within the hour, needed to have 2 x 2 puffs more to control my symptoms, and have continued this week to have trouble.

I know montelukast is the first choice, but I've tried this and it doesn't seem to help. There appears to be some inhalers, Intal and Tilade too. Does anyone have any experience of these inhalers? Has anyone found them to be beneficial?

I'd like to suggest these to the asthma nurse, but would like an insight into them first.

I have asked in the asthma UK health unlocked page, but there doesn't seem to be many with experience hence me trying here.

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Some reading for you, these are non- steroid inhalers.

I was given a tip for exercise induced asthma....try and breathe through your nose when you are exercising, and if you find you have to mouth breathe to get enough air, slow down gently , stop and regain control of your breathing until you can nose breathe again , then carry on if you are able.

I find if I deep breathe through my mouth for a time then I get a bronchospasm. But that's just me , we are all different.

I find a separate preventer inhaler and reliever work best for me, but again everyone is different with differing lung conditions and triggers.

Have you tried contacting the BLF or Asthma UK helpline for advice?

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Ah yeah, I do try and breathe through my nose for as long as I can, but that doesn't tend to be for long. 😳

I haven't spoken to them yet, I will ring tonorrow.

Thank you

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Thanks for the tip about bringing the breathing back into control when I'm struggling to nose breathe. It's what I try to do; will try more now I know it's the right approach.

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