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flu & allodynia pain


Past week have been horrendous with flu and allodynia pain TALK about ratty.

Anyway went and seen Donald Duck As was worried about stuff going on my chest AND quack did not even exam me LET alone give me some antibiotics.

But he did say I could not have any with out positive sputom sample.

SO lest see .... I looked at pot and it had normal NO sense of urgency on pot or sample as WHEN you have infection that’s causing buckets loads of snot and pain.

I would say in my opinion A lot can change in week wile Donald Duck is quacking about.

AM not happy and is that why this rush on in AE given gp thoughtless dangerous tricks


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I do wish that I understood this post but I am totally baffled by it!

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Hi HuwieHex was bit crazed and fed up with my quack of doctor THINK all the flu stuff poisoned me brain lol

HuwieHex in reply to Hidden

I do hope that you start to feel a lot better very soon.

I'm so sorry you've been unwell Jeff. It is awful to feel unwell and feel like you aren't being taken seriously. I hope you feel better very soon. Take good care and get lots of rest.

Cas xx 🍀🌱

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Hi cas never in my life have I had such horrendous flu that as caused ringing skin pain.

Am hoping am over worse

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im not understanding the post, but in saying that, im understanding your struggles as we all are struggling at the moo in time, to cope with the many horrors we have day in day out, i hope the worsed as past now, rest and take it slowly till the bodys healed well slightly like,

I hope you recover from this quickly. It sounds to have been really nasty.

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Hi mrsmummy horrendus is understatement really BUT am hoping too

Don't they give you an emergency pack with antibiotics for home use, JeffAjaxSmith? Shouldn't you have antibiotics for emergencies? Or do you have a condition where that's not usual? Hope you feel better soon, sounds as though things are horrible. Bad luck to get the flu right at the end of the flu season.

Get well soon JAS.

Good morning Jeff, guess you did not have a happy easter. Did you not have the flu injection as a carer of your father ? Drs don't normally give antibiotics for flu just tell you to stay in bed and take paracetamol. Do you feel a little better now you had a rant, knowing you I am sure you will. It seems this years flu was bad so I hope you start to feel better soon, the cold weather makes pain worse too.My late husband was called Donald Duck but he wasn't a dr, just named Donald :) :) I am struggling to put a flat pack together with arthritic hands wonder if the dr as any ideas on how to manage that. must go , calm down or the stress will make you feel worse .

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