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Coughing up blood

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Hi im maria, im coughing up blood since 2016 but it’s on and off ,been to GP couple of times and been to A & E, had an x ray 3 times and the result were all negative, had blood test and sputum test and they’re all fine, i have wheezy chest at night sometimes specially when lying down and i dont have cough.this morning just clearing up my throat not coughing and i had fresh red blood on my saliva, im getting really worried.

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Those anyone who have the same experience please let me know what to do, that’ll be a great help and relief. Thanks a lot

Hello Mariavictoria .

I'm sorry you are going through this. Apart from coughing up blood and wheeziness, do you have any other symptoms?

The only time I have had any blood in my sputum is when I had an infection and was coughing a lot. But that is normal. It went away after the infection cleared up.

I'm really sorry I'm not quite sure what to suggest except that you keep going back to the doctor's and getting different opinions until you find the root of the issue.

Regrettably, I am not much help. 😑

Take care.

Cas xx 🌻

Hi cas thanks a lot, no i dont have any other symptoms, im planning to go to the hospital on monday hopefully i’ll be able to know what’s wrong with’s really frustrating .

I understand. It is frustrating. Do let us know how things go. xx 🌱

Thanks cas, gonna let you know.hopefully things go ok.the last time i went to the hospital and that was january they said they are going to put me on the list for ENT to check my throat, still waiting.

Just a thought. Could it be (and this is just me thinking out loud) that there could be some damage in your throat / trachea area? Like a cut or growth that's not healing? If they find no issue with your lungs perhaps they need to think of other possible sources of the bleeding. I know someone who was coughing up blood. They did an endoscopy and found a cut in the windpipe . 🙋

Hi Mariavictoria.

Most problems with the lungs are visible with scans and X-rays - cancer, emphysema, fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, COPD etc. all have visible symptoms that can be seen on an X-ray or CT scan.

It sounds like your X-rays are clear, but you should go to your GP and ask for a referral to a specialist to get a CT scan which shows more detail.

If these are clear then at least you know you haven’t got one of the scarier lung diseases.

You still need to get to the bottom of it. Once you’ve been referred to a specialist you should get some answers.

Good luck.

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Mariavictoria in reply to timCHP

Hi tim

Thank you, really appreciate it.

Been thinking of that, if my x ray and test are all negative then im ok ,but everytime im coughing up blood i felt like im really sick, definitely going to ask my gp for referral on monday.

oh dear.. Not an expert but it does sound plausible that it may be coming from elsewhere other than your lungs. I have sinus issues and after coughing blood in phlegm had the usual stays to check chest etc. It took one comment from a locum dr to say ' have you had problems with congestion' to go down a different path and get a simple solution! it seemed as the sinus cleared overnight by me propping myself up, that blood was dripping down my throat and i coughed it up in the morning (attractive!!) you are doing the right thing going back to the hosp on Monday though. Keep posting and asking questions on here though, when i was worried people rallied around and it was a real help to hear you weren't being silly, wasting peoples time etc!!

This forum really help me a lot 🙏

Hi andrea

Thanks, never get sinus but had blood coming from my nose last january it only last couple of minutes and thats it, never happen again.

just another avenue to explore... Was the both roughly the same time as when you coughed it up?

blood not both!!

As far as i remember it was on different day andrea.never had nosebleed before just that once.

Hi mariavictoria , has the inside of your nose been checked to see if there is any slight damage ? I have sinus problems and often get blood streaks the same as Andrea. Your sinus are ok though, just tell them about the nose bleed and hopefully they will look in your nose.

Best of luck on Monday

Thanks for the advice knitter, doctor didn’t check my nose yet, will ask my gp on monday.

Ask if you can have a ct scan. That would give you a more accurate picture of what is happening.

Thanks lady, will definitely ask my gp on monday.

Hi Mariavictoria,

What happened to your condition in the end? I have very similar symptoms and am really at the point of concern and anxiety. Thank you!!

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