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Does anyone get dizzy when coughing up phlegm?

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I was trying too hard to cough up phlegm from lungs but after coughing I got dizzy that I fall on the floor but I was not unconscious. I took a fee deep breaths and got normal again. Should I be concerned?

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I get that often also, Doctor explained when you cough hard it causes pressure and dizziness follows from that effort of a over hearty cough.

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Sufferer197104 in reply to tomc

I asked my doc, he explained me the same. He just advised me not to cough too hard and do some deep breaths to help myself cough up easily. Thanks

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tomc in reply to Sufferer197104

Yes, that is good advice although when you gotta cough// you gotta cough.

Best thing I can advise which has helped me is to do some breathing control exercises and do active breathing to help bring up your phlegm in a more controlled fashion also sit when you do these activities... Just remember, you can't fall further than the floor so the closer you are to it, ................... the less bump you`ll get when you land, 🙃

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good day to you yes i have that a lot have your gp put you on rehab they teach you how to cope with thing like that i have server copd/ phummia asma bronical problems tracky in kneck on electric ebuliser since 2013 nothing they can do just keep taking the tablets & smile all the best ghoust rider 👍

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It was diagnosed to me as cough syncopy. The only advice given was not to stand up when having a coughing fit. Luckily I haven't had it for a while, hope yours goes away as well.

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Sufferer197104 in reply to Grayjay

My doc said me its because of extra pressure on heart and a bit of hypoxia. He advised me to perform some sort of breathing exercise before coughing up to reduce these type of symptoms. Thankss

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My husband doesn’t get dizzy but he has given himself a hernia 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Sufferer197104 in reply to Thepainterswife

Oh dear, I hope he is okay. Cough bothers a lot.

I used to have severe coughing bouts that went on for long periods of time I went dizzy but actually fell unconscious the doctor said it was hypoxic attack because I couldn't control the cough over a prolonged time. Hypoxia can be dangerous obviously but I would mention all of your information to the doctor especially if it concerns you as it seems to . Wishing you well .

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thanks for ur advise

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I know firsthand its not nice and can be scary and it took me nearly two years to get it sorted because im not in the UK and medical stuff here costs money . I truly wish you well

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Yes, thimg is to sit down or lean on something,kitchen worktop or even the suggested above - " conttolled breathing" helps plus if u have mucous,clear in a dedicsted session vpl times a up on" lung clearance techniques"

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