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Update on partner again

Partner eventually had another CT scan on lungs to check if nodules have grown also had echocardiogram yesterday unfortunately neither could give us results we don't see lung specialists till end of April I hate the waiting game he's better today than yesterday all though he's getting through his inhalers quickly he starts pulmonary rehabilitation end of March

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I went to The doctor on Wednesday with a chest affection and lots feeling any better today

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Can someone let me know how many days it takes for a chest affection to clear up and how are you feeling better I am feeling really bad today I feel very hot very weak I feel more so today than I did the first day


Hello Jolene123 .

What did the doctor prescribe for your infection? It really depends but it can well take weeks for a chest infection to clear. I know the worst infection I had took about two months to really go. 😐

Perhaps you can write a new post? Maybe you would get more response to your question. Take care.

Cas xx 🍀

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Hello shortytree .

I'm sorry things are very difficult for you and your partner at the moment. I'm sorry to ask but why is it the CT scan could not shed more light on the condition of the nodules?

Indeed it is a very long time to have to wait to see the specialist and I do understand your stress and worry. Pulmonary rehabilitation will be hard at first, but most people benefit greatly from it. In the mean time, try gentle exercises. This may help.



Hang in there, although I understand it is very difficult. Having an illness like this can make it hard to enjoy the other things in life, but trying to is so important for our mental wellbeing. Patient and caregiver alike.

Do let us know how things progress.

Sending hugs.

Cas xx 🌻

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Hello Caspiana thank you for the info and answer to your question we haven'thad ct results yet to know if nodules have grown or not we was told on last visit previously that if the nodules have grown he will be given radio therapy

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Please keep us informed shortytree . Thinking of you both. xx 🌱🌿

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So sorry you have to wait, I know it isn’t easy. Why don’t you try contacting your GP in a couple of weeks to see if he got some news.

Maybe earlier if your partner is getting through his inhalers quicker, he is probably more breathless than usual. You could also give a ring to the BLF helpline to see how to handle the situation.

Wishing you both well x



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