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Question about Braltus


I am a 35 year old, that has been newly diagnosed with Emphysema - I did a basic spiro test and get a FEV1 reading off 60%, which the doctor told me was stage 2 moderate.

He prescribed me a Braltus inhaler and told me to take if every 24 hours. He didn't say nothing else.

I currently dont really feel breathless, I walk 12000 steps a day and do a good 10 minutes running on the treadmill daily.

My question is, do I need to keep taking this inhaler even though I dont really have symptoms yet? What is the benefits of Braltus, does it help prolong the disease as well as just open up the airways?

Many thanks,


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Absolutely take it it's been prescribed your lungs will feel a difference from it .Without the treatment and use of it your not helping yourself x


Thanks for reply.

So does Braltus help prolong disease or just relieve symptoms for 24 hours?


Braltus is a long-acting treatment to open your airways and make breathing easier.

Braltus is a long-acting bronchodilator that

helps to open your airways and makes it

easier to get air in and out of the lungs.

Regular use of this medicine can also help

you when you have on-going shortness of

breath related to your disease and will help

you to minimise the effects of the disease on

your everyday life. It also helps you to be

active longer. Daily use of this medicine will

also help to prevent sudden, short-term

worsening of your COPD symptoms which

may last for several days. The effect of this

medicine lasts for 24 hours, so you only need

to take it once a day.



Thanks mrsmummy,

This is what I needed to know.

"Daily use of this medicine will also help to prevent sudden, short-term worsening of your COPD symptoms"

I will get an appointment with the doc and get this put on a repeast porescription for me.

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Hi ggeorgiou, I don’t have COPD but there are lots pf great folks on here who have been living with it for years. Your lifestyle and exercise programme bode really well for the future.

In light of the fact that you are so anxious, not breathless and exercise so much I suggest that you insist on being referred to a respiratory consultant for a proper diagnosis. The machines in doctor’s surgeries are not so accurate and mistakes do happen. No need to be treated for something you may not have and if you are diagnosed by a specialist they will be able to make sure that both you and your GP know the correct medication and how to go forward with it. Good luck, I am sure that you will be fine.


Hi Littlepom,

I have had 2 collapsed lungs in the past and the doctors diagnosed my empthsyema from an xray and ct scan. I have bullues lung disease also I believe.

But you are right, I have a proper spiro test coming soon, so I will see what I blow on that.




When you see your specialists next insist that they explain things properly to you. Knowledge is power. Worrying and anxiety rob us of the energy which we need to manage our conditions.


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