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Roundabouts again

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The heart catheterisation was early, and I thought good, I will be recovered before the cataract surgery. So today I get a call from the Ophthalmology department at the Royal Gwent to say that the surgeon is not happy about the short time between procedures so the cataract surgery has been postponed until 2nd February. Then we went down to the Gwent for an orthopaedic appointment for my husband about his back, and the surgeon was pleased with the pain relief and said he did not want to operate because it would be too dangerous. We are both quite pleased about that, although Peter has had to make the decision to give up sailing and sell his dinghy. He is upset because he has been sailing for 70 years and loves it. So altogether a disappointing day, but I am very pleased Peter doesn't have to have the surgery.

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I’m sure the surgeon is right Carnival and back surgery is dangerous so Peter is probably better off without that. Xxx

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Carnival567 in reply to sassy59

I quite agree with you and we have to accept our limitations. I am sure the ophthalmologist is right, but we just seem to be like the horses on a carousel! I am very pleased they are not going to operate on Peter as I was very worried for him, but it is upsetting about the sailing and he gets quite grumpy. Bless him, I'm glad he has the dog 🐶 definitely helps!

Had my cateract surgery cancelled for same reason. Told to wait 3 mobths and go through GP again. Hope I don't go back to scratch again.

You're having a busy time Carnival. February is not too long to have to wait. Is your eyesight very bad. I had the cataract surgery a couple of years ago, the results were amazing. Funnily, I missed wearing my glasses. Lilian xxxxxx

It's definitely getting worse. I'm annoyed with myself because I turned it down last year because I was offered it before we moved as we were so busy! Never mind, I'll get there, but thank you for your kind words. I am sure I shall miss my glasses too as I have worn them for sixty years. Shall still need reading glasses though. I shan't miss the expense of complex lenses though! xxx

I could never be bothered with contact lenses. I admire anyone that wears them, so fiddly and, as you say Carnival, expensive. You will just need lower strength reading glasses. Lilian xxxxx

I have never worn contacts because my prescription isn't suitable, never wanted to in any case because they are so fiddly. Hence expensive prescription specs. £60 for frames, lenses £500+ and always have to have a spare! Shan't be sorry to see the end of that!

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