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Getting medication

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Getting medication. This can be such a chore. I put the script into the surgery and then wait 3 days to get my meds. When i go to collect the stuff is not ready they dont have it all or the gp has crossed it off as uhave ordered it to early. So now have to give an explanatin as to why i am iordering early. Go home come back 3 days later collect the missing items but geuss what the second script has not been filled and hear we go again. Fed up with this

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I do sympathise as we have similar problems. It’s so frustrating and the pharmacy is struggling to cope. Xxxx

Your story is not uncommon. I can accept that mistakes are sometime made. However In the end I kicked up a fuss. Keep a diary of events etc then make a formal complaint to practice manager.

It happens to me all the time. We never go to collect without checking with pharmacy the scripts have been received from GP surgery, electronically. Missing are usually my emergency meds. Last week put in request and wrote on that I only needed 3 items as I had been discharged from hospital with the rest ....... received a carrier bag full of every item on the list don't know the answer.


I had similar problems with Co-op/ Wells. Items missing, twice told one particular item was not on repeat. Gave up.

Instructed Surgery to remove all contact details relating to my repeat from pharmacy.

Now collect in person, check all items are correct, and choose which pharmacy suits me, if any short fall, either return following day or take script elsewhere.

Had no problems since.

My script tells me the next due date, so I send it in with 48 hours notice.

The guidelines say order when you have one week left.

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joyce74 in reply to stone-UK

Been considering doing the same

We are lucky that my surgery now does repeat scripts on line. I order on line, It goes straight to pharmacist who text me when it’s ready. Makes life so much easier. Have the odd problem. It much easier. Find out if or when your surgery is going to do this

So many people having problems - you have my sympathy. Im pretty lucky - I phone my appointed pharmacy and they do the rest - I pick everything up 4 days later.

I've had problems in the past. Now I phone the pharmacy before I go to collect. Have occasionally had the full lot of stuff when I only asked for a few bits. Also had it rejected for being sent in too soon. Have to notify the surgery when I need it sooner eg going away. xx Moy

My pharmacy is actually in my surgery. Doc is in the next room. If nurse says I need something she nips in to Doc and I collect it on my way out. Spoiled or what?

Hi I used to have the same problems with co-op/wells. I got so fed up with struggling up to the pharmacy I decided enough was enough. I know use Pharmacy2u you can order on line or by phone and they deliver to your door by Royal Mail. The only problem I have had was a mistake made by the surgery and that was sorted out on the phone. Good luck Barbs.

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Dedalus in reply to barbs47

Was thinking of doing this & its good to know you haven't had any huge probs

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barbs47 in reply to Dedalus

Definitely better than local pharmacy and it can all be don3 from the c9mfort of my own home x

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Hidden in reply to barbs47

Seen the pharmacy2u ad on telly, was followed by news of potential royal mail strike.

Wells have told me this week that in future they will be taking 4 days doing repeats, as not allowed to order stock until day after they receive scrip and not allowed to label for patient until day after stock received. They admitted that this was partly related to reducing stocks. I didn't ask if this also applied to scrips brought in from an appt with Dr, if it does will need to change chemist.

I order mine online and the prescription is sent to the pharmacy. I can see online when the request has been accepted. Very rarely had problems, occasionally when pharmacy have to order items in.

I order mine online & the pharmacy deliver it all to my home.

Almost all dispensaries & GP centres offer this service, just check your local health centre's web page for more info.

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Dedalus in reply to MrHappy

Which pharmacy do you use? Lloyds (in Sainsburys) told me they don't deliver.

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hopetorun in reply to Dedalus

The pharmacy attached to my surgery begins with a

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MrHappy in reply to Dedalus

Dedalus, Hi! I use a local chemists, However, I googled Lloyds, details here: .

If you google, you can find about NHS delivery service & also, Royal Mail are doing meds deliveries too.

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Dedalus in reply to MrHappy

Ha! Thank you MrHappy. It would have helped if they had told me about this service when I last queried it at the local branch(?!)

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MrHappy in reply to Dedalus

Your local GPs should have details of this service too.

Whenever I need meds, I just bring up the online order form via my GP's webpage & input my needs.

An electronic acknowledgement of receipt is emailed to me almost immediately, then the meds are delivered either the next day or the day after.

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Dedalus in reply to MrHappy

Mr scripts are done electronically - the problem is just getting the pharmacy to deliver; when I asked my local Lloyds they said they don't deliver; just thought they should have told me about the link you gave me above. Hey ho, now I just have to decide between Pharmacy2u and Lloyds. Thanks again for your help MrHappy.

I know that my pharmacy is always incredibly busy, I have also been wondering what happened to the proposed cuts in pharmacy funding .

I complain a lot about the NHS but credit where credit is due. I order my prescription online and it is usually delivered within 1 or 2 days by a lovely delivery driver. This service is excellent. Lilian xxxx

Many thanks to you all x

i too have a wonderful pharmacy which delivers all my meds which I order online. They are a small independent pharmacy and are great!

Docs are pretty useless as they are overworked. No specialist lung doc but the nurse is great. Only problem is getting there!

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