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NoT again


Last week wednesday Matron came immediatley told me wouldnt be coming for a couple of weeks due to sickness and holidays it was her first visit since early august when she told me same story then couldnt come because id been in hospital again .Anyway she asked if i could produce a sample for her to take in duly complied .This morning Before i left for hospice i said to frank i have a feeling im going to get a phone call from surgery at that my mobile rang receptionist asking if i wanted to go to surgery or get Doctor to phone me i asked for him to phone I finished antibiotics last tuesday He said im resistant to certain abs again and has put me on ciproflaxin again which i was on a couple of month ago in hospital Iv then oral Doctor said he was sending it electronically to chemist Frank went to collect it nothing there Over to Doctors prescription there honestly. Yesterday he wenr to chemist to pick up meds got home they hadnt put oramorph in frank can walk there with his eyes closed now .But when will i get a Break how many more infections can i cope with

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Oh Margaret, l do feel for you and it doesn’t help when you are let duwn and your medication is messed up. I hope the antibiotics work for you and am thinking of you. Xxxxxx

Time_2_drink in reply to sassy59

Thanks it just never seems to end just for once wish things would improve xxxxx

That matron sounds more a hindrance then a help. I wonder if the repeated infections means that they're not clearing properly and you're re-infecting a few days after you finish a course of abx.

I really wish you'd get a break too, Margaret, you really deserve one at this stage.

Thank you Billie jean. My thoughts as well frank agrees as well But he said knowing my luck the only Break ill get is a arm or a leg has soon as I have fi ished this course 1 week i am going to send another sample in I havent Been given any steroids i have some in and wonder if i should take them also wondering if it is the constant infections that is making my Breathing so Bad and at times hard to take a breathe Take care Margaret

knitter in reply to Time_2_drink

Hi Time-2- drink......lets hope the antibiotics do their work, and I am glad they are going to retest you to see if they have.

Could you ring your GP today and ask about the steroids...have you got enough at home, and ask about the oramorph too.

Best wishes to you and Frank.

Time_2_drink in reply to knitter

We or should i say frank sorted the oramorph I have some steroids it was my idea to send in sample after antibiotics finished frank has to go to take car for MOT today so i am staying near the Bathroom woke up with Diaorhea. Now concerned that the Anti biotic i had just taken will not work .Best wishes Margaret

You are well over due for a break Margaret so wish they could just get things right for you so that you and Frank can relax for once

Lesley xx

Time_2_drink in reply to cales

I despair about anything ever going right and this morning to top it all off i have terrible diaorhia and now worried Because i had just taken antibiotic xxx

cales in reply to Time_2_drink

Oh noooo if it’s not one thing it’s another 😓 have you got any Imodium to stop the diarrhoea?? To give your body the chance to absorb the antibiotic or maybe it’s the antibiotics that’s causing the diarrhoea

Lesley xx

Time_2_drink in reply to cales

Yes But im going to need more I fear imas sick as the proverbial xxx

The chemist can ring the doctors and get prescription sent over electronically straight away, all this messing around must make you and Frank crackers. Wishing you well x x x

That is what is supposed to happen yes we are Both tearing our hair out with all the upset take care xxx

Chin up - we're all behind you! xx Moy

Thank moy for your support xx

I really feel for you, Margaret. There seems to be no end to your problems. If it was written as a novel, it would seem unbelievable that one person can have so much bad luck.

I totally agree there doesnt seem to be any let up although Horror story more apt i think .I have spent the day in Bed had horrendous diaorhea through last night and into easly afternoon wondering will it have affected my anti biotics. I havent eaten today just drinks also my Breathing has Been really Bad found it hard to get a decent Breathe so makes me panic more had to resort to taking lorazapam . Hoping for a better night Best wishes Margaret

I hope you have a very rested nights sleep. Xx

Thank you sorry to say still struggling to sleep I guess i had Better put light out Before i wake other half xx

Hope that problem has now been sorted out for you, and you don't get any more.

Thank you meds sorted this time anyway hopefully will not have same problems again lol

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