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Fast Heart Rate

Morning everyone, I would really appreciate your advice about something that is worrying me . I was found to have raised blood pressure at my annual spirometry test and this is being managed with medication. However my heart rate remains high (resting heart rate around 103 bpm where is it used to be around 80bpm)

I had pulmonary embolus 5 years ago and was diagnosed with COPD soon after.

My doctor has referred me for an ECG and told me that if I suddenly become short of breath to go straight to A&E. I was also advised to avoid the gym until I’ve had the ECG.

I would appreciate any advice anyone can give me.

Many thanks and have a lovely weekend


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Hi I'm going to see my doctor on Wednesday for the same thing. I would go and see your GP if I was you. I will let you know how I get on. Take care love Bernadette 😳 xxx


Hi Kristen. I think that your doctor has given you good advice, but regular walking should help with your resting heart rate. Have you tried using a relaxation CD and cutting out the caffeine? Good luck with the test. XXX

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Try not to stress about things as this can cause it to rise.



I know I am riding my hobby horse again, but what was the evidence for COPD? My GP at one point said I might have COPD. I said it was unlikely as my breathlessness came on suddenly after PEs. COPD builds up slowly over years. What follow up have you had for the PEs? I guess that your doctor is now checking out Pulmonary Hypertension, which is probably why he is advising about exercising.

I should like to know more about your story, if you are happy to tell us. Or PM me. If you look at my profile you will see why it is a subject close to my heart --- literally.


Seems you have a Better GP service than me which I am pleased about my resting Heartrate is nearly always over 100 some times up to 120 and on excertion eg walking has high as 140 even above ECG Didn't show anything to worrying hope all goes well for you take care .


Thank you all for your helpful comments. I am happy to share my story KatinKa if it will be helpful to you and others,

I was taken ill whilst on a cruise on my own around five years ago with shortness of breath. I was when we docked at Athens I was sent to a private hospital for tests to ascertain if I was fit to continue the cruise. Tests included blood tests, chest X-ray, ct scan etc. I was told I had one large and several small clots on my lungs and had to be admitted and remained in hospital for two weeks as they were unable to get my INR low enough for flying home. While there I had various tests to ascertain the cause of the PEs but none were found

When I returned home my GP also ordered various tests to ascertain the cause but these were also inconclusive. I am sure they were caused by my high level of inactivity for three months prior to my cruise. Although I was working extremely hard in a very stressful job I would come home and have a drink and lay on the sofa exhausted with no time for exercise. My parents were also needy at the time so my spare time was extremely limited.

After six months on warfarin I was told if I had PEs again I would need to stay on it for the rest of my life. Around this time I had a spirometry test and was diagnosed with COPD.

I do not like exercise and have to make myself do it. I do however make myself go to the gym 4 to 5 days a week where I do around 30 minutes exercise. I live in a ground floor flat and run my own business which consists of getting in and out of the car and seeing people in nursing homes and hospitals or sitting writing reports in my office, none of which requires physical exertion.

I am interested in comments made that walking would reduce my resting heart rate as I was not aware of this and thought the opposite.

I am determined to get fitter and lose weight as I believe they are essential to reduce my risk of further PAs.

Feel free to ask further questions if it would be helpful.

Enjoy your day peeps



I used to have a good heart rate of around 63 bmp due to my fitness but now with having asbestosis my heart works hard as my brains telling my heart to pump the oxygen (that isn't there!!) Around my body so it's always high 90's /100's getting a bath or dressed puts heart rate up to nearly 160's -I just try and rest when I feel it raising - ironically I have really good blood pressure

Hope you get the answer your looking for soon

Take care



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