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Absence makes heart grow fonder

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after almost 5 months my computer router is still being attacked and used remotely by someone else , Nobody believes me but i had a monthly report from Norton ( newly installed ) that gave details of my computer showing a new network added with 2 devices. One with my router number was using a parental control with a proper name and number; and one with wifi only,

The first reading was s11.11 GB and the second was 623 MB over the month. A s I have had very little use of internet lately I deduce I was the second one. I am being treated like a naughty teenager with restricted access .

When i found one device being used w as a Hp printer ( mine is Epson ) i deleted it and had my wrist slapped ! with even more restrictions.

so today the router number was changed and i can now type again. dont know how long this will last . The last time i changed my router in mar ? april it had no problems for about 10 days ! then it all started again

.My fingers are crossed..

I reall y would like to prove that i was right in my assumption . it is costing me a fortune too. , my stepson will not speak to me about it at all and whereas i am pleased that it is working again i really would like to show that i was right about the added network and I really should have taken a screen shot

anyway I have really missed you all . No lovely flowers , no sunsets and no forest ponies to look at, and no Stan the man either or poems from Don . Nothing to laugh at either.

and still no Hufflepuff signing in yet.

25 Replies
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Oh Jaybird, how frustrating for you. You should try and contact people like Watchdog or Rip Off Britain. Why won’t anyone believe you? I certainly do as people get up to all sorts these days. Hopefully all will be well now. Thinking of you. Xxx❤️

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How awful.......Perhaps it's your son in law who's cloned your device? 😬

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Jaybird19 in reply to peege

step son doesnt want to hear about it. darent mention it as it caused some bad memories for him ! he says that cannot happen. as does both neighbour and local IT shop owner . neighbour is IT consultant for some finance firm in London. It needs someone to look at it here in situ.

There's also a way of password protection on the router don't give out the password to anyone you don't trust. That should stop people playing games with your router

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Jaybird19 in reply to

n ot in this case router password was changed yesterday and they are back today

in reply to Jaybird19

All I can say is contact your service provider and if they give you a load of bull threaten to contact ofcom and complain about the service you have had that should shake them up especially if it's virgin or BT

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Hope u can sort it out.x

helenlw7 profile image

That must be so frustrating. I hope it works this time.

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What a blinking nightmare for you Jaybird. I wouldnt give my router password to ANYBODY that way nobody can get into your system. Its so frustrating that nobody believes you. I hope you have no more problems and things can settle down for you. Welcome back its good to see your post x

Grayjay profile image

I'm not too good at this kind of thing but can you ring your provider and get advice or possibly change your password?

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Jaybird19 in reply to Grayjay

done allsorts done 4 hys yesterday with experienced computer expert. this is router not computer as I thought first

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I'm sure you have done this already, but if not, try ringing the company customer service and explain it to them as you have done to us. You have made a good clear case on here. If, as I suspect you have, you have already tried this, would it be useful to try Citizen's Advice/Trading Standards?

Presumably, it's costing you money because you are exceeding the data limit or something?

Some years ago, people used to be able to get into, and use, hotel wi fi by parking nearby. I guess this means they could do the same if there was an unsecured private network nearby too.

I also wonder if the police would be able to help - it is theft after all!

I hope you get it sorted out soon.

xx Moy

PS Just wondering - how close are your nearest neighbours? Could it be that you are somehow sharing a line with them?

Jaybird19 profile image
Jaybird19 in reply to MoyB

I think it was the neighbours ,thin connecting walls and they were evicted not paying rent . i reported to police more than once and eventually police came . at that stage I didnt know it was the router He had been in force I year and confessed to not knowing much about computers !

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MoyB in reply to Jaybird19

Oh dear! It doesn't give you much confidence in the boys in blue, does it?! xx Moy

Tykelady profile image

It seems as if the more technology is used the more open we are to fraud.

Littlepom profile image

This is very suspicious. If it were happening to me I would cancel my current internet provider and start again with somebody new. When I was doing this I would explain to the new provider that I am concerned about anyone accessing my router from outside the house. It can happen. I would not allow anyone access to my router, especially the code. This especially includes family members. I think that your problem may come from very close to home

Jaybird19 profile image
Jaybird19 in reply to Littlepom

i was using olr router with no problems but this used TP LINK to find highest signal level to connect . had to do that repeatedly one evening - and I suppose I came up repeated ly after they tried the same. so just tried what they could. got new router and that lasted 10 days or so . this time less 24 hours . they have honed their skills . have police report number and on that was told no money involved so not fraud by police !

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Jaybird19 in reply to Littlepom

yes I agree have thought of that so persist with it for a while as don't think it would solve the problem . that are very clever but that is not so simple as I have most of house accounts with this one company and they are rated very high with Which . only zen being better then. thanks to all suggestions anyway .

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What a palaver. Hope you get to the bottom of it x

Littlepom profile image

Having just done a bit of research. You have been the subject of ‘illegal hacking’ whereby someone has gained access to your internet without your permission and proceeded to use it. This is a criminal offence. Maybe certain people should be told that you know this and can act on it by going to the police. It would be very simple for the police fraud department to find out who is doing this by tracking activity.

Jaybird19 profile image
Jaybird19 in reply to Littlepom

as i said they were not interested. and cannot follow up the fraud squad as they tell me to contact the police if I want to know more . so when idid was told not a fraud .

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Who is ypur broad band with if you dont mind me asking. My friend had the same problem she was bt she found her allowance was being eaten up by someone else in the area it was the club next door who was using her wifi and it was connected up wrong by the company they refund her data that had been used. She has no house number just a name of the house so next door 2 then it misses her then club is no3. They got engineer out to the box to sort it out.

Jaybird19 profile image
Jaybird19 in reply to Pipswhips

interesting but my computer is wired not wifi, tablet is not wired and told not to use it .

Pipswhips profile image

You shouldnt be paying i suggest that you go to ofcom and put in a complaint to about your network povider not be helpful.Is it a desk top is get adongle wifi stick plug it in your usb and turn into wifi see if that help also use window security and see what happen when yo do a scan with it the sofeware see it comes up with any and keep it tinning in background its free

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I wondered how you were. It’s strange,I was going to PM you yesterday and your post came up.xx

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