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A sobering experience- and an update to an earlier post

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I have had a rather nasty experience this week. It’s linked to an earlier post regarding changing inhalers and becoming so breathless I found it difficult to move from one room to another.

Fast forward to Tuesday when I had a second ecg at my doctors. The nurse took my ecg to a doctor (that happened the previous time). This time a doctor came to speak to me and said she wanted to call an ambulance.

After arrival at the hospital as a walking ambulance patient I was duly processed, bloods taken and asked to go back to the waiting room.

A few minutes later a nurse called for me, instead of being taken to the majors I was taken to resus. Apparently my haemoglobin level was so low it wasn’t operating my heart properly. Instead of an hb level of approx 120 mine was 50. I had been like this since the inhaler change (unlucky coincidence).

I had 2 units of red blood cells which has made my breathing so much better.

The moral of this (real) story is don’t always assume it’s your lungs making things difficult - it could be something else.

I am going to have various tests to find the cause of my anaemia.

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Hope you get some much needed help after that dreadful experience Sazza. Thank you for sharing that with us. Please let us know how things go. Take care xxx

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Sazza57 in reply to sassy59

Thanks sassy - I will keep updating as and when I find out anything else.Back to the hospital day ward on Monday even though it’s a bank holiday I think I’ll bring my own food 😅

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sassy59 in reply to Sazza57

Good luck to you Sazza. Great idea to take in your own food👍😀

Wishing you a speedy recovery

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I hope you get the help you need as you don't want to go through that again I honestly don't think that we are capable of lnoening our own bodies Have a lovely weekend and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

What a scary time. Yes, we really should be aware that not everything should be down to the prevailing problem. But more importantly so should the doctors. I am glad it was finally sorted, but you are now starting out on another journey. It may in the end have the same destination. Maybe there is a root cause to all your conditions? William of Ockham will be urging you on.

That's quite scary. Glad you feeling bit better with the new blood cells (must be such a relief). Hope they can carry on with the improvements in your breathing for you.

So glad they've now found the true cause of your latest problem. Hope the treatment will soon have you back to better health.

What a scary time for you and just goes to show, never ignore the signs and feelings that you are having, I am glad that you are doing better 😊

Thank goodness for the prompt action after your ecg and the care you received at hospital. Best wishes for your next tests

I don't think that you can stop a person from following you Sheila unless you alter your settings to stop anyone and everyone following you. I did that as I was getting dozens of followers and didn't know the majority.

What a shock for you. I wonder how many of us put everything down to our lungs? At least you have got the treatment you need. xx

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Sazza57 in reply to Tykelady

I automatically thought it was my lungs. Thank goodness for the nurse at the respiratory clinic being thorough otherwise the coincidence with my inhaler change could have ended very badly.

Oh! my word Sazza what a scary time for you and thank you for your post to update us. Questioning if breathlessness is down to lungs or heart should be something our gp/nurse should be aware of, sadly I dont think mine would query this, but am so glad yours did and you had good treatment at the hospital. I hope they get to the bottom of whats causing this and you get treated soon. Good idea taking food with you to the hospital, I really wouldnt want anything from the machines. Take care x

Oh goodness me that sounds so awfully scary. Hope you start to improve now & breath more easily x

I am glad they are going to get to the bottom of your problems. Hope uou feel better soon.

Thank goodness you got help when you did x

I Hope U Get Well Soon And Consultants Looking After U A Very Nasty Experience U Take Care Keep Safe 🖤🖤

That's scary! I hope you are feeling better and they are able to get to the root cause very quickly.


I am presently attending a ‘day’ ward for acute conditions.

Having daily iv antibiotics for an infection I have and iron infusions. Today is blood test day so I should find out how far I’ve progressed.

Wow - hope they find the cause - and you resolve it xx

Another updateSo far I’ve had a CT scan, ultrasound and so many blood tests I’m surprised I’m not more anaemic.

The prime suspect so far is a cellulitis infection I have.

I have a few more tests to go… a gynaecological one and… (this is my particular nemesis) endoscopy and colonoscopy in the same appointment.

In fact I had been scheduled to have the endo/colo last Thursday. I had informed the booking staff and a nurse in the unit that I’d had 3 colonoscopies one summer due to the prep medication not being that effective on me.

Frustratingly they gave me the standard dose of citrafleet - it didn’t work at all ! I rang to ask them to rebook my appointment and to insist they gave me something that worked.

Apparently moviprep is the next step.

I am tolerating all of this as I now know the obvious cause isn’t always the cause !

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