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Believe in yourself

Sorry about your bad luck with whatever you were taking Joke. I have experimented myself but am pretty careful. I am going to be talking with a friend of my son's whose wife suffers with severe COPD he uses essential oils and I am going to be talking to him in the near future. I have weaned myself off of oxygen and my SATs only drop a little when I walk but go back up pretty quickly. I have quit using Advair and only use my rescue medicine maybe once or twice a day. I occasionally use my nebulizer. I still take BP meds but have lost weight so may get off that as well. I go to the doctor on Wednesday. I just bought a blender to start juicing again. Kale and spinach as I think I might have a deficiency in iron. I am also checking out Buteko Breathing. I do take Daliresp which is prescribed and NAC which isn't and magnisium and melatonin which helps me sleep like a baby.16 months ago the hospital had given up on me and wanted me to go on hospice I could hardly get out of bed because of all the morphine they were giving me. I asked God to help or to let me go. That was 16 months ago. I haven't been to the hospital in 16 months. I call it a miracle. I still have COPD but have a new lease on life. I don't smoke anymore not sure why I ever did. I am happy that you are doing better. I was in the hospital once for 3 months my second oldest son never left my side. They had to go through him to give me any pain medication and actually tried to have me transferred to another hospital. My pain level was at 0 but they were giving me 40 MLG of oxicodone every two hours. It was bizzare.

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Hi Roessner541. Was this meant as a reply to someone? To reply to someone in a post you need to click reply and put your comment into the text box there rather than clicking on write a post - which as you can see creates a new post. I know it can be confusing. :)

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