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My dads plural effusion is building up again, chronic inflammation?

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Hi, my dad had pneumonia and sepsis in September, then by march he started feeling breathless, after X-rays, 2x contrast ct scans, ultrasound, sputum test and blood tests and plural fluid tests the doctors still are not 100% sure what it is, the doctor drained a total of 4 pints off his lung within a week and we went back today after a month and the X-ray shows it's started to build up again? He feels much better than he did last month so we honestly thought it was the end of it, she suggested a thoroscopy but instead between us we decided to try the antibiotics for a month and will go back to review next month, she feels it's caused by chronic inflammation following the pneumonia, as all his scans, blood tests and both plural fluid tests have come back clear of any cancer cells, and she said she's not concerned , the fluid just showed inflammatory cells, and on the last drainage the fluid was clear, he also got copd but only mild, has anyone else been through a similar thing? If these antibiotics don't work then he will have the thoroscopy next month and they will add talc as a remedy? Many thanks

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I hope things go well for your dad, I had pneumonia and sepsis in February also have mild copd, I seemed to be picking up until 5 weeks ago when I started with similar symptoms to your dad and have been getting antibiotics for 2 weeks. I changed surgerys 3 weeks ago as previous one had told me my xrays were clear the new docs have told me I have fluid in my lungs reading same xray reports!! awaiting further xray results. I am sorry I can't help you but thank you for posting as will be a bit more proactive myself.


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