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More steroids and antibiotics

Well, latest sputum sample shows different bacteria to last time and this time the only antibiotics that they're sensitive to are penicillin, allergic, or erythromycin.

Now, erythromycin is one l will rarely take as l get awful diarrhoea with the,. The GP said, take Imodium if needed.


What lm concerned about is that many antibiotics now do not work on me as have so many over the years.

Anyone else have this problem?


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Please take a probiotic with your antibiotics. I learned the hard way. About 2 years ago battling an upper respiratory infection. I contracted C-diff. I take Florastor and VSL#3. They both helped me get my gut flora back to almost normal. Florastor is a yeast based bacteria probiotic so it does not get killed by the antibiotics. And helps fight against C-diff bacteria.


Thank you for that. Will cetainly try it


Like you, I am allergic to penicillin and the last time I was on erythromycin, I developed severe stomach pain and had to be given buscopan to counteract it. Also, like you, I have pretty much reached the end of the line for antibiotics.

I have the complication that I am vegetarian and will not take gelatin capsules so I am stuck. I have been advised that the capsules can be opened and just to take the contents but I am not sure of the effects of doing this. Does anyone know?


Thanks. Interestingly l have had stomach cramps all night and been taking my IBS Colofac to ease it.

Thanks for answering


An excellent probiotic that I can recommend is Biolive from a company called Microbz. It's a liquid. They also make a product called Breathease which I haven't tried but am considering buying. All natural products and vegetarian/ vegan options.

They also make cleaning and pet products.

Take a look at their website


Thanks for that


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