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10 weeks without Antibiotics!

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After 6 months of continuous antibiotics, I’m celebrating 10 weeks today without any, or need for them. I keep a supply of the 3 that now work, and inform my surgery and consultant what I’ve taken, and sputum results. I have records going back many years. Just need my energy and strength to return! Best regards, Jean x

25 Replies
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That’s good news Jean and I hope your energy and strength return soon. Take care xxx 💕

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Hope your good run continues and you soon get more energy. Best wishes x

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That’s really good news M. Fingers you’ll continue to stay well 😊

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Hello Jean, I have sent you a pm.

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That's great news well done, have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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So pleased for you. Great news.Xx

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That's great news Jean, you must be feeling so chuffed. It's been a long hard road for you over the winter but hoping you have an AB free time from now on. Take care Carol xxx 😊

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Wow, that sounds like good news and with a celebration 🎉 I hope you get some renewed energy soon!


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Hey ho, congratulations. Terrific news!

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Great news Jean, hopefully it will continue .Have a lovely day. xxSheila 🥰💕

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Thank you for sharing your good news. Best wishes for many more good months ahead and your energy and strength returning. 😊

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What were you on?

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Morrison10 in reply to Batman1313

Only Ab that now work for me are Ciproxin 750, Septrin Forte and Azithromycin. Between 2005-07 had 6 i.v.courses of Ceftazidime but didn’t clear nasties. Went on motorbike to Scotland for week, friend arrived with chesty cough, so continued with Septrin and Ciproxin had been taking together. Stopped them on day went home, didn’t need any AB for 46 weeks, nasties had gone, may have been helped by clean air in Highlands. Best regards, Jean

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Re energy etc,I find that I have more when the weather is better.Hopefully,with the onset of summer, yours will improve.x

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Wonderful news Morrison, fingers crossed this continues and your immune system picks up x

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I am so happy to hear that you are free from ABS. The lack of energy is a difficult one that I seem to be working with daily and I cope by getting as much help or choosing not to do anything that can be delayed.

That is giving me a little to use in reconditioning myself but it is not easy even though I know from experience that it is the way forward. Back to Boot

My best wishes Jean and I am in awe of your Scottish bike trip.


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Morrison10 in reply to Walkwalkwalk

Just finished Nebulising, drainage etc. Thanks to everyone who have sent best wishes. Re Scotland, I was pillion on husbands bike, my bike couldn’t keep up with group on big fast bikes. was great holiday, and have to confess that we needed to exceed speed limit sometimes on quite roads in order to get back in time for evening dinner! The ski areas were deserted. Happy memories.

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That is great news Jean. I am so pleased for you. I have to be on antibiotics for life and now I have tinnitus. I hope your energy returns soon. Just take everything easy. No rush. xx 🌿🌷

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Morrison10 in reply to Caspiana

Thank you for your kind words. Sorry you get tinnitus, I have it occasionally even in ear that experimental operation killed nerve, so can’t hear anything with that ear! Hope antibiotics continue to be effective, hopefully new ones will become available soon. Best wishes, Jean xx

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Your good news has made my day! There's hope for us all.I'm so pleased for you and hope your good run continues.

I wonder what would help to get your energy back? Are you able to sit outside in the fresh air? It always gives me a bit of a lift to do that. Also, I save my energy for the things I WANT to do and, where possible, I get other people to do the rest. It sounds a bit selfish, I know, but if I try to keep the house clean and tidy everyday and then cook dinner, I've no energy left to enjoy meeting with friends or going out with my husband. So I have a cleaner now. She just comes in for an hour a fortnight and whizzes through it all (previous cleaner took 2hrs to do the same amount). She didn't come during the lockdowns but we weren't able to go out or meet people so it didn't matter that I was knackered after cleaning the bathroom. Now, though, I think life is too short to do things you don't like doing. Somedays I feel like the Queen! Lol!

I also think that what I eat affects my energy levels a lot. I'm borderline diabetic so I expect glucose levels come into it a bit, but if I eat plenty of fruit and veg and stay well hydrated I do find it makes a difference. Of course, I'm not eating as I should a lot of the time as we like to have lunch out with friends and I get tempted to have stuff that I probably should avoid. I feel sluggish and tired afterwards sometimes, so that is making me think harder about the choices I make.

Sleep, of course, is another biggie. I'm often up in the night, leaving me tired the next day, but I get up at the normal time and keep going as well as I can, otherwise my body clock gets out of sync and I want to sleep at all the wrong times. Are you sleeping ok? If not, is there anything you can do to help yourself? We bought a new mattress last year and it's made a huge difference. I still wake some nights (usually once or twice a week - more often if I'm on Prednisolone) and may be up reading for a couple of hours or more, but the sleep I get either side of it is what I call 'proper sleep' rather than tossing and turning like I used to.

I'm sure you've already thought of all these things, but just thought I'd mention them in case something rings a bell with you.

Thanks again for your lovely positive post!

xx Moy

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Morrison10 in reply to MoyB

Hi, thanks for your good wishes and your interesting lifestyle and experiences. I’ve alway tried to stay active and positive but it’s more difficult living on own, all friends dead, and the daily Nebulising etc takes up so much of every day. Had cleaner for short while but she’s now having to look after her mother so stopped coming, not easy to find another. My two daughters don’t live locally, live alone, no children, both disabled, and I have to help them. That’s enough of the “poor little me” story, must get on with Nebulising etc. My best wishes, Jean xx

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MoyB in reply to Morrison10

Crumbs, Jean, reading all that, I'm not surprised your energy is in short supply! You've got such a lot going on.

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Sorry, I sent the last post before it was finished.As I said, you've got a lot going on.

It's hard when good friends pass away, especially if they've been there to offer support in the past. Suddenly, you realise you're on your own.

Having to help your daughters must take its toll too. Is there any alternative help available for them so you can have a break?

I understand what you mean about it being harder to be motivated when you're on your own. It really is! Don't forget you've got us, though. We may be able to help you in some way.

Sometimes I think it's a shame we don't all live in the same place. Just think how much support we could offer then.

Xx Moy

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Well done I hope it stays that way..

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