Pneumonia and it's after effects

Hello My name is Jimmy. I am 41. I am from the United States. I was having chest and back pains in late April early may. Would come and go. I would have night sweats, chills, weakness and dizziness at times. At first I thought it was my Anxiety manifesting into physical issues. But It kept happening every couple of days. Would subside or improve a bit then come back. Well finally on May 9th I went to the Hospital emergency room. I thought it was heart issues. They did EKG checked my heart pulse. Took blood did an xray and CT scan. Turns out they said I had bilateral pneumonia. I was shocked. Because I wasn't coughing or anything like that. So they gave me 2 antibiotics And prescriptions. Azithromycin for 5 days once a day 250mg. And Cefdinir 300mg twice a day for 7 days. Cannot take amoxicillin because of getting C diff from it about 2 years ago. Which took four rounds of 3 different antibiotics to kill. And I still seal with what they call post IBS. Anyway after a few days on meds for pneumonia I began to feel better. ER doctor said I may have had pneumonia for a while. So he wanted me to get Xrays done in a few weeks with my family doctor. So after I got off the meds I was still feeling a bit off. Got Xrays done about a week later. They showed improvements. But still what they think is some pneumonia. Still had some discomfort in my back and chest. Well it is allergy season here and of course the day after my follow up I got allergies or sick. So I went back to the doctors because of having issues still pain and weakness almost like what a fever would make you feel. They gave me some medicine that you breathe through a machine at the docs office. And it helped clear up more of my breathing issues. But still pain in my back. Especially the day after the doctors visit. Because of all the breathing tests they made me do. And deep breathes while they listened to my lungs. Well they said I had allergies. Which I knew. So they had me get some flonaze nasal spray. gave me the prescription kind. Used it for a week. As well as a neti pot and began to feel a lot better. But for precautions they wanted me to get a CT scan on the 7th of this month. I felt great for the most part all week. Still some minor discomfort on my left side of my back and chest. But could finally sleep laying flat and also on my left side. (Forgot about that part for a while I couldn't sleep flat on my back or on my left side. Was extremely paunful.) Well I got the CT scan the other day. And was waiting to hear some good news. But last night the nurse called me and said they want me to go see a pulmonologist. That there are still marks on the scan And marks they didn't see before. So the pulmonologists office called me this morning. And I go in next Friday. So I am worried and fear the worst. What should I ask them when I go to see this specialist? And I know that you all cannot give me medical advice. But why would I be feeling better if I am not over pneumonia or worse? Has anyone had this issue before? I am no longer coughing. I have felt stronger in the past few days. Even had adrenaline rushes at times. I am confused as to what is going on. And can scar tissue from pneumonia cause discomfort in the chest and upper back? I used to smoke. But it was off and on. At most a pack a few days And that wasn't for very long. And I quit completely about 5 years ago.

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Hi Jimmy--Don't get yourself in a stew--If you have anxiety--your mind goes right to the worst place.... I have had pneumonia several times and it really does knock the crap out of you--of course you could have some lung scarring--It is hard to say--and Im not a doctor--My life took quite a dramatic turn after I quit smoking...but you are not me--and you must not worry till you have good reason--Its is amazing how we as humans adapt and in the end are just thankful for everyday of life we get-They may wan tto do some breathing tests and check you out further--and of course you want to know what shape you are in so you can stop worrying--so chin up --Love and take care of yourself---Its going to be alright--write me anytime--MmeT

Jimmy41,You need to inquire about to Exactly what extent is your lungs damage,do you have COPD,PULMONARY FIBROSIS OR WHAT.I caught walking pneumonia twice and Bronchitis Multiple times left my lungs scarred badly,seen it on the CAT SCAN.You asked do scarring of the lungs make your chest and back hurt?I really don't know what to tell you but those are the questions you need 2X the doctor ,Everybody's body is different as well as different things affect people differently .I realize that your upset but slow down Perhaps what you dealing with can be managed with medication ...Get a piece of paper and write-down Same questions UX me for the doctor.Please stop guessing and wait for the doctor ok? Once You're diagnosed Get back with me ,fingers crossed hoping for the best Ruth

Thank you Ruth! I will do that. I have a week before I go to the pulmonologist. So I will have a list ready for him.

After I caught walking pneumonia my back and side was hurting badly ran to the Emergency room x-ray show the same scarred lungs I caught pneumonia in had collasped,I was advised to blow into aSpirometer every hour Go at least thirty days .This Strengthing your lungs keeping pneumonia and Respitory infection away ,That was a year ago I haven't been sick since not even a cold either,I try and exercise daily Today I walked 3.85 miles, If the weather permits it I'm walking. Oh yeah I also blow up balloons to HELP Strengthen my lungs too...rereading your post,your saying something new had shown up on your CAt-SCAN that wasn't there when you had pneumonia, well this is saying the pneumonia caused something or perhaps something was already there and by catching pneumonia it made it possible to show quicker...You get what I'm saying ?You got me say possibly could-be this or it could-be that 😏Although I know we must take a wait and see attitude ,Feel free to hit me back any time you have any questions or perhaps you need to share your feelings ,we under HU will be happy to assist you as much as possible, By the way what part of the state YOUR in I'm in Wash.DC....Talk to you soon ?Ruth

Thank you again for sharing your experience with pneumonia with me Ruth. I am from the Annapolis area. I honestly feel fine other than the minor discomfort in my back. And it is not constant. Although today I notice it more often. But it could also be because of the anxiety I am having now because of the news. The nurse did say that the radiologist didn't think it was The C word. But she isn't a specialist in the lung area. So she can't say yes or no. When I take a deep breath I don't feel any pains in my chest. I don't feel or hear any wheezing either. So like you say I will have to wait and see. And continue praying it is something minor. I really do appreciate the responses.

Don’t we know the outcome of Jimmy’s scam as I’m experiencing all this too after been admitted to hospital and given various antibiotics and painkillers. I thing is touching the excruciating pain in my left chest abs back

Great it's not cancer !!!! Talk to you soon,keep me Up Update

I had bilateral pneumonia over Christmas. The affects differ from person to person. I still do not consider myself 100%. I am still gaining the weight I lost and still exercising every day to improve my fitness. CT scan can show many things and things do change. My lungs were damaged and like you had problems with chest pains. These pains have now gone but it took many months. My advice would be to ask for advice on pulmonary rehabilitation. Which includes both education on diet and lifestyle as well as exercises which would benefit you. Recovery is a long process but there are many things you can do to help yourself.

Hi Jimmy, I had a bad dose of pneumonia and pleurisy which took nearly 6 months for me to feel better. Bad pains in my left side and back. I had a CT scan as the radiologists thought I may have had cancer as it was taking so long to clear and there was a shadow on my x ray. The scan showed a bit of bronchiectasis so now I take an inhaler and am monitored by my doctors as I do get frequent bouts of chest infections during certain times of the year. My doctor said the pneumonia leaves scarring and other illnesses do such as measles and whooping cough. Hope this helps to ease your anxieties.

Hi Jimmy l had pneumonia with sepsis 8 months ago have stage 3 copd my left lung has major scarring and lower lobe has collapsed Iam just starting to walk a bit further my stats have got better left hospital on88 resting now 93 it takes awhile to recover I also had 3 broken ribs disculated shoulder damaged tendons in right arm 2 crushed back bones from a fall caught pneumonia while in hospital just keep breathing excersice up best of luck

I am so sorry for all that you have and are going through. I pray that you will continue to gain strength and make positive steps towards getting better. Thank you for the reply

Any news jimmy on your results please??

Hi and welcome,

I understand the mind whereing and gears going into over drive. I am just the same! Still under going tests and always assume the worst.

You are in a great position where by no waiting for tests etc. I've been waiting for a diagnosis for over tweleve months now and have been like this 44 years to my knowledge.

Regardless of what the outcome is, you can always deal with things with help from friends, family and professionals.

Now, that sounds like am being all doom and gloom but lm not. Just trying to point out that you are going to find this process easier by going forward with as much positivity as you can muster.

I do hope all goes well, you get a diagnosis, get treatment and are able to be having mire good than not so good days.


Thank you all for the information you have shared. As well as the support you have given. I am learning so much about Pneumonia that I did not know before. I had it before when I was 35. But the symptoms were nothing like this time. Then I knew I was sick. And once they gave me antibiotics it was gone within a week. And I felt like my normal self within 3 weeks. This time I had no clue it was pneumonia. Main symptoms were major pain when taking a breath on my chest and back. Night sweats headaches, and some chills. No coughing and no real noticeable fever. I thought I was having heart issues. I did feel weak and tired though. So I understand now how it can effect us differently. Because it hit me much differently this time. And is alot more frightening because you can be walking around and have no clue that pneumonia is tearing up your lungs. I pray that you all continue to recover and get stronger with each passing day. Again thank you so much for sharing with me your battles. God bless you all. I will share my progress with you as I get more tests done next week. As well as whatever treatments they decide to have me do.

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