Hopes dashed

Well, the cardioversion wasn't cancelled, I got to the hospital wth no hold ups, lovely staff, went in on time. Unfortunately the cardioversion failed despite having four shocks, so I am still in af, still feeling lousy, and wondering what the next step is. Also feeling woozy from anaesthetic, not allowed to boil a kettle for 24 hours, and have bruising on my chest. On the upside my husband has an appointment about his back surgery, and as a laugh the puppy ate his slippers while we were out. Who can stay upset for too long when a beautiful 7 month old spaniel tries to look apologetic and defiant at the same time!

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Oh, how disappointing after all that worry about will it/won't it go ahead. I know so little about it so may I ask a couple of questions? 1. Will they be able to try again? 2. How will this 'failure' affect your life in the short- /long-term? and 3. Why would you want to boil a kettle for 24 hours? ;)

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ nice one mrsm. Xxxx

Very disappointing . Answers to your questions 1. No they will not be able to try again as the procedure has stopped working, but they may have another possible solution like another ablation or an ICD (a kind of pacemaker). I will have to wait and see, but I have an appointment with an interventional cardiologist in three weeks and my current cardiologist in August, if not before. 2 Having the af makes my breathing worse and I am able to do even less, which is very annoying. I should think PR might not be recommended. 3 Bad English, but I could have a sauna I suppose!

Frivolity aside, I hope they find something to help.

So do I, but it is likely to be more invasive.

Hahaha Mrs m , very funny!

Oh no! That is so disappointing and my heart goes out to you. What next?

Good luck to your husband with his back op. Hope it all goes well for him.

Puppies are adorable even if they are naughty sometimes.

Take care. Love and hugs xxxx

So very sorry. How maddening and scary.

Lots of love and hugs

K xxxx

Sorry to hear your news you must be so disappointed hope you can eventually get sorted out Good news for your husband what a rascal pup eating slippers lol xxx

I was hoping that you have a picture of your puppy showing how sorry he was about using the slippers LOL

He doesn't stay still long enough, bounces like Tigger!

I know what you mean my husband tries to get a picture of our dog and he seems to sense it and gets up and moves she has been going with me on my walk I didn't plan it that way because he gets tangled up with my Walker but he's so persistent on going that I let him go and I just don't hold onto his League he hasn't been too bad she stays pretty much with me but he bullies his way to the door cuz he knows I'm going for a walk

I hope the puppy ate both slippers as it's more annoying when they eat only one :) Hoping you feel better soon.

Yes both I'm pleased to say as husband has needed new ones for ages!

:) :) xxx

So sorry to hear that things didn't go according to plan. Fingers crossed that they find a suitable alternative for you. Thinking of you. XXX

Oh Carnival567

I'm so sad for you, after all the waiting and tension that must have caused.

And now you must wait some more? What do you do in the meantime?

However on a positive note, at least you aren't out of options, although as you say, they are invasive, and the anasthetic could be problematic given your lung condition, but if it leads to a better quality of life?

I think you have some difficult decisions to make my friend, wishing you well from the bottom of my heart

Love n hugs

Wendy xxxx

I'm trying to be positive and optimistic but this is really getting to me and I am finding it difficult to maintain that. We are away next week in Dorset, which we shall enjoy, but I must admit life is not easy currently. We'll cope though, we always do. On the brighter side I have had six phone calls with my autistic son without him shouting at me for some supposed failing! A small miracle indeed! xxx

Ahh do enjoy your holiday, the break and change of scenerey will help with being positive i hope.

The phone calls are a real boost I'm guessing!


It is good to have peaceful conversations with my autistic son, it is so easy to upset him because he misunderstands. I love him dearly but he can be difficult. His wife is wonderful. Dealing with autistic people can be like herding cats - not easy!

I have AF & went to see my Colitis Specialist he spent whole time wondering why I take so many meds, tabs for AF highly dangerous for a woman of my age! B/P sky high went to doc was wheezing gave me Steroids said I did not want so told keep for emergencies! Went to Chemist & new Pharmacist asked if he could speak to me concerned about all my meds especially my AF also would i sign for him to contact surgery & send a letter i typed a full page! So waitng for emergency appointment to see Cardiogist as Surgery contacted me to make an appointment saw a wonderful Locum who contacted Cardiologist. Had letter for CT Scan & told him I was having a MRI Scan re lump in side he replied it is for the 2 shadows in lung! So busy year seen Chest Clinic nurse blood up 2 points so Eucalyptus Oil/walking helping, Gynae with 3 Scans then MRI last week, Colitis Specialist & waiting to see Cardiologist so at last I am being checked over. AF is horrible but it could be worse we just have to accept things try to do best we can God Bless you & husband

I hope they find sensible answers and good solutions. Good luck xxx

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