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Going home hopefully Thursday

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Ive been told that providing my oxygen has been installed on Thursday in my house I can finally go home

My medication has all been sorted along with my discharge papers

Obviously if its not been installed i cant go home

Because of my oxygen I have to go home by ambulance & not by car with mum & dad

Once mum has phoned me to tell me its been installed then I have to inform the ward sister & get the relevant people to book an ambulance (GOD THAT LL BE A LONG WAIT GIVEN THEIR POOR REPUTATION FOR THE LENGTH IF TIME WAIT)

So keeping an open mind

13 Replies
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what’s important here is that you have a likely discharge date. And yes they will want to be certain you are safe to go home, hence needing to wait until oxygen sorted at home (Thursday is actually tomorrow!) and need to be certain you get home safely ie by ambulance. This is all brand new so it is important that things are sorted correctly. Once everything is in place you will be able to go out and about with family again and not reliant on hospital transport.

Hope all goes as planned tomorrow.

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Sara_2611 in reply to Bevvy

I know Im looking forward to going home whether it be thursday or friday

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Hoping you get to go home on Thursday with oxygen in place Sara. Wishing you all the best.

Love Carole xxxxx

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Sara_2611 in reply to sassy59

thanks very much its driving me crazy here & ive missed the freedom of being at home

My best mate said shes missed our private conversations - the heart of a very good friend

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Sara_2611 in reply to sassy59

cherrs itsvhappenjng today when my oxygen has been installef between 1& 5pm

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sassy59 in reply to Sara_2611

Thinking of you Sara. Xxx💕

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Sara_2611 in reply to sassy59


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Hoping everything gets sorted well and you get home by this weekend. You'll feel so much better there.

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I do hope you get home today Sara and everything is in place , you can be on the phone to your friend when in no time x

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Sara_2611 in reply to Izb1

thanks a lot I phoned het to tell her

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Hope that oxygen gets sorted and you return to your home comforts as soon as possible.

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Hope you are now safely at home. xxx

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Yes Im at home now I came home on Thursday & im attached to an oxygen machine Mum ordered two one for the lounge & one for my bedroom - free of charge

I spend the night sleeping in it & then I have to do 8 hours without it & only use it if I start feeling woozy

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