Pleurisy hurts!

Hello, today i was told i have pleurisy, ive been really poorly with it for over a week but now im finally on some stronger antibiotics along with pain killers, i hadnt even heard of pleurisy til a couple of months back when a customer said shes suffered with it, i completely sympathise with anyone that suffers with lung problems, wishing you all well x

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Hi Sera_Onbasi. Do you have a long-term lung condition or just the pleurisy? It can be very painful.

No just pleurisy, yes it is very painful, i also have asthma so i havent been able to use my inhaler because i just cant inhale without having the urge to cough

I wish you a speedy recovery.

Thank you, my meds have definitely kicked in, feeling a lot better xx

Hope the meds do their job and you soon feel better. x Moy

Thank you, hopefully x

I'm a newbie on here. I'm also struggling with pleurisy pain. I thought I'd pulled a muscle last weekend. Went to doctors on Tuesday as pain was unbearable. Was then sent to A&E. I had CT scan and X-rays as well as IV Morphine for the pain. After 11 hours on a trolley I got sent home with antibiotics, morphine, ibruprofin and paracetamol. I vomited loads on the journey home. Told by docs to rest in bed for 2 weeks. I've not moved out of bed yet as I have no energy. The pain in my ribs is awful and I've a bad headache. Hoping it eases soon.

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